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September No-Spend Challenge: We're in the home stretch! Stay Strong Finish with us - Page 8

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Sept 1 Brought lunch to work, drank my water and my store (lol) bought tea for everyone as usual. Went out for my birthday to a kickass Ethiopian restaurant but my mom bought mine for my birthday. Spent nothing.

Sept 2 preemptive nothing...lol. I may go to the craft store, I think they are having a sale on some stuff I need for my etsy store and for a swap, but I will post everything I buy and exert great willpower to NOT buy stuff we don't need.

days 2/30
Take my own food with me 1/30
Sell baby stuff on TP 0
Buy approved investments (curriculum, etsy stock) 0
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Well we stayed home all day Saturday and I spent nothing. Until DH got home, that is... then he wanted to go out for ice cream so we ended up spending $7 on that.

Of course $7 is not by any means the end of the world, so it's OK.

Sept 1 - spent $7, saved $29.60
Sept 2 - $36.60 + $29.60 = $66.20

So technically I could do a small grocery day today. We are out of a bunch of stuff, and of course groceries are a legitimate expense! But part of me thinks it would be better to do a true no-spend day today and then shop tomorrow.

I already know I'm going to be eating out on Wednesday, so I need to save up for that through a no-spend day. If we eat somewhere inexpensive it shouldn't be a problem.

I need to plan a meal for work tonight so I'm not tempted to eat out, and I need to go to the library to get reading material for today and tomorrow (holiday weekend = BORING at work!).

I also need to set aside $20 for DS's potty treat - he is working on potty success and will earn a Spiderman Halloween costume after he's pooped in the potty 7 times. We're currently at 3 times (in just a week! I'm so proud!) so he might be there by next weekend.
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Cuisinart Grind and brew on sale...

Originally Posted by mum4boys View Post
Okay can I come here to vent scream yell or whatever.

In the month of August my cuisnart grind and brew the grind function stopped working. I love my coffee maker its one of my few indulgences.
In the Sunday paper, there's an ad for a 10-cup Cuisinart grind and brew for $39.99 at Linens and Things. $20 off normal price, not bad if you use it every day, like I do!
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Originally Posted by imahappymama View Post
In the Sunday paper, there's an ad for a 10-cup Cuisinart grind and brew for $39.99 at Linens and Things. $20 off normal price, not bad if you use it every day, like I do!

OH MY GOSH THANK YOU SO MUCH. I love my grind and brew...today is my birthday too hmmm HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.

Well I sucked yesterday. After posting in here, I was doing laundry and the bathroom flooded. SIGH, How can the wash machine break??? You all have seen how many appliances we have lost. So I call dh in tears and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. He comes home. I go out for the parts and I decide that I am goingn to pick up KFC for dinner/lunch. There goes my no spend for September. anyway I was punished for it.

So I order the 8 piece double mash meal
lrg side of coleslaw
onion rings (its also an A &W.)
and the woman in broken english says: float?
and I say no onion ring
and she says rootbeer?
So then she says I think, pull around
and I say I am not done ordering,
HER: oh.
So I ask for popcorn chicken also.
She repeats popcorn chicken and will have total at the window.
So I pull around and the manager comes. He cannot speak english very well either. He stares at me and finally says, Money please.
UM how about telling me how much it is before I hand over a wad of cash.
He goes OH (acutally I politely said how much?)
. So its $24.03. Okay, so he hands me the receipt and the first thimg on it is a rootbeer float.
I do not want a rootbeer float I wanted onion rings. I know they sounds a like so I tell him what I ordered.
He says he will fix it.
So I get my order and ask for sweet and sour sauce for the popcorn chicken and he says, you did not order popcorn chicken.
Um, yes I did.
So I look at the receipt (i had not made it past the rootbeer float) and I am charged for cheese curds. I did not order cheese curds. Okay popcorn chicken, cheese curds ya they sound a like.
So I say, I ordered popcorn chicken, I need an order of it.
He says you no order popcorn chicken. YES, I ordered popcorn chicken. I can see I was not charged for it so I would like an order of popcorn chicken. I do not even go into the fact that I was charged for cheese curds yet did not order cheese curds.
You no order popcorn chicken!
So I get my purse out take out $5.00 and say can I please have an order of popcorn chicken like I orded,
and he goes OH popcorn chicken?? Oh my gosh my order was not complicated.
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mum4boys... you all sure have been put through the wringer, haven't you? Sorry things aren't going well!

Now I'm rethinking everything -

Instead of both DS and I going to the store now, when we are bored, I could go after work tonight and pick up everything I need in about 10 minutes. That will avoid the "4-year-old demands" in the grocery store.

All the libraries are closed today - forgot about that whole "holiday weekend" thing! So I will have to go through my book stash here at home for one I haven't read recently.
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Originally Posted by Crunchy*VT*Mom View Post
Please introduce yourself and tell us anything you think it would help us to know about yourself.

2. Please tell us why you have decided to spend nothing (or spend significantly less) for the Month of September. Memorize these goals and recite them to yourself before all purchases.

3. No spending is hard work. You need a plan. Please tell us your game plan -- how do you plan to approach no spending for a month?

Hello, I'm Nina. I've done the no-spend month before and it was very, very helpful.

I'm spending nothing for September because our rent was raised and we can only get a 9 month lease so we'll be in the housing market next July : I also know we have extra money coming in this month and that MUST BE SAVED!!

My plan - avoid the malls and shops. Keep self entertained with library books and cooking experiments. No eating out except for a coffee or two with friends - to be kept within my $25 allotment of spending money for the month. Groceries and household stuff needs to stick to my $440 budget (yes, that sounds like a lot, IT'S NOT. Living here is expensive.) That one might be tough since I'm going back to work in Nov., and I might need to order AIO dipes for the day home provider.

