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really freaking out... Update....

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I just went and wiped and there was some pinkish discharge...Which totally worries me...and I been feeling a lot of tightness...I already know that I have a imcomptent cervix...and this could be a miscarriage or cervix changes...or nothing..just really unsure..There is so much fear in this for me...I just need you all to send prayers, postive thought, vibes whatever you do please send it for me and this little one...
This baby is already so loved...I am not sure that I could bear to lose it. I am just so unsure of what to do...Doctor and midwife are unavailible today so I am on my own...Just to sit here and cry..
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you've got my thoughts and try to calm down, drink lots of water and rest as much as possible. I'm in a similar situation so i know how hard it is. you're in a good place here and these ladies are so nice.
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The nurse just called me back and said,"No you can't come in just take it easy for the rest of the day...." all I want is to see or hear a heartbeat...why don't they get how important this little one is???
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i know

i was lucky enough to get an ob/gyn who specializes in high risk patients and fertility issues, so he's aggressive about these things and had an u/s last week due to the spotting. but then, i've been having dark spotting for over 3 weeks now, so yeah. I wouldn't have it any other way than to have a doc who is aggressive about my pregnancy. what in life could be more important? so good luck with them. did you see the same doc for your other children?
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No we are military this is the first USA baby...My doctor is awesome its his stupid med tech (CNA) that will not even let me speak. I am very high risk and have a imcompetent cervix...so any spotting is supposed to require a visit to check for changes...this woman is a meditor between the two and is just not getting why I am worried...basically she said...if you lose it there is nothing that you can do...I am just so sick to think that this person is standing in my way for a visit..I am 9 weeks.
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is there

any way you can call back and talk to a different nurse? even if they are not the nurse that goes along with your specific doctor, maybe you could end up with someone a bit more sympathetic or willing to work you in? if it were me, i'd take it easy and then keep calling until they get you in, make yourself a nuisance so they take you seriously.
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I agree! be a nuisance! Call until you get that appt! I can totally understand your fear and pain. I have been through it and sometimes it seems people just seem sorta jaded to the fear pg moms can have. I will send happy thoughts and prayers your way, I hope everything works out for you!
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I agree with everyone about being a nuisance... just make them listen to you!! I hope his stupid nurse gets her act together and you can get in and see your doc soon!
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Just go in and wait to be seen! (assuming you can get someone to watch the other kids)
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All my kids are at school so someone watching them is no biggie...I got through to the good nurse and she says she will tell them to call when they get in...but it could be after lunch..I am just so fustrated at the oh well...it happens theory these people have...why can't they understand that it would take 2 seconds of hey lets hear the heartbeat real quick to make world a happier better place..Dh came home for the rest of the day..just told his boss that i was crying and emotional so they sent him home to make me feel better...gotta love a woman boss
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I hope they can get you in soon!! Your hubby's boss sounds awesome for sure!
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keep us posted

and good luck! i hope they get you in today to ease your mind!
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I really hope your baby is snug as a bug in a rug in there and the spotting is nothing to worry about. I know what you mean about loving the baby already and needing the reassurance that everything is alright. I'm sure it would help you relax. Just talk to your baby and let him know how much you want him to stay! Lots of prayers and positive thoughts to you.
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that is what I have been doing...I just wish that we would have been able to see proof that the little bean is okay..
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I forgot to mention that the midwife thinks that its probaly the fact that I overdid it yesterday...so its official I am now on bedrest till my next appt on sept 19th...
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I hope all turns out well. I would have called and told them I needed to see the doctor/midwife and I really didn't want to talk about it with anyone else. That I didn't feel comfortable talking about it with anyone other than the person I wanted to talk to. What can they do? Make you an appointment.. tell you to buzz off? I hope it stops soon and you can relax. Bed rest sucks I had to deal with it when pregnant with ds... and then I had a doctor that was not the people I seen for my pregnancy but for my migraines and low blood pressure tell me she wanted me walking every day... humm... I can't stand up for more than a few mins what makes you think I'll be able to walk out side?

I took my laptop and a folding table into the bedroom and had snacks, bottles of water .. coloring books and anything else I could think of that would pass the time.
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I second the opinion to just show up and wait for an opening. You could always threaten to file a complaint with the state medical board for negligence (them refusing to see you when you are at high risk). Oh wait, it's a military thing so I guess you couldn't, right?
I don't know about military docs but most of us are pretty afraid of even the word! We live in such a sue happy society.

Many prayers are with you and your baby. I only hope that you will find the strength you need.
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being a militray family as well i know of the struggles with the military drs. im so sorry!!!
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WEll got a call from the local midwife...and she said that I have a stressed out cervix