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My DD has has a slight rash the last week but today I am seeing raw skin. Now, I have not changed anything I am eating and I have been trying to keep her in a dry diape- but it seems to be getting worse and it now has gone into her fat rolls in her upper legs : I talked with the ped but he said to use vasiline but that will just cake my diapes and I dont know how to make it better- What can I use that will not mess up my CPF'ds: I am praying that I get this cleared up before this weekend because we have a family get together at our families cabin and there will be 3 other kids in diapes and I have already heard the comment "Looks like she needs some pampers" :Puke :Puke As if putting nasty crap next to her skin will make it all better- I have words I tell you- but for now I will :ignore to the stupid (uninformed) people!

Help before I spend a whole weekend of hearing about how sposies are so much better- I could really kill someone if that happens! KWIM?????

I am a mama in need!

I guess I could use my back-up gerber with vasiline- To top it off I am on vacation and I dont have my full supply

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i would try to let her stay out of a diaper as much as possibe and change her at the first sign of wetness. I use aquaphor--made by eucerin,buy it at walmrt, and it doesnt seem to mess up my diapers and work great on a rash. and if worse comes to worse, tell your relatives it was something you ate that gave her the rash. better to blame you than the diapers right
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A lot of chubby babies get red skin in the folds- like under the chin, thighs - even behind the knees that just has to do with dampness. Sometimes corn starch is recommended for that- the best is to let it dry out any way you can.

Good luck.
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