So far - Sept 1 - $0
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I'm going to track the unbudgeted spending:

1: $30 on supplies to make "Pioneer Cure" for the cold turtle picked up in Chicago
2: $5 on cigarettes

Running total of unbudgeted spending: $35
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Originally Posted by frog View Post

1: $30 on supplies to make "Pioneer Cure" for the cold turtle picked up in Chicago
LOL! she wasn't hanging out with my family, was she? We are spreading the Chicago Cold like wildfire. We will be spending money today and tomorrow. Today we are going out for our anniversary (married 7 yrs, together 9), and tomorrow is the 1/2 price sale at the Village Thrift- I promise not to spend more than 20! However, I plan on a no-spend Tues/Wed/Thurs to make up for it.
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Originally Posted by ***Heather*** View Post
If you're short on cash, you could always check to see if there are any government programs etc to help you fix the problem.
There actually is a grant I'm going to look into, but we'll have to pay upfront regardless. Hopefully we'll qualify.

I made the cookies (I was feeling better and didn't cough on them ). And I was feeling so proud b/c I found 3 books that someone gave DS that I could regift. They are age appropriate for the bday boy, not for my DS. DH thinks they seem cheap and went out to buy something else. Grrr. And he broke our Brita filter, so there goes more $$$...

I've joined no-spend months before. Every time I do, the month starts off with us spending. I should have known!
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Originally Posted by mamimapster View Post
LOL! she wasn't hanging out with my family, was she?
Hm. She didn't mention any kids, so I'm guessing no, but holy CRAP did she come home sick. She was up for an hour or two this morning and has now been crashed out again for FIVE HOURS.

If you can't kick it, Pioneer Cure may help. It's equal parts Jack Daniels, lemon juice and honey. Bring it just to a boil, cool to room temperature. If you're me, you'll hold your nose while you down it.
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I will not record Gas and Groceries- those are necessities.

I WILL record all other spending though.

9/2- $7.56 at CVS on Heating Pads. I got my period today (not fun when you are TTC). Anyway, I really tried to suck it up, but I am so much pain I had to get something for relief. Tylenol didn't work. As soon as I can, I am taking Advil.
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Happy Birthday Mum4boys! I'm surprised that the people at KFC didn't speak English very well.I get that here as well in some places,but this is a French speaking province.

Happy Aniversary Mamimapster!!!

Heather I was with Bell! I had my phone and internet with them. Things were fine (or so I thought) until I got a call from them saying I owed them almost $300 for my internet!! I'd been paying my Bell bill each month on time in full or close to that at least so I thought I was paying for both phone and internet.I had requested that both things be on the same bill. It wasn't and they had been sending me an e-bill for internet! They also messed up the e-mail address I asked for so I was never able to check it anyway. Then when I cancelled they kept calling me back to sign up with them again. They called at a very busy time when I had to very active boys here and they were trying to explain the deal they had for me I told them no and not to call me again. Then not 5 minutes later they called back...I had to leave the room and say in a more firm way to never call me again!! So now I owe them money for leaving early and for my last phone bill.I only have the phone part registered with the bank b/c I didn't think I needed to have the internet one registered as well.It's the same company! Grrr! So I thought I was paying the internet but they informed me that I wasn't and are now being jerks!
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yeah frog!! that's great news about the adoption.....


Off to a good start...Hope that tomorrow we can still stick to the plan of no spending..it's hard w/ friends in town for the holiday weekend,that usually means lots of good beer and good food and good fun.. ...
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9/1 Paid rent, oil, savings. Made $6.21
9/2 made $4.37
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I'm in for this month - after a summer of speradic spending.

I'm Amanda, mama to 2 little boys, 4 and 2. I start back teaching on Tuesday. We're hoping to be debt free (except the mortgage) by February, and want to keep on track. Hopefully it will be a little easier now that summer is over. The house is fully stocked, no more visiters, most projects are complete and we'll be back on a weekly schedule.

Sept 1: Great day - made $30 at SIL's yard sale, spent none!
Sept 2: $21 on comfort food and wine for making it 1/2 way thru dh's 10-day trip away and $31 on fabric for friend's baby quilt (don't really need, I have lots, but loved this!).

Neg: $22
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Well we did end up going to the store, but I made several of my goals:

1) Spent less than $36.60
2) Made lunch at home.
3) Made dinner at home from pantry/freezer.
4) Packed a dinner and a snack for myself for work today.

Hoping ot make tomorrow my first true NO SPEND DAY!

Yesterday I spent $7, today I spent $35.05, so my running amount saved over the last two days is: $31.15

I guess I should clarify that I am not just trying to not spend on frivolous things, but also to stay within my spending budget of $36.60 per day in September. Hopefully I will have a bit of savings at the end of the month to put towards winter clothes for me.
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Oh, Lisa. I like dividing it up like that, per day amounts. I've been working with weekly amts and doing ok, but hmm...

Sep 1 - - KMart (budgeted - $24)
Sep 2 - - Grocery (budgeted, meant to only spend $30, but the last minute, impulse purchase of dried cantaloupe put me over - still giving myself a tho), Made $20 on TP

My goals this month:

No online buying - 2/30
No McD's (make and take my own coffee) - 2/30
Groceries - 35.61/$500
Thin babywearing stash - at least 0/3 wraps
Pay off paypal credit card - 0/$456
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1 -
2 -

groceries 0/320
misc (includes renn fest visit) 0/40

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