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Hey Angela, I was reading a tutorial on suite and noticed a testimonial from you. Nothing special, I just though it was cool that I "know" you!

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I feel a bit silly posting this after Lisa's post, but I just had my first-ever OVER-$10 day. Yay! I can't see any spikes in traffic that would indicate an article was linked to, so I'm hoping this is symptomatic of an upwards increase and not just a random one-off good day.

DH officially launched his web design business on January 1, and plans to quit his job and work from home full-time by the end of the year. I'm excited, but also a little scared as it could mean my privileged little writing hobby actually becomes important. It's possible we'll really need my Suite income this year, instead of being able to use it as Internet fun money. So I have some extra incentive to get my revenues up! I have a this-much-a-month-by-December goal to work towards...
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smokering, I have also noticed a few hair care writing contracts on Elance. Not sure if you do that, but you might want to bid on them to see what they'll pay.
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solid goals are a very good thing I;m thinking if you had your own website for haircare, you could sell some of your articles bundled up into ebooks, like "Everything you need to know about your frizzy hair" or "Straight hair owner's guide" or "Inter-racial adoption guide to adorable hairstyles" Who knows Congrats on that $10 day Earnings are up now, almost back to normal. Now that Xmas is over & all. I have to remember this for next year.
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In light of the writing mom's forum closing, I want to invite you all to http://MDCwriters.ning.com It's a free service and it's easy to sign up, they have message forums, blogs, chatrooms, etc

I also made a facebook page in case the ning group is too much (I think everyone is on facebook) facebook has all the same goodies- you probably already know


This group means a lot to me, I could not have built this career without the support of my MDC mom friends. I miss you all already.

Moderator- I have no possible way of making money from either of the links I have posted, in case you wondered.
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I wrote the first post in this thread almost 2.5 years ago! That's a long time for a thread to still be active. Thanks to everyone who jumped in, gave advice and supported all their fellow Suite writers!

I'll miss this little corner of MDC!
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Wow, I'm going to miss this forum as well. It has helped me soooo much! I started writing for the web 3 years ago this month and have grown by leaps and bounds and I owe most of it to this forum.

I was getting ready to log on here about the 14 posts in 14 days challenge, I think I'm going to participate in it even though it's been live for a few days. I need to get more articles online and this is a good way to get my articles up...now if only this raging ear infection would go away I could take the time to actually write.
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Hey 2A's! I'm doing 14 in 14 days, too. I've got two articles done, 12 to go. I need that contest to give me a kick in the pants. I've been a bit lazy with the on-line writing lately.
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