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Well, I took 6yo dd in for a checkup with a local orthodontist for the unbelievably low price of $27 (when was the last time we had *any* contact with the medical profession for that small amount?). He said we probably wouldn't do anything until age 8. He'd like to see her every 6 months, though, just to keep an eye on things. The followup visits are free.

Dd was very nervous about the whole thing, so it was nice to just go in, sit in the chair, talk to the dr. and have a casual visit before the nittygritty stuff begins in a couple of years.

And *I* felt reassured that he was telling me the same thing my nephew heard from a different ortho in a different state -- start at age 8 blah blah blah -- and the same thing I'd read here.
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Crooked baby teeth?

My ds is 10 months old. His two bottom teeth have come in,and his two top teeth are on their way in. However, the top teeth look really far apart and crooked. Is this because they're not done coming in yet? Is there a problem? I realize I don't know anything about baby teeth! Please help.
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Two front teeth coming in crooked?

Is it normal for baby teeth to be crooked? His two front teeth seem awful far apart and slanted a little. They're not all the way in yet, but I can already see it. Does this mean his teeth will be this way until he loses them? Does it impact the adult teeth he will get?

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In my experience with my children, usually when the other teeth come in it helps push the front ones more together. Wait until he has all his teeth before you start to worry.

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My friends daughter had a BIG space between her 2 fronth teeth for awhile. Now that she has more teeth on top they look just fine.
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I wonder about this, too. Ds has a top end tooth that curls in just a bit.

Hoping this doesn't mean the perm. tooth will do the same!:
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Interventional orthodontics

Does anyone have any personal experience to share with interventional orthodontics (braces for young children who still have primary teeth)? I've seen various articles advising parents that it's not as effective as it's cracked up to be, and I see a lot of dental organizations recommending it, but I'm not finding many hard facts (probably because the practice is fairly new).

I am, frankly, rather dubious. Still, I don't want to condemn my child to a tougher course of treatment by waiting until he's an adolescent if treatment now would be best. OTOH, there's no way I want him to go through this now if it's likely that he'd have to have additional orthodontic work down the road. Yet another consideration is that doing orthodontic work now would exhaust our orthodontic health coverage, and if we needed more work later we would have to fund it completely ourselves.

Does anyone have personal experience with this or have informational resources to recommend? (Yes, I've searched here already.) Thanks so much ~
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spaced 2 front teeth

my almost 1 year old daughter has 2 perfectly normal bottom teeth but the 2 uppers seem a little far apart as well as slightly off centered! im worried too since i had to wear braces 2 times in my life!(although i think my baby teeth were fine...just the adult teeth were crooked) i just hope that breastfeeding her will help prevent major malocclutions(sp)
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I went through this myself, actually. I had braces put on at age 9 -- had them on my 8 front teeth for about a year. They were then taken off to let the rest of my baby teeth fall out and wait for all the permanent ones to come in. They were put back on when I was twelve, and I got them off at age 14 for good. I have kind of mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, it seems to be sort of an old-fashioned option -- the same orthodontist who did my braces no longer does it this way -- my younger siblings all waited until they had all their permanent teeth before getting braces. They told my parents that it was found that there really was no evidence that the early braces made any difference. On the other hand, it was nice to be done with the braces so early -- I was done with them by the time I started high school, when all my friends were just starting. I also think younger kids are more likely to cooperate, because they're not in their rebellious stage yet -- I always did everything my orthodontist told me. It didn't really bother me to have them twice, because my parents and the orthodontist made it clear from the very beginning that there would be two phases, so it wasn't a surprise to me.
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Thanks Smilemomma, yes I did see the other thread. I was hoping for input from more moms who've actually gone through this. The feedback I'm getting from parents I talk to whose kids have had interventional work done is overwhelmingly negative. Granted, it's anecdotal, of course -- but it sure doesn't help my confidence level in this type of procedure!
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crossbite and braces for 7 yo!!!

i did look in the archives, and found a few answers...but just to be sure...
My daughter's baby teeth all have had to be extracted because of the adult teeth coming in behind them, they won't loosen and the roots are super long...with her top front teeth, one came in at a strong crossbite angle, the other tooth is coming in and the dentist said that if the situation doesn't straighten out then she will have to have braces soon on her top 4 teeth to correct this crossbite.
This dentist is a great guy, very nice-does good work...but is this something that is out of line?
Oh! also her mouth is very crowded. (she'll be 8 in June)
thanks so much...
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sudden toddler underbite???

