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Stained Inserts

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I'm only a few days into using CD.. my baby is 13 months old. I got some Bum Genius diapers and have been liking them so far. Yesterday my baby had 2 large poops (blueberries!) and both inserts came out very stained. The diapers got clean without a problem. I'm washing them right away and I used a hot wash and a cold rinse with Sun detergent. Is it ok to use bleach or stain removers? Right now I'm sunning them but it looks like it's about to rain.. how long is sunning supposed to take?

Thanks for any advice.
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I had the same problem within a few days of starting CD (with a fuzzi bunz insert I believe). At first I ran the inserts through with every other load of laundry I was doing that day (so they got washed several times) and that seemed to work but of course I can't do that all the time. I've personally given up. Looking at used dipes online, I'm realizing that most people's inserts don't last (and so they don't usually sell them with the diapers). They either fall apart or get stained. So I've decided I'll just let it go and if at some point they get so bad I can't stand it, I'll make some new ones or buy some Cotton Babies inserts (the type that are in the BG 2.0 AIO/pocket) because they seem to be the least expensive.
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I add at least 1/2 cup of baking soda to my cold pre-rinse and I think that's why we rarely get stains anymore. When possible I try to sun and that helps a LOT. Your diapers should be damp, fresh out of the washer and it will take at least a couple of hours on a hot sunny day. Ocassionally, when my insterts seem to get that rosey all over stained look, I bleach all my inserts only. Not the Fuzzi Bunz. We've been using this set of FBs for 15 mos. the inserts are still in great shape and have not fallen apart in any way. They came from with our FB from cottonbabies.com
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I can't stand stained diapers. I know they are only dipes, and it shouldn't matter, but I can't stand them. I don't wear stained underwear and I hate for my babe to have on a stained dipe.

I don't have any problems with staining, unless DD has eaten something strange like spaghetti (or blueberries like yours!!). When I do have some dipes that I think will stain, I just put a scoop of oxyclean in the hot wash and it gets them clean as new. I also rinse every poo diaper before it goes in the pail.

I also like the sun, but I've found that it takes at least one whole day of sunning (in a very strong sun) to get the stains out.
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Hang them in the sun, or wash the inserts separately with oxyclean (not a good idea with the outers, but fine for inserts).
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Originally Posted by AlexisT View Post
Hang them in the sun, or wash the inserts separately with oxyclean (not a good idea with the outers, but fine for inserts).
Yes, I should have mentioned, I do my inserts as a separate load, and they are all that get oxyclean. The outers of my pocket dipes, don't stain for whatever reason......maybe because I rinse the poo off before it goes in the pail??
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