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Soap opera life I am trying to sort out!

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Yeah, my life is in chaos and I know I am very new here so I feel bad just out and dumping my issues like crazy, but If anyone has any advice or has been in the same situation, I would greatly appreciate it.
My husband is leaving, he has become increasingly...I hesitate to say abusive, but some of his actions(mainly verbal) towards me are enough to cause me a lot of pain. I don't know the paramaters of abuse, I don't know what defines it exactly-or if he is just a jerk...but I digress...He told me he called his mother and told her I got 'knocked up' by someone else(LIE!!!!) and was leaving HIM-not true. She called me and I assumed it was about it and launched into a whole diatribe about how the baby is his, he is leaving me, he's painted an unfair picture of me, etc and she FREAKED and told me I never thought about HER in all of this, I am selfish, horrible, etc. ad nauseum. Like I need this? She told me herself repeatedly to leave her son, he is a liar and immature, but when I told her I couldn't take the cruelty any longer then she went through the roof about me and these 'kids' making him think he had a home then kicking him out. GRRRRRRR
Yes, I have four other children from a previous marriage that lasted 15 years and you know I regret ending it because we didn't try hard enough and I fell for this guy I'm married to, now. I was a fool and to be honest-my ex is waiting in the proverbial wings and trying to better himself to prove he wants to be back with his family. Wow, there's more problems here than I thought.

So am I the only one with a soap opera life??? I never wanted this much insanity.
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No soap opera here right now, but here's a for you.
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I think it would be a good idea to seek some counseling for yourself, so you can sort out your feelings and find out why you've been making the choices you've made. It has helped me a lot in the past when I was with the wrong person, depressed, feeling like my life was going all wrong, and like nothing I was doing was helping. It helps get your head out of the situation and see new perspectives. Granted, I didn't have a marriage or children to deal with at that time, so you've got a lot more to take into consideration. I hope it works out for you. Stay strong.
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No advice, just hugs...
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I'm sorry you are having such a hard time right now. I hope things work themselves out for you very soon. It has to be a hard place to be. You MIL might be scared that she is not going to met her grandchild if her son won't step up. It is not fair that you are having to deal with this right now when your hormones are all out of whack. I 2nd the counseling. If anything it will give you a place to safely vent every thing you need to. You are more than welcome to vent here too.

I don't know if you have checked out the Parenting Issues part of MDC but there are more people there that can listen and give you information. This place is full of all kinds of good stuff other that the DDC.
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Thank you all! yes, I have been to counseling, still going and meditating and really evaluating my life, it was a major step for me to even post any of this cause usually I am very much 'i can control everything, I don't need help- I am ok, I won't screw up-ever!' and try to be the person to help everyone else and not ask for advice, myself cause I don't want to be a bother.(no childhood issues there!) Well, now I'm seeing I have to let go a little, forgive my self alot and really do what's best for my kids.
I will def. head over to the parenting forums-thanks again, everyone!
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