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Extended Nursers (past 12 months) have you lost weight? Or Not? - Page 2

Poll Results: Extended Nursers (past 12 months) Have you lost weight? How much? Or Not?

Poll expired: Aug 14, 2003  
  • 15% (13)
    Yes, I've lost 10 lbs or less
  • 15% (13)
    Yes, I've lost between 10-20 lbs
  • 22% (19)
    Yes, I've lost over 20-35 lbs or more (melting away)
  • 16% (14)
    No, I'm the same pre-pregnancy weight
  • 30% (26)
    No, I am heavier than I was before pregnant
85 Total Votes  
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I am back under my preg. weight. But I don't attribute it to the nursing. I have metabolism issues. I was severely underweight before DS(82lbs and 5'3") and maintained a healthy weight of 110 after him, then down to 95 before DD, and now at a healthy weight of 110 again. If I do anything other than sit on my butt I lose weight. Some might think it's a blessing, but being underweight puts a real strain on your body, and if I were to get pneumonia or a really bad/long lasting virus it could kill me. This is all thanks to a mom that smoked when preggo with me, I was born weighing 3 lbs and have been underweight ever since(thank goodness she quit shortly after I was born)
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It's a bit complicated I guess. I lost 80 pounds from the heaviest I was at at the end of my pregnancy. I gained 70 wth the twins. I know.. yikes! So i guess I lost about 10-15 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. I think exclusive bfing twins burned a lot more calories than your average singleton bf relationship. I managed to keep the weight off for the most part with some prmal fluctuation depending on my diet and activity level... but i've found it's a great way to keep my metabolism steady and relatively high.

No I'm pregnant and the nursing has pretty much stopped now that i'm in my second tri... i know I'll lose weight again with our third baby and am looking forward to keeping it going for as long as possible!
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I lost weight quickly at first but am noticing it's harder to lose the last 5 or 10 lbs. I gained 17 lbs while pg and lost it all a week after delivery, and then at my 6 week checkup had lost another 5 lbs. Since then I have lost 20 more and want to lose another 10. Since dd has been 12 months I have only lost about 10 lbs. She is 19 months now and we are only nursing once a day. After several weeks of struggling I have lost about 3 lbs. I don't know why it's so hard now but I don't think it relates to nursing that much, since sometimes she goes a few days in a row with none.
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i lost weight mysteriously, is this why?


Is there some reason that nursing past 1 year causes weightloss? I had read that nursing is supposed to help with post-pregnancy weight loss, but I only started losing weight about three months ago (ds is now 16 months), then I lost about 15 pounds which for me is the most I have lost in years. Since I wasn't even trying, I was concerned that there was some other problem. I had been trying acupuncture for my eczema and the acupuncturist said one of the side effects is normalization of appetite (instead of excessive appetite) and therefore weight loss.

Just curious,

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I gained 65lbs while pregnant and have lost 90 since my highest pregnancy weight. Dd will be 2 in September, so it's been very gradual and I've put a lot of effort into losing. None of it really melted away or was particularly easy to lose, but I still think the nursing helps a little.
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I gained 25-30 lbs with each dd and went back to pre-pregnancy weight within about 4-6 months. When dd2 was 10 months old I joined Weight Watchers. I used half of the extra points allowed for nursing per advice of the leader and lost 25 lbs in about 14 week. I believe it went so fast because I was nursing - I've never lost weight like that before. One year later I'm still nursing my 24 month old and still using the extra points and I've kept the weight off - only up and down a few lbs. I'm nervous that when dd2 weans I will gain back more weight. Then I guess I will have to add more exercise - now it's just chasing my two dds.

two dds 7/3/99 and 6/30/01
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Well, it says the poll is closed. But I would have picked "melting away".

I weigh 12 lbs less than I did before my pregnancy and am at my "goal weight". I haven't been at this weight since I lost 30 lbs four years ago.

The difference is I CAN EAT ANYTHING
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Well, it says the poll is closed. But I would have picked "melting away".

I weigh 12 lbs less than I did before my pregnancy and am at my "goal weight". I haven't been at this weight since I lost 30 lbs four years ago. The difference is I CAN EAT ANYTHING and I don't gain any weight. I have never, ever been able to do that as an adult. I eat ice cream, pastries, full-fat yogurt and granola, I snack at least once a day besides three meals...I know this sounds like bragging, but you gotta understand that I have NEVER been able to do this before and I know it's gotta be the nursing. I don't eat alot when it comes to sheer quantity, but I do eat alot of items that normally I would have to keep quite limited.

I'm trying to enjoy it while I can b/c I just know that once DD is weaned I will have to go back to watching what I eat.

