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Constant Content?

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Is anyone writing for them? Any tips or advice for a newbie? :

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Hi Rainbowmoon! I'm a newbie at CC, too! I have two articles accepted there. I did one request, but I believe the request had already been filled though it was still listed. Oh well. It was writing way out of my comfort zone, about fashion, so it was really good for me.

I do want to do more requests.

I think we should be able to post our links here since we don't get paid per page view. If not, someone please let me know!

OK - I have no idea how to get to a page at CC that lists my articles for viewing. But here is the link to one of my articles:

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not at your article but the fact that I even do know what House of Dereon is

I am quite amused at some of the requests...they seem so random!
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How do you go about responding to a request? Do you contact the requester first, or should you write the article first? There are a couple that I want to do, but I'm having a hard time finding information on the site. That's why I haven't written for them yet, even though I joined a while ago, because the site isn't user-friendly (to me, anyway... I'm easily confused ). And what does "purchase rating" mean?
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The site is not user friendly. After some digging in the forums, I found out that you have to write the article first, then when it is accepted, you contact the requester. When you click on the request, there is a link to send a message.

Rainbowmoon - I had NO idea who/what the House of Dereon was - LOL. I googled it and figured I could write 300 - 400 words about it. I really wanted to try for the carbonite fishing pole article. But, I know nothing about fishing, much less carbonite fishing poles and they want at least 1,500 words on that. They must be pretty fantastic fishing poles to require a 1,500 word article - lol. There is no way I can google my way through that one and make it sound like I know what I'm talking about.
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I thought the same exact thing about the fishing pole one!
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For anybody who has successfully sold articles at CC, what "rights" did you sell them for? Unique, full, etc? I'm looking at it, and personally I don't like the idea of full rights -- you can't put the article on your resume if the buyer has the option of removing your byline (or even changing it to his/her own name). I think that unique rights sound the best to me, but I'm wondering if they sell as well. Any thoughts?

I'm planning to start writing for them sometime soon. I haven't had a lot of time for any kind of writing, so in the meantime I'm just gathering information.
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How well do they pay?
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I've been looking over the site. I went ahead and signed up, but I don't like the looks of it.
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I've had a real problem with their interface - it's just not very user friendly. I submitted the same article several times, and never did get all the buttons checked correctly before I gave up and clicked the back button, cursing them all the way
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how's it going mamas?

I am (finally) ready to sumbit something at CC. I think I have the guidelines down. anything else I should know? how long does it take to get articles accepted then purchased? is publishing under "full rights" going to earn you more $? I think I will try a couple requests first to get a feel for it. wish me luck! :
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I have two articles up on CC, but haven't done anything since this summer. They haven't sold, so we will see. I do intend on putting a few more up. Some of my AC articles I sold as non-exclusive, so I figured that I could put them on CC for usage rights only.

I did read on the CC forums a while ago that offering articles for sale with full rights actually gives you your best shot at a sale.
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I tried submitting something finally but my computer timed out after working on it for 1/2 hour so I gave up! (will try again soon!)

has anyone sold any of their articles yet there? I am actually really excited about it and should have done this long ago. but like everything else in my life, it takes me forever to get around to it. I have also decided I am going to submit any rejects from AC over there too.
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Anyone know this place well enough to give a step by step of it?

I wanna give it a shot because I love writing and could use the extra money, but it's SO intimidating looking!!!
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