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Weepy mamas :(

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What makes you cry?

Everything makes me cry. I have cried at least 20 times in the last 7 hours. The most recent is because I ate the rest of our good cheese for breakfast and now I will have to travel an hour just to get more cheese (because DH won't pick the right stuff, you know) and after all that, they might be out (it was on sale last time and going very fast). :

Earlier, nothing made me cry. I just started.crying. Sometimes I'm sad, mostly its an overwhelming happiness, but really... it all makes me cry. Maury is my guilty pleasure (wtf?) and I watch it for a good cry before bed. And I hate TV!

What sets you off?
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I don't know if this is quite the same.. I haven't been overly weepy (well, no more then usual) but man am I pissy!!! Seriously... Michael (our room mate) is pissing me of to no end!! September 20th needs to get here so he can move out... seriously... I hate being a b*tch but I can't help it!!!
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Last night, it was reading the additional references section of a chapter on dealing with death in a parenting book. I got to the part about how kids in terminal wards often request Charlotte's Web and read it over and over, especially when one of the other patients dies... oh, man.

And today, it was a debit MasterCard commercial. The one about not missing your daughter's debut as Tomato #4. Daddy bought her a dozen long-stemmed roses! How sweet is that! (Ok, I just teared up again...)
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Oh my! Just about everything!

I picked up a story book from the library about a family's homebirth and cried reading it to DD.

Heck, I passed some war protestors today driving to dinner and started weeping.
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I just cried because they are out of jalopeno bagels at the grocery (WTF its 6pm!?) and demanded DH find someone there to MAKE me a half dozen XD

And omg about the charlottes web thing, thats just... -sniff-
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Frustration just makes me cry. Not getting what I want or things just going wrong. Its silly. Usually I have a higher tolerance for that stufff...I mean I have 2 kids and a DH. How often *do* things go as expected?
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God, anything sets me off! I can't believe how much it overpowers me. Often times it's tears of joy too, tho. Like at my meet the midwife on thursday, I had to hold it back the whole first half because I was just so excited to finally be there officially.
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NOW DH decided to tell me, as I was chowing down on my long-awaited banana bread, that we should "Swim laps, because I don't want you to balloon out TOO much". Eff you dude, you are 100 lbs more than me, and your manboobs are just as big as mine. YOU go swim some laps, buddy.

-bawls- What an insensitive thing to say. I am NOT fat!
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Oh man I would have been sooo mad at my dh! Seriously my brother would throw out fatty comments during my first trimester of my first pregnancy as a "joke" and I was in tears nearly the whole visit. : Even little things like people would say "Oh I hope you don't get fat on us." Like WTH?? I hate weight comments in general so I get really ticked!

But on the weepy thing my dd is starting kindergarten in a week and I can barely think about it without welling up. Normally I would feel a little emotional but now I'm a little worried about how weepy I will actually be.
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I keep having sad dreams and I wake up with tears in my eyes...
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I cry at posts on this forum, I cry at commercials, i cry because I am crocheting a baby blanket for the new baby and I get to thinking how the baby will look wrapped in it...I cry when my kids hug me, when I watch birth videos...I am a mess!!!!
I can understand crying over cheese, too...love that stuff!
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birth videos and when when ds says something really sweet. But it's not a full out bawl, I just get a little catch in my throat. And funny things make me sentimental too... I guess you just realize how beautiful and precious life really is when you are pumped up with hormones!!!
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Yep, weepy here, too. I've even cried in front of DD a few times, which I almost never do. And then, she's so sweet and hugs me and tell me that it's ok, and that just makes me cry harder. Sigh...
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I haven't been as teary-eyed as I was in my first pregnancy, but man, I've been mad at my husband! He just seems incapable of doing ANYTHING RIGHT - seriously! It's taking all my self-control not to yell at him several times a day.

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I WAS pretty weepy, but am coming out of it now. (Pushing 9 weeks.) This pregnancy I got everything EARLY. My MS is even GONE. Now if I could stop being so TIRED...*sigh*
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