Breastfeeding ROCKS!!!!
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I wish I lost weight! I gained 30 pounds before I got PG with DD, gained 55, lost 70 and had 15 to go to get to my pre-pre PG weight LOL, when I got PG with DS, gained 55, lost NONE (except 10 pounds when I gave birth, LOL!)
I still have my "baby fat" and my baby is 2 1/2. He nurses a couple times a day and at least twice at night. *sigh* I weigh 190 and should weigh 145, good thing I'm 5'9". Same thing happened to my sister, we became very, um, matronly looking when we got preggo and haven't been able to get back to our former selves.
I tell DH that if a hurricane hits this year we won't need food for all 4 of us, just feed me and I'll nurse everyone and have enough fat storage to feed us all for weeks.
When he weans I'm gonna Slim Fast big time!

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I am having a lot of difficulty losing weight while BFing. My son is almost 23 mos old now.

I was 140 prepreg then 200 at delivery. I had gained the same amount with my 1st son and was back to 140 by 6 mos (only BFed for 3 mos though).

Now I'm stuck at 170 and have been for MONTHS. I started regular walking when he was 6 weeks old, now walk with my 30 lb son in the backpack a couple of times a week, do my errands on foot, ride my road bike with and without trailer, and still I can't seem to lose anything. It's so unbelievably frustrating!!

I even tried WW and quit because I was following the plan and the leader intimated that I was lying to her because I wasn't losing any weight!

This is an extremely emotional issue for me. I feel like I'd be so much more fit without the extra weight, but nothing is working. I can only hope and pray that some weight will come off when my son weans someday.
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I feel sorry for you!! I know that feeling. Being overweight for 10 years felt bad.. healthwise and comfortwise..

I have a friend that was dieting after having a baby/breastfeeding and was actually gaining weight. She found out that she had a thyroid problem and that is the reason why. She had her thyroid checked before having a baby and it was fine. She never had a problem with her thyroid until after she had her baby.
It's just a thought that maybe you should get that tested if you haven't already..:

Good Luck!!!!!!
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my MIL has been jealous of my weight loss. She said she never could lose weight after the birth of her babies, even though she was bfing. She was told that it was because she was in her 30's. That women's metabolism changes in their 30's making it harder to lose weight.

Did you have your first in your 20's and your second in your 30's?
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I've just been kinda riding it out until he weans, then I can take "drastic measures" if I have to. I could have the thyroid checked I guess.

My 1st was born when I was 22 and I was 29 when my 2nd was born. With the extra weight baggage I feel about 55.
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I definitely noticed a difference since dd weaned recently. I had gotten down below pre-pregnancy weight without paying much attention to it, then she started to wean and whoa there came the pounds.

Starting to exercise more to make up for things, not too concerned. But definitely another benefit to breastfeeding! (In my case, anyway.)
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I've started gaining lately!

I was normal weight when I got pg. Gained about 40 lbs. while pg and lost almost all of it within a few months. (I figured the last 5 lbs might stick around until ds weaned -- no problem.)

My ds is 17 months now and I stayed very stable until recently. : It must be because I bought 3 pairs of new jeans this summer! :LOL (They're getting tight! ) DS has been nursing 4 or 5 times a day for several months now -- no change there. The only thing I can think of that has changed is that I have encorporated dairy foods back into my diet. DS was sensitive to them as a baby, and I cut them out entirely. Late in his first year, I began to allow myself a little dairy here and there, and now he has no problem at all, so I don't restrict myself. I don't feel like I over do it, but I guess it doesn't take much!

What I *really* need to do is exercise more, but with a 1 1/2 year old and a 3 1/2 year old, I just don't seem to be able to find the time! Oh well, that's another thread!
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BF weight loss-I wish

I lost 25 pounds during my first trimester, I was just so nauseous(sp?) I gained 30 pounds after the first trimester, then lost 10 at the birth ...then, here I am 18 months later and back to my pre-pregnancy weight...still BF. I just can't say no to that cinnamon roll calling my name in the kitchen... .
Well, I have given myself permission to eat whatever I want throught the christmas holidays and then...the weight is coming off.
Yeah, right!
I guess I should write a book...Jennifer's All-Pregnancy-Diet...
Perhaps I should just stay pregnant all the time...
I would LOVE that!
DH would have to get a better job though...
Ahh-I hear that cinnamon roll calling now....
Mama to Gabriel, my precious gift from God
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I gained 60 pounds and lost all except about 8-10 pounds by the time dd was 12 months. But, I've been trying to lose those 8-10 pounds since then! They just won't budge. I actively work out (3-4x a week) and I watch what I eat. Even when I don't work out and don't watch what I eat, the weight is the same. I think I've concluded that my body is just not ready to give up the fat until I totally stop nursing. Those pesky pounds are driving me nuts, but dd, 23 months, loves nursing so much that I'm reluctant to cut her off completely, even though I've limited it.

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