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Joining the Club!

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Hi, mamas, I'm joining the club!

My first-born is having his first birthday in just over a week, and here we are expecting number two! : We are very excited!

I really enjoyed the September/06 DDC when I was pregnant the first time around, so I'm looking forward to hanging out here
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Welcome!!! Glad you're here!!! There are a couple of us with little ones. Ours is 14 months and will be 22 months when the baby comes.
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Welcome, lobster! My 2nd and 3rd are 19 months apart. Then we have the "wings" : #1 is seven years older than #2, and #4 will be 7 years younger than #3.
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Welcome! My youngest is 17 mos. and I am due a few days after her 2nd birthday. Perfect, IMO!
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Congrats, Mama!!! : )
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Hi! My dd is soon to be 14 months. Dh and I are really happy (now ) with the close spacing. It's very exciting!
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Welcome! There is exactly 25 months between each of our three. I thought that spacing was perfect for us. But I have several friends whose kids are much closer who think their spacing is perfect. And then my sis-in-law had 3 1/2 years and then 5 years between hers and she has claimed that that was perfect! There are definitely pros and cons to every age difference.

We were hoping to have the same 25 month spacing with the next one, but we didn't get pregnant as quickly as we had hoped, and then we lost that baby. Then it took four more months to get pregnant again. So we will have a much bigger age gap this time. I don't care, as long as the baby makes it this time!
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Congrats and welcome!!
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congrats girl and welcome. I am sure you will love it here as well.
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