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Oh I'm glad to be able to offer the "been there done that" advice. I can't change what happened but at least I can empathize with others about similar situations! I just wish I'd found this board sooner!

I got out the phone book today & started calling dentists. They all thought I was nuts, insisting on staying with my son, and I began to despair that I'd ever find one, and finally a wonderful woman said to me "Well of course, that's no problem at all." I was so shocked I had to double-check and make sure she understood I meant the ACTUAL extraction, not just the consult. She understood! Yay!

Oddly enough I'm not as worried about this one. This is my oldest son (almost 8) and he has a much better understanding of what will happen. I talked to him about it today and he was great. Also, although he does have some food intolerances, he can have corn which means he can take an oral sedative, which I doubt he will need anyway.

Next step will be tackling the other dentist we saw last month for checkups...(can't go back to him because he doesn't allow parents in)...I called today & asked them to send his xrays to the new dentist & was informed there will be a $10 charge! So I'm going to insist on hand-carrying them...I'm pretty sure I'm within my rights on that one.

Thanks again for all the advice!
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Any mamas here have braces or had them as an adult?

I am working my way to a smile I'd love to use. Right now my teeth are crowded, cavity filled and a bit overbitten. So I was supposed to get braces when I was ohhh 12 but I was too scared of the dentist. Well now I need them bad, my teeth hurt sometimes. First I am getting the cavities taken care of then I am getting braces. I cant shake the feeling that I am going to look quite childish with them. I dont think I can afford clear ones though I want them REALLY bad.
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I just got my braces off a couple of years ago. I'm so glad that I finally had them done. The first six months sucked, but then it got a lot easier.

The orthodontist that I used had a great payment plan so that was able to get the clear ones, but I would have done the metal if I had to. It really is worth it. Good luck!
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i had them as a teenager, but because my oral development was a tad delayed, they ended up being taken off far too early. so i had them a second time, got them put on the day before i turned 24. got them off 3 months before i turned 27. it shouldn't have taken that long, but it was due to my own ignorance. i foolishly thought that someone who advertised that they did braces was qualified to do so. wrong! turns out my first guy was just a dentist, not an orthodontist. second guy was awesome. third guy was so-so, personality wise, but competent and affordable. (i had to keep changing docs because we lived in 3 states in the same calendar year!)
anyway, yes, you will probably feel ridiculous and self-conscious for a while, but so what? it is so worth it to have teeth i can floss easily and smile without scaring people.
good luck!
oh, it helps to think of them as jewelry for your teeth. and if you want them to be less noticeable, choose silver thingys to fit around the brackets, they blend in with all the other metal. (you know the thingys i'm talking about? the little rubber bandy rings that go afix the wire to each bracket and get changed every month?)
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My dh got braces in college and always says it was one of the best decisions he ever made! He was always self-conscious about his teeth, and he was so happy to get them straightened.

dd Kateri 8/21/00
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ooo, ooo! I am getting braces on in less than two weeks! I'm ( ) 31!! I've need them forever, but I think we just couldn't afford them when I was a kid. I mostly have a cross-bite(over bite to the side), so its not THAT bad, but my bite is causing some of my teeth to become loosened and eventually they may fall out if I don't change my bite. I went in yesterday and got my seperators put in. I already broke 3 of them and need to go in again tomorrow (they are little rubber bands put in between some of your back teeth to make space for the braces). They make your teeth sore--kind of a hint of whats to come, I guess.

Anyway, I am getting the metal ones. And the first bands I am having put on are going to be purple. And in September when I go back to NY to be my best frineds matron of honor, I am going to have blue bands to match my dress. As DH says, "If you're going to have braces, you might as well make them an accessory!"

I have to have them for 2 years and they gave me about 4 different options on how to pay for them.

Good luck!!

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Tommy had his baby tooth pulled today!

We had to wait almost a half hour, so that was not good, but I liked the place right away. It was a transformed house & older building. It had been remodelled a bit so it looked more modern, but it didn't have that "slick" look that so many dental/dr offices have lately. The receptionist was very kind and patient, and Tommy nearly talked her ear off! She seemed truly pleased to talk to him, though.

