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I used to visit the Applebee's all the time when I was in college up there...even spent my 21st birthday there! Grrrr...I am so furious. I couldn't BF due to a breast reduction, but I consider myself a FFing lactivist and if I still lived up there, I would be there in a heartbeat holding signs, whatever I could do! That is absolutely ridiculous!!!! There is nothing more beautiful than a nursing child! People need to get a clue! :
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I sent this email from their website to see what they have to say.

Hello, I am writing to verify whether or not it is true that your restaurants are not friendly to breastfeeding mothers, even if it is in violation of the state's law? Is it also true that your company is considering providing a nursing mother a blanket to cover her baby's head? I find this hard to believe so I am trying to verify this information. I find it hard to believe because it is such a ridiculous idea. Are you going to be providing blankets to cover the heads of all patrons who eat in your restaurant. Or just to those who are unable to mind their own business and keep from staring at a mother feeding her child. I am sure many of your customers show more skin in their everyday attire than I do while nursing. Are you going to provide trenchcoats for them to wear so I will not be offended? Please reply ASAP so I can determine if I need to bother visiting your restaurant, ever again, for a meal.
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Their oh so intelligent replies dont surprise me considering that every time I ate at my local applebees I had to explain how to cook my meal cause they didnt get how to read temps to understand how to cook a steak well done...
I would be at my local applebees nursing my 2yo in a heartbeat...gona ask DP if he wants to eat out this weekend.. Although he cant stand their food so I dunno if that will work.
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I think that having blankets on hand is very kind and considerate of them. I mean the babies not paying for the meal, but the other patrons are iykwim.

J/K Holy cow - Is anyone going to do nurse ins in other states? We'll now carry blankets for nursing mothers. I'm not even going there. I can't believe it. That is such a stupid, ua violation response. This needs national attention. I'm so mad, I have nothing more to say until I calm down.
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Dang, my babe isn't nursing anymore (stopped a few months ago). I may show up to show support anyway, since it's just minutes from my house
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Sorry we aren't closer to lend our support. But I wanted to take a minute to applaud your efforts and thank you for fighting for my right to nurse and the right of my DD to one day nurse her little one without harassment. We will be thinking of you on the 1st and anxious to hear how it went.
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i wish that i could also be there to show support.

to stand up for my daughter's rights...
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I posted the following to their website:


It is UNBELIEVABLE that a manager would ask a woman to NOT BREASTFEED HER BABY when it is her lawful right to do so. She is not required, by law, to cover herself. The restaurant is required, BY LAW, to accommodate her and her infant. If your other customers don't want to look at her, perhaps they should turn away or COVER THEIR HEADS with the blanket. Applebees is in a whole lot of trouble over this. You are going to see angry moms outside your door picketing, letter writing, and Senators showing up and speaking in front of your establishment, discussing for the evening news how illegal and WRONG this kind of treatment of nursing mothers is. Oh, and an apology would be nice as well.
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Originally Posted by amyhky View Post
I told Senator Buford about my nurse in/out idea and he thought it sounded great. In fact he said "let me know the date and I will come by and support you" .... he also said "hold a sign up saying -small children are not allowed to eat in this restaurant." I said "can I quote you on that" and he said "yes!"
Well, that's a first. I never had an urge to kiss a senator before.
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Man... I wish I could go!
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i will be there in spirit!
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I will do everything I can to be there! I linked this to the kentucky board...hope no one minds! There are several of us from Lexington and I want to make sure they all see it!
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Is Applebees ind owned/opper or under a BLANKET themselves? I wouldn't be able to get to KY but if there were one here/everywhere I would be on it
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I just wrote a quick note on the website......ARGHHHHHHHHH
As a mom of two (a 3 year old and a four month old)I am writing with important pre-travel question. I recently found out a mom was told she could not nurse her 7 month old in the restaurant, the manager told her it was indecent exposure (because in her state KY it is legal to nurse a baby anywhere). She left crying without her meal, and had to go out to feed her infant. Before I have an experience like this I would like to know if this problem has been addressed, what the outcome was and if nursing moms are welcome in your restaurants?
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I just read this on the newspaper's website this morning. I live in KY but I am not able to go to the nurse out. However, I did send Applebee's a message on their website:

While reading the paper this morning I came across an article about a woman who was humiliated in an Applebee's restaurant because she was breastfeeding her baby. Harassing a woman about nursing her baby in a place that she would otherwise have a right to be is a violation of KRS 211.755. Ms. Ryan informed the server and manager of this Applebee's of the law and still was forced to either cover up or remove herself from the restaurant to finish feeding her baby. In a statement to the Lexington Herald-Leader, a lawyer for Applebee's suggested that since she carried a copy of the law with her that she has an agenda. This is completely ridiculous! Women like Ms. Ryan have to carry around copies of laws protecting their rights to feed their babies because of places like the Nicholasville Applebee's that harass these mothers. I am completely appalled that this would happen in one of your restaurants.

There is no Applebee's where I live but one is currently being built. I have been looking forward to eating there often. I also travel frequently and go to Applebee's at least 4 times a year. I will not support a business that violates laws protecting a woman's right to feed her baby. I would like for Applebee's to institute a chain-wide policy that to protect breastfeeding mothers from the harassment that Ms. Ryan received at your Nicholasville location. I would also like for Applebee's and the manager of the Nicolasville restaurant to issue a formal apology to Ms. Ryan for violating her rights.

Breastfeeding is not sexual. There is nothing dirty about breastfeeding. Women should not have to hide or cover themselves when breastfeeding because there is nothing wrong with it. It is appropriate for a mother to breastfeed her baby anywhere it is appropriate to feed a baby a bottle.
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Okay.....look at the pic in the above article.....what is indecent?????What is showing?????
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OMG has anyone read these comments? People actually think that if Applebees had had their own policy it should trump the law... I so wish I could go for the nurse in
And she should have EBM in a bottle for public use
My head hurts
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Wow, what an organized mama!

I wish we could go!
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Originally Posted by Trishy View Post
In a statement to the Lexington Herald-Leader, a lawyer for Applebee's suggested that since she carried a copy of the law with her that she has an agenda. This is completely ridiculous! Women like Ms. Ryan have to carry around copies of laws protecting their rights to feed their babies because of places like the Nicholasville Applebee's that harass these mothers.
WIC hands these cards out in Indiana! Our LLL business cards used to have the state law printed on the backs.
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I'm guessing that there's a delay before one's comment shows up?

I pointed out an inaccuracy in the article.

39 states do not "allow" breastfeeding in public. 39 states have passed laws for the stupid and extremely prudish pointing out that breastfeeding is not indecent or sexual or anything else.

I wish now that I'd asked since when was eating something to be done only in private? If it is now, why are the booths and tables not curtained off for every's eating privacy?

As for having a policy trumping laws....umm yeah, try setting up segregated seating again and see if the judge accepts "but it's our policy".
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