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New to MDC in Seattle

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Hi everyone!
I am new to MDC and new to Seattle....DH are planning on starting a family soon and this felt like the right place to talk about it. I'm a nurse who has worked in maternal child health for several years and am eagerly awaiting the results of my IBCLC (lactation consultant) exam.
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Hi - welcome to MDC! Glad you are here! This is a great place to hang out when ttc (especially if you are like me, and like to obsess about possible pregnancy symptoms, etc ).

Please also come by the Case Against Circumcision forum...lots of very important information there for parents to be...
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Welcome to MDC and Seattle. I'm a transplant here too, living on the Eastside. Good luck on your LC exam results!

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Another Seattle-dweller here! Welcome-to town and to MDC!
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Welcome to MDC!
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Welcome to the boards.
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Welcome!!! I just love Seattle. My sister went to Evergreen College, and our visits out there were so memorable... Friday Harbor, San Juan Island... Now I'm thinking I should plan another trip!!!
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Found you on MDC now that I know your user name! Welcome
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I'm down in South King County!

Welcome to the boards!
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Welcome, welcome, from another NWerner!
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