The dentist was a total gentleman! He shook Tommy's hand, introduced himself to him, talked to me as if I were secondary (and since it wasn't MY appt, I was!), and never did ANYTHING without asking first! He was very gentle and respectful. He had *no clue* what I was talking about with the food intolerances but considering his age that's not surprising. He still left it up to me whether or not to use the numbing cream (which I knew most likely contained wheat starch) when he pulled the tooth. I decided I'd rather let him have the numbness & deal with a reaction although I'm still not sure that was the best choice. (And Tommy is reacting!)

Tommy was perfectly happy the whole time, he told the dentist right off that he wanted him to "help pull my baby tooth." When I told him it would hurt (yes, again...bad Mommy) he just rolled his eyes and said "I know!" The dentist waited a few minutes for the cream to kick in, then pulled the tooth. It came right out, Tommy said "Owgh" and it was over before he had the "gh" part out. I was worried he might be upset because it hurt, but he was so anxious to get hold of the tooth that he barely got the gauze in his mouth! It didn't bleed very much at all; I still can't believe it didn't come out by itself!

I just can't describe how wonderful this guy is. He wasn't "kid-friendly" in that sappy, fake, Barney-kid-friendly way, he was just all-around PEOPLE-friendly. He didn't even charge for the visit! Totally non-threatening. I wish my dental-phobic Mom could go see him!

We've made an appointment for my other son next week; he's got some small cavities that are getting worse and this dentist said he would be happy to work on them if Ricky was cooperative, but if he wasn't, there was nothing he could do. That was fine by me because I don't want him forced anyway!
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Alright so I am not the only one! I am going for it! I know I will be so much more confident posing for pictures and looking in the mirror. <- Thats me in a few years!
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You know, the seperators are driving me nuts! I just feel the need to chew on them and mess with them constatly. And if I rub my teeth together just right, they make this great noise that I'm sure is wonderful for my dh to hear . DS like it, though! It makes him want to see inside my mouth!

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I had braces from when I was 22 until 25. I am now 29. The braces helped alot for my confidence and my smile. But the fact is when you get braces later on in life there is a higher chance that your teeth will shift back close to what they were before. My dentist told me that i would have to wear my retainer forever when i got my braces off and he was probably right. I got sick of wearing it after three years and my teeth did shift back towards what they were before but not as extreme. I am upset I did not keep up with the retainer but it was so hard wearing it all the time. But I wish you luck maybe your experience will be different.
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Im getting braces in January! I cant wait. My teeth were never perfect, but were relatively straight. THen when I hit 40, they started shifting! The dentist said that is SO common!

I cant decide between the clear and the regular. Ive heard sometimes there are problems with the clear..........

I was hoping my dd wouldnt be bfding by January as so I could take pain meds if I need them. Im also afraid of getting an infection. Am I worrying for nothing??????
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I just wanted to say that the poster was exactly right about the retainer. I wore braces, with the big head gear, from about age 12 -16 and then a retainer age 16-18. After that I lost my retainer. By age 25 my teeth had all shifted right back . I got my braces back on early 98- late 01. I was pregnant right after I got them and miscarried, got pregnant again (baby born 11/99)and it was a major pain in the butt. Two sessions of morning sickness and regular braces equals a mouth that always tastes terrible and I have spots that are missing enamel because of it. Laying in the chair with head back, feet elevated made me dizzy and light headed, especially later in the second pregnancy. I couldn't just go there and come right home. I nursed my babies, it was a problem because I wanted to have braces off and needed X rays again, but didn't want any risks.
My dr wanted to fit me with a permanent retainer cemented behind my teeth and I refused, mostly because I felt so tortured I just could not picture another proceedure besides getting the things off. Finding someone to watch my baby and 3 other kids was also very hard, long wait at the ortho was always bad. I need to eat a LOT while I am nursing and didn't think about how the monthly adjustments would effect my diet. I had always taken tylenol or some painreleiver i my teens and couldn't do it while nursing. I usually weigh about 130 and got down to 115. I quit wearing my new retainer regularly because I night nurse and like have drinks in bed, I would take my retainer out and then fall back asleep not putting it in. After 4 months I could not even get it to sit into my mouth properly because my bottom teeth moved enough-so that was about $3,000.00 down the toilet and so many years of misery for nothing. All in the name of vanity. If you will have babies and want to nurse them, you may want to wait till you are done to get your braces on and do not expect the changes to be permanent.
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permanent tooth coming in behind baby tooth

After a nice long break from our dental problems...

