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Dr. Bronners?

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okay, we have been using the hemp baby mild castile shampoo/soap (switched from Toms honeysuckle cuz it was cheaper) and the first thing I noticed was my hair felt funny, and there was a white film over everything, including the tub. now after a few days of using it, Veronicas very blotchy?? she never seemed to have a sensitive reaction to anything before...but this is pretty bad, all over her face and neck and back...I thought it was from heat or teething, but she just got out of the bath, which I put some directly on the sponge, and now she's worse.

anyone else notice this....?
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We use the Peppermint and the Aloe Vera Baby Mild. It is a Castille Soap though, so if you have hard water it may have difficulty fighting with the minerals present in the water.

Basically 'soap' products will leave a 'curd' on the face of tubs, shower curtains and the like after awhile (hence the popularity of more synthetic based products). I have very short hair - as does my husband and one of our gals. The one with long hair gets hers washed every other night b/c it'd be a frizzy mop otherwise.

No blotches though.
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This recently happened to my dd. I think I didn't dilute it enough because I never had a problem before. Last time though, she had red bloches that looked like eczema, but went away 3 days later. I know it was from the soap because I remember putting it directly on the washcloth and then to the places on her back first where the red bloches later appeared.

No white soap scum though.
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Have you tried Aubrey Organics baby soap? It's pricey, but truly natural and gentle, and a little goes a long way. I've never liked Dr. Bronners liquid soaps, although I do use their hemp peppermint bar soap myself and love it.
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Melmel....there's a sign at my natural foods joint that says because it's "natural" doesn't mean it's harmless......Sounds like dd is havinga reaction to something in the soap....and you also need to dilute the soap...alot. Bronners always made my hair feel funny...kinda like straw! I haven't tried this, but you might be able to add a small amount of sweet almond or jojoba oil to the mix to soften things up a bit.
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Originally posted by ellsa
Melmel....there's a sign at my natural foods joint that says because it's "natural" doesn't mean it's harmless......
Isn't THAT the truth! A 'bomb' can be made from natural ingredients. Same with herbs and pregnancy or breastfeeding. Thanks for bringing that up Melmel!
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Dr. Bronners is *really* strong. I never use it full-strength. We fill another bottle about 1/3 full with soap, and the rest water. We've never had any trouble using it this way. If you read the bottle (quite entertaining), I think it says somewhere that you should dilute the soap if using it on your body.


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I bought it for ds age 7 with eczema. BIG MISTAKE! He definatly had a reaction. It is so hard to find stuff to use on sensitive skin. Any suggestions for kids with eczema?
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We've been using Dr B's baby mild soap on dd with no problems - But our water is very soft, and we dilute! dilute! dilute!

My friend's dd has very bad eczema, and they use California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo & Body Wash. I just did a quick online search and found it here, but I'm sure it's for sale in lots of places: http://www.babiesunderwraps.com/stor....htm?califbaby
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I didnt read much of the bottle, I started but freaked out and stopped. They shouldnt make it so scary....or else this wouldnt of happened....so its their fault

I guess I screwed up, I feel horrible if I did this to her???!!! I use it in her wipes solution, but I guess it is diluted, but when I washed her, I put it on the sponge and then directly on her. ugh. it is still there, a hive-y rash, it gets worse the hotter she gets, but its only been a day since i did it....

i put corn starch on her and a fan going as we slept, so her sweating would agravate it...like a prickly heat.

i used to use the toms of maine directly on the sponge, and she never had a problem..i am gunna switch back to that.
I will dilute all soaps in the future...it probably helps it go further as well.
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