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Funny conversation at school

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So at the baptist campus center at university between classes I heard this conversation:

Guy 1: Chipmunks are evil. A chipmunk bit me once.
Guy 2: [joking] A badger bit off my nipple once.
Guy 1: Funny story how that happened.
Me: Huh. Were you trying to breastfeed a badger?
Guy 3: [adding for the other one] Yeah well, It looked just like my two year old.
Guy 1: I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it.

These were 18-20 year old guys. I was pleased to hear him automatically pick 2 years as breastfed kid age. It seems "extended" nursing isn't foreign to everyone! Their humor was a little lame I'll admit but it was funny at the time, trust me.
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I'll take your word for it.

Actually, it does read funny if you "hear" when reading.

I did read a story once of a guy who was bitten on the nipple by a groundhog or something similar. He thought it was dead when he picked it up by the tail....until it proved otherwise, with its teeth!
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My husband forgot his belt for a performance, and borrowed one from another performer. Time was short, so the friend just unbuckled it and whipped it from around his waist... and it accidentally snapped, like a bullwhip, right on DH's nipple! He couldn't yell because we were backstage at a live performance... and he couldn't throttle the guy because he needed the belt... his face was a study in bottled-up agony and fury (couldn't have been because of the six of us standing around, dissolving in helpless silent laughter?).

Priceless! I'm still giggling as I remember it now, six years later!
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