DD (28 months) has, in the last week or so, been making this unberbite face while she is awake, and clicking her top and bottom teeth together. She doesn't, I don't think, really have an underbite-she just seems to like making that face. When she's sleeping her jaws are in a normal position. Could she be teething? She didn't get her first tooth until 13 months old-though her very painful teething process began at 4 months and never let up (thank god for Hylands!) Or could it be from pacifier use? She nurses, and really only uses her pacifier to fall asleep and then spits it out when she's asleep. She very rarely uses it while awake during the day. Any ideas, mama?
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sorry, I don't know what it's called. My ds is 10 mos and he has 10 teeth. I've noticed on several occasions that he closes his mouth with the lower set of teeth in front of the upper set, o so slightly. Should I be worried, or will this all change once the molars come in?

Oh, I just wanted to add that of course it's next to impossible for me to look in his mouth. He just won't allow it.
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top tooth crooked

Should I be worried that one of my 10 month olds top front teeth is crooked? Well, just sticking out more than the one next to it I guess describes it better. It came in about three weeks ago. I have two theories. One is that she sucks her right thumb quite a bit and that may be pushing this tooth out. The second factor might be that shortly after it came through, she had a fall where she hit her mouth. The gum right above this tooth bled a little bit and was blue for a few days. Or could it be a combination of the two factors, the fall made it loose and the thumb-sucking pushed it out?

I appreciate any advice, even if to simply say that I should get her to see her doctor! Thanks!
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Underbite - is it a problem?

Dd is 16 mos. and has an underbite. Her ped. didn't think it was a problem, said to wait until she gets her permanet teeth to do anything. It is already making her top front teeth crooked.

I am just wondering if any of your kids have or had an underbite and how it took its course!
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Baby tooth not falling out; adult tooth coming in

I searched the archives & couldn't find anything about this; I was hoping it would be a pretty common problem!

My almost-8-year-old son has a tooth that has been loose for about four months now. It's one of the top front ones. It actually got tighter as the adult tooth started coming down; it has now pushed the baby tooth quite a bit and it sticks out rather significantly. We can now see the adult tooth underneath and slightly behind the baby tooth, which is still loose but will not come out.

I'm a little concerned that the baby tooth is causing the adult tooth to come in crooked. Every night when we brush teeth he lets me yank it around a little bit (that sounds awful, but I stop as soon as he tells me to and he always says he doesn't mind if I try), but I never feel like I'm doing anything at all. My niece recently had a similar situation and her stepfather pulled the tooth only to find it had a VERY long root on it and it hurt quite a bit and she bled for a little while!

So my question is, can a baby tooth cause an adult tooth to come in crooked? Should I take him to the dentist and have it pulled?

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I'm not a dentist, and feel that they are the only ones that can determine if it should be pulled out.

But my daughter is 12 and we've had similar situations with incoming teeth. It's never been a problem and they always eventually fell out. Didn't cause a permanant problem with her new tooth either. They came in fine. It sometimes took a long time for her new teeth to completely come in. I'm sort of a hands off person, so we never attempted to pull them. Although my daughter sometimes got impatient (think she wanted the tooth fairy money, lol) so she would eat apples and stuff to try and hurry them along, lol.
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Both of my older two sons had adult teeth come completely in behind not-even-loose baby teeth. I told them they looked like sharks with their rows of teeth. They loved it! The baby teeth eventually came out and the adult teeth moved forward into perfect position - no problem!
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thanks for bringing this up again. My 11 mos old has an underbite too. I noticed now that he kinda does it all the time (he has 16 teeth now). He even sleeps like that.

SO, thanks for reiterating that it's probably nothing to worry about now...
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Oh thank you for the direction! I saw that post in the archives & went right past it thinking it wouldn't apply. I am such a literal thinker!

And of course it answered all my questions! I am going to get on the phone today & find someone to extract the baby tooth!

(I can't believe I just wrote that I'm taking ANOTHER child in for an extraction! At least this one can take the oral sedatives if necessary!)
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