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Preschool & Vacs

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Okay my three year old will be going to preschool for two mornings this fall. (for my own sanity )

So the preschool requires an updated list of vacs. What i am wondering is should I just turn it in or submit my religious wavier form?

My son is fully vaxed. At least I think he is, although the state requires chickenpx now but he was born before the start date. So even if they notice he isn't vaxed for that they can't do anything. As it stands now he will not be getting anymore vaxs as in our state it is an all or nothing thing. (What a stupid way to force ones hand....we would probably partially vax, but now we just don't know.)

So I am thinking about not rocking the boat this year, as next year my two year old will be going for the three year old program. He has had even fewer vacs. So I know we will be using our religious waver for him.

Of course my son doesn't need any booster's until he is 5/6 I think.

What would you guys do in this situation. The other option is move him to a different preschool, but I liked how super flexible this one is...ie I could pick almost any number and combination of days for him to go. And most of my friends use this preschool and really like it.

I need to decide soon as my son has to have a "physical" to show he is okay to attend school.

Thanks REgina
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If you do not want to give your children any more vaccines file the religious exemption.Eventually,cut off date or not,officials will find a way to get your unexempted/under-vaccinated child UTD on all the recommended shots.
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Here are NC's laws in case you need to check on what doses will be expected:

File the exemption & if you decide to selectively vax later, you can. Be aware that some states have registries so you might check & see if NC is one of those.
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