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Popping in (er... POOPing in, I mean) from Nov... I had to post. I clogged the toilet at a restaurant recently- the upstairs one. There was no plunger. I had to go to the hostess, downstairs, and get the plunger, go through the restaurant with it, and plunge the toilet.
Wait... the restaurant made you, a customer, plunge their toilet?
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Originally Posted by gottaknit View Post
Oooh, I'd love a Toto toilet. We're looking at buying a house right now that has brand new Toto dual-flush toilets. I'd buy it for the toilets alone.

OP: Glad I'm not the only one crazy enough to be house hunting while pregnant! (Or were you just being nosy? ) Are you hoping to move before the baby is born, or after?
Actually, we just put in an offer on a house today. Not the house where I clogged the toilet, though I felt so embarrassed that I thought we should buy the house anyway.

I was hoping to have a house by Christmas, DH wanted to wait until February. Now I'm hoping we can get in by September 1.
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