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labor music?

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Last time, everything was so chaotic I didn't even think about this. Are you planning on listening to CDs at your birth? If so what?
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I have a bunch of music loaded onto our iPod- some indian, Native American, and sort of eclectic soulful stuff. I have one song that is from a group called WAH!. The song is actually a sort of mantra in Hindi I believe. It lasts about 25 mins and for some reason that was what I could focus on at DD's birth. The melody changes over the length of the song but I love the meaning of it, especially while focusing on labor. "May all beings in the world find peace".
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For our first daughter we had Paul Simon's Graceland and Rhythm of the Saints and after we delivered we used some relaxing Girl from Ipanema music.
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I have a CD of thunderstorms set to classical music, it's what I used with DS, and will this time too. I use it to fall asleep to every night, so I deeply associate it with being relaxed.
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I'm glad we'll be at home (or plan to be) cause I really have no idea what I'll want to listen to, so at least we'll have access to choice.
I am curious to know what others are thinking they'll be listening to.
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