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How big was your VBAC baby?

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Please humor me here.

I know in my head that size of the baby is meaningless - it's all about the fit through the pelvis and nature generally knows what she's doing. But I'm a little nervous because babies in my family tend to be big. Still, the vast majority of the big babies were vaginally birthed, and the few c/s births in the families were completely unrelated to size.

But even knowing all of that in my head, it will still help me out a lot to hear about some successful VBACs with bigger babies to set my mind at ease.
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Well, I don't have large babies, but my baby was 7lbs 2.5oz. However, I am confident I could have birthed a much larger baby and I'm a small woman.

PS. My VBAC baby was larger than my c-section baby by a half pound
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My first vbac baby was 10 lb 2 oz and my second was 6 lb 10 oz he was a couple of weeks early. The second one hurt far worse than my first. I think his position was a little wonky and he came alot faster.

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My first VBAC baby was 8lb12oz and my second was 10lbs5oz born just 5 weeks ago. You can do it!
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My VBAC baby was 9lbs and I'm very petite. My c-section baby was 10lbs8oz, but it was his position that caused the issues.
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My VBAC baby was 9 pounds 4 ounces. I had a long labor, but only pushed for 30 min.
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Ill let you know in a few months.
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#1 c/s 7 lbs 3 oz six inch c/s scar
#2 VBAC 8 lbs 8 oz no tears, no skidmarks
#3 HBAC 10 lbs 1 oz plus a nuchal hand no tears, no skidmarks
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My VBA2C baby was 9lbs 13oz and had a nuchal hand. I had a second degree tear but it was no big deal.
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petite! 6 lbs 11 oz.
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c/s baby- 6lb 13oz
VBAC baby- 9lb 8 oz
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c/s- 7lbs 11oz OP
VBAC- 8lbs 15oz
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Did you do any special preparation or anything at all to avoid tears?

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I kegel'd my little heart out. I did a ton of kegels through both pregnancies. With my first VBAC, the OB did perineal massage with some kind of oil (mineral, I think?) just before crowning. With my HBAC, the midwife did not do perineal massage. I credit gentle pushing with not tearing during this birth. No one guided my pushing, no one counted. The midwives just waited. I had read other birth stories where women didn't push with contractions. Rather, they let the uterus push the baby out for much of the pushing stage. When I was at the pushing stage, I let my body guide me. I pushed as hard or as little as I felt like pushing. Some urges were just not as strong, so I took my time with them. Other urges were much, much stronger and I pushed harder with them because it felt better. So basically it's not that I did anything specific (with the exception of kegels), but that I let my body guide me and I didn't rush anything. I am sure there are other women who also let their bodies guide them, and had minor tears. I can only say how it worked for me.
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Our VBAC boy was 8lbs.
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nearly 10 pounds
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With my 8lb12oz baby I tore a little and had a few stitches. With my 10lb5oz baby I didn't tear at all! I kegel'd a lot during my pregnancy but I think the biggest factor is avoiding directed pushing. With my first VBAC I was told when to push and he was out in 14 mins. With my most recent birth I pushed when I felt like it, in different positions, and it took over an hour. I think because I pushed for longer everything had a chance to stretch the way it's supposed to, thus avoiding any tears. I know that doesn't happen for everyone but that's what worked for me.
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My VBA4C baby was my biggest 9lbs and it was an easy birth. I'm 5'2" and an OB said my pelvis is shaped funny and I'd "never give birth to anything over 2lbs vaginally"
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My c-section was for CPD with an 8.11 baby.
VBAC # 1) 9.2
VBAC # 2) 9.4
VBAC # 3) 11.12
VBAC #4) 9.4
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#1 c/s 7 lbs 14 oz
#2 HBAC 7 lbs 0 oz
#3 HBAC 9 lbs 12 oz OP
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