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Bum Genius 1.0's

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Just curious? I have had my BG 1.O's for almost a year now and they are are in pretty good shape. Ds is 11 months and they are still on the second setting. We finally after many, many mishaps including leaking,sizing,fit,liners and build-up, have mastered the BG!!! Thanks for all the tips Mama's. Okay so here is the question of the hour. How long have all of you other BG users had your bg's and what do you think their life expectancy is. FYI: I have 24 and 4 Bg2.0, 16 cloth fitteds,1 Firelfy, and 2 dozen prefolds. I rotate through all but the Bg's get the most use at least 80% of the time.
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We bought 15 or so bg 1.0s about 18 months ago when ds2 was born and in the last three months I have noticed serious deterioration. We are super crazy careful in caring for them (warm water only, no detergents except charlie's, always hung to dry, etc.), so I know it's not due to inadequate care. The elastics are shot, the tabs leak, heck - the whole outer layer leaks, the tabs are completely frayed and barely work. All this in the last few months! I think I have officially changed my mind on these being the best diapers ever.
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