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Adults and Braces....Can Anyone share their experiences and ease my mind?

Im getting braces in February (Im 40+) and have been planning it for a year now. All of a sudden, Im getting nervous about it! Probably cos I made my appointments recently.......

I have a high tolerance for pain, but when it comes to anything dental I quietly freak out! can anyone out there share their experiences with these new braces and ease my mind? I need to wear them for 2years! Fixing recently shifting teeth and and odd bite Ive lived with for years.........

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rainsmom, I did not have braces as an adult, but I do vividly remember the whole braces thing as a young teenager. The pain factor is managable, I too am a dental-pain-freaker-outter and the pain from braces is totally unlike dental pain that freaked me out. Everytime they tightened the wires (about 1x month) I was really sore the next day, but it was like a sore muscle, not a bad-cavity pain. It wasn't fun, but it was managable (unlike when I have a bad tooth ache, I can't stand that at ALL).

When I got them on I could not chew the next day I was VERY sore. It was also thanksgiving that day, so that sucked. But the pain subsided in a day, and again, it was like a very sore muscle... probably some tylenol or something would have helped out...

And I also had to use the wax stuff to protect my inner lips, because it took awhile for them to get used to the wires. But that wasn't a huge deal as long as I HAD THE WAX. We ran out occasionally and that was not fun. And you're mouth will feel huge until you get used to it.

Putting the braces on is not painful. Taking them off isn't bad either (just a weird pulling sensation).

I hope that helped out a little bit.. I know it wasn't from an adult perspective, but from the perspective of someone who freaks over oral pain might be helpful?

Good luck and just think of the pretty smile you'll have afterwards!

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braces for adults

I had to have braces in my forties for an adult tooth that came down in the wrong place.

The pain was not particularly a problem for me. Where I had difficulties is that it made me feel generally yucky and out of balance, I think because anything that puts pressure on your mouth and jaw can mess up your whole body if you are a sensitive sort.

The two things that helped me were chiropractic adjustments which were recommended by my dentist (she is an alternative sort) and curative eurythmy which is even weirder.

The other thing to talk to your dentist about before you start is that braces on adults can eventually cause receding gums. I wasn't told about this and it is pretty much a drag to find out after it is too late to do much of anything about it.

I had to have braces for 18 months, then several months of wearing retainers 24 hours a day except while eating. I still wear the bottom retainer to sleep.

Oh yeah, I had a friend who had braces as an adult. She was allergic to the metal they used and became very sick until she figured out what was wrong. This is rare I hope.

Good luck!
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Thanks guys!

Yea, im looking forward to having a nice smile. Right now, Its hard to smile cos they really look bad. THey have shifted so much in the past year, it is amazing! My teeth were never perfect, but at least the front ones were straight. NOw they are moving on top of eachother!

I feel alot better about the pain factor. Also, what is curative eurythmy? Im curious!

I freak out on chiropractors even more than dentists! So I couldnt go there either........

Ill talk to the orthodontist about the receding gumline. I dont have a problem with that now.

Also, would you guys recommend getting a water pic? I know the new braces are nothing like the ones from 30years ago when my sis had them, but still, dont you get food stuck in there>? Id hate to get a cavity because of that!
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I just got braces on for the second time. My husband got his on at the same time, for the first time. We are in our twenties.
You don't want to hear about me, I'm strange.
My husband, however, is normal. And he is having some troubles with pain. He has a very low tolerance to pain, and is a little bit of a hypochondriac, so he worries the pain is something wrong. If he wasn't so sensative, he wouldn't feel it. If he wasn't paranoid, it wouldn't bother him. But, he was unprepared for the amount of discomfort.
Really, I would think back to when you were an itty-bit, and you had loose teeth. Did the pain really bother you, or was it a forgetable ache. For me, that's all the braces are, a forgetable ache. And the pain never lasts more than 2 days after a wire adjustment. A week when they're new, then only two days.
The gum thing is just that your teeth move into line and are less compacted. There is now more tooth to cover and the same amount of gum. It can cause problems, but there's no good way to predict who will have problems.
Personally, I'm kinda ticked about the brackets. Last time I had braces, I never busted off a bracket, ever. Now they use that laser activated glue and I've snapped off two in a month. Argh.
Hope you get SOMETHING out of this ramble, I'm sure you'll do fine, it's easy, really.

Oh, edit: Definitely get the water pik, or consider an electric flosser. They're about $25 and my hygenist said my gums looked better than ever. Previously, I used the water pik, but the flosser is doing better for me. Especially with the braces. No threading required.
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Adult Braces & Gum Care

So, my understanding is that some adults will have trouble with their gums when their teeth start to shift. I also understand that it's hard to predict who those people might be.

I've had a problem with gingivitis during my pregnancies, but for the most part my gums are ok. Am I at a greater risk?

Also, what can I do to promote healthy gums? Are there any vitamins or supplements or anything associated with healthy gum tissue?

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I don't know,but it's prolly worthwhile to check the archives:

gum disease

washes and rinses

I hope there's something in there. I remember smilemomma mentioning gum care at some point(s) here; lemme know if these archives don't help, then I'll search around a bit.
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Thanks for the links! I don't know why I searched for "adult braces" while it never occured to me to search for "gum care!"
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Stupid braces...I need advice!!!

I had my braces put on almost 4 yrs ago. My orthodonitist originally told me 24-30 months! Anyway, he assured me they would be off before I got married (I've been married almost 2 yrs) He said they would be off before ds was born (he is almost 9 months old!) I'm so aggrivated at him! My teeth look nbo different than they did 2 yrs ago!

I had a HUGE gap between my 2 front teeth. Come to find out, my jaw bone has about a 1/4 gap in the middle. It doesn't come together. So that was part of my problem. But I had that corrected with a frenectomy. The middle ones are together and the next 2 were brough in. So I have 4 front teeth on the top that touch and my bottom ones are all fine. The rest of my top teeth are together but the rest are at least 1/4 of an inch apart from the front 4 on each side.

I'm moving 12 hours away from this guy and I've lready paid for all of my treatment (and no he won't give me money back!) So, what I'm debating on doing is going to an orthodontist and getting a price quote and course of treatment and then seeing a cosmetic dentist for the same thing and see what he tells me.

Do you think I'd be better off getting the braces off and going to a cosmetic guy (if he can do anything) or finishing up with an ortho?

I just want to get these stupid things off! I'm almost 24 and tired of wearing braces!!

BTW...if the braces finish everything there is no guarantee my teeth won't split again and I'd have to start over. I'm thinking the cosmetic guy can give me more of a permanent fix.

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Honestly, I wouldn't consider cosmetic dentisty at 24, only because it might wear out and have to be replaced. But I still would go check out that option, after all, you have tried braces already! I would be soooo pissed off at the first guy, that totally sucks.
I would definitely see the orthodontist in your area for a second opinion, though. Who knows what he might tell you?
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