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What would you do about this?

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I have many diapers from a particular WAHM that have started wicking where the touch tape is. I emailed her about the problem on Saturday and still have not heard a response. Her website says she will be closed for a couple of weeks in the beginning of August, so she is there now, but I have not heard back from her.

I have worked with her many times and usually have no problems. Should I email her again? Wait? Do something else?

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I'de wait till tomorrow, and give it a go, again. Who knows there maybe a reason she hasn't had a chance to get ahold of you. Good luck. hope you can work something out!

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I would keep trying to contact her!

Maybe you should give her your phone #, too. I've had experiences where I just didn't get email from certain people, who reassured me time and time again that they were sending me lots of email. Maybe she has responded, but for some reason you aren't receiving her email. Or maybe she didn't receive yours.

You never know... I'd give her the benefit of the doubt, and keep trying.
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Uuuhhhh, what is touchtape?
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I would send another email and I would also look on the site for a phone number.
If she had good contact with you before chances are there is a reason why there has not been a response.
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If it is who I think it is, I know she has been suffering from a bad bout of m/s. She just got back to me a few days ago.
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I would also look for a phone number on her site. Or if you go to www.diaperpin.com under her listing there should be a phone number listed.
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If you don't hear from her, ask us what what to do about it... Just describe the dipes well, and we may be able to troubleshoot for you. Morning sickness sucks and it's hard to look at the monitor when you just wanna barf, kwim?

Touchtape is hook and loop closure, like velcro or aplix.
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If you know she's pg and possibly battling ms, I would give her a few days..Then you can always email her again. I know sometimes emails never reach their destination, or get accidentally deleted. In the meantime, I would describe them here, in detail, to see if you can get some help figuring out what to do
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Actually, I am 99% sure this WAHM is not pg. And, actually, she contacted me earlier this evening, so all is well. Thanks ladies.
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