My ds who is 6 almost 7 has had loose lower front teeth for quite a while but I always expected they would be looser or out by now! So today when looking in his mouth I see that the permanent tooth is coming in behind his deciduous tooth, and not pushing it out like it should. The deciduous tooth is somewhat wiggly but doesn't seem pullable.

What do we do? Do I enourage him to wiggle it like crazy to loosen it up and get it out right away so that the permanent tooth will have a chance to drift forward? Will it drift forward? Will we even be able to get the baby tooth out ourselves or does he need to see a dentist?

I'm already resigned to the fact that he'll need braces at some point...

And not only has our dentist retired but our dental insurance runs out on the 31st!
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Hi Smilemomma, good to "see" you!

After reading through the thread I think you were referring me to, and not finding anything relevant...I'm thinking maybe I didn't describe the problem very well.

The problem is that the permanent tooth is coming in behind the tooth that it is replacing, not under it. (I'm talking about one of the center bottom ones here--incisors?) So it is not pushing the baby tooth out.

So I'm wondering:

1. If we should hurry and try to get the baby tooth out of there quickly and,

2. If getting it out quickly (or not) will affect the final position of the permanent tooth which is trying to come in.

...Or did I just get the wrong thread? I'll keep looking.
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Found it!! It was under "crooked teeth and braces".

So now he's got till Monday to wiggle that thing out of there. Luckily, it seems looser than ever. I just went upstairs and told him to start wiggling away. Should give him something to do while he's in bed waiting to fall asleep anyway!
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lavender, just wanted to let you know that I have a great dentist here in Portland (Slyvan) if you are interested. He has been great with the kids and poor Jonah has had 5 fillings already and he never even realized that he was stuck with a needle. Let me know if you want his name.
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Duh! Sorry, lavendear! This overlap has got me a couple times now! To me, it is an eruption problem, but I thought people might think more of crooked teeth and braces, so I put it there. I just can't remember that! I'm so glad you found it, in spite of my wrong directions! Ooops!

It's great to see you too! And now he's got a mission ...

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That's okay, Smilemomma--I'm just so glad all this information is here! He's already managed to loosen it up quite a bit, and he always loves a mission.

Hi Rachel! I've been looking into new a dentist for the kids and I would love to know who you'd recommend. Kelly told me about a Dr. Pike who was supposed to be good, but there's nothin' like having lots of options. Hey, you're gonna have to change your name in a few months!
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Ds pulled it out on his own two nights ago!

Meanwhile, when I went in for my cleaning yesterday, the hygienist just happened to have time to slip him and younger ds in for a cleaning and checkup.

And they found one new cavity and two fillings gone bad.

So they managed to schedule him for today and he's all fixed up, with sealants on his 6yo molars too! Turns out the position of his permanent tooth is not too bad.

No wonder I'm experiencing extreme mood swings lately.:
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Tongue thrust, help!

I am so distraught right now. I brought my six year old son in to the dentist and had an appt. for myself too. While I was getting my teeth cleaned (!), Dr. tells me that my ds has tongue thrust. I had never heard of this before, and I was sick to my stomach immediately. He reccomended a tongue thrust appliance that he says will correct this problem. I asked him, on a scale of one to ten, how bad is this? He said maybe a three. He wanted to put this in immediately, until I told him that my son had had a severe speech delay.
I am so worried. Will this appliance hurt my sons hard won speech? He isn't in speech therapy, because he doesn't need it now. Only a couple 'fuzzys' in his speech, which are improving all the time. Dr. told me that the appliance would definately affect his speech, and I am dread to do anything that will set him back. Dr. said that the tongue thrust is affecting his front teeth, and pushing them forward.
Meanwhile, he told us to do some tongue exercises, which we are doing. I do not want to go to speech therapy, because of many reasons. First and foremost, already did that!
After a very upsetting evening, I called my sensible friend, and she suggested a second opinion. My Dr. is a general dentist. Would it be possible for you to comment on this? I would be so grateful. Do you think an appliance will negatively affect his speech? I have heard that the appliance itself is very uncomfortable. After coming so, so far with delayed speech, I am dread to go backward, long story. My son and I have been through so much together.
He is a happy, reading, six year old hs boy, and I so much want the best for him.
Thank you so sincerely for your time! As a working, AP parent of three, a precious commodity.
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