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Originally Posted by susienjay View Post
My NICU handbook just said circs wouldn't be performed until the baby was at least 4 pounds and in stable condition.
Geez. : Not that any baby should be circumscized, but 4 pounds is just so LITTLE!
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Happened once while I was there. AWFUL to hear.

I over heard a ped (not a staff doctor) discussing this with a mother. I totally broke the code of silence and said to my DD I was rocking rather loudly. I'll never circumcise you, and I won't circ any of your brothers either. I think that circ is abuse disgusting and should be banned. They were silent for a second then the mom went OK, whatever. The boy was circed.
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: : I just can't believe what I'm reading, preemi's circumsized?!! I HATE the fact that every single day poor babies are being cut.. something has GOT to give. Preemi's, I just can't believe that the parent's would put their baby through something so cruel. Most of the time they go home before their EDD, they are not done developing, and it's legal to cut them anywayz:

I believe that there is not enough education out there, mothers, incluing myself at one time, trust doctor..and think they have the best intentions. There should be a class or something that every pregnant woman has to take, that explains what goes on right after the baby is born. If you are doped up after delivery, you are not in the right state of mind..it is not the time to be making decisions, about vax's, cutting off body parts.. ETC. I can print out some circ facts and leave them places, but I don't know what can be done. It's very upsetting, and I'm now rambling and problably making no sense because I'm pissed and very sad
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I was about 2 months premature, and my parents still did it. My mom and dad actually both attended the circ, but midway through my mom couldn't take it anymore and walked out. Despite this, both my younger brothers were also circumcised. But my dad is still intact.

This thread makes me want to ask them more questions about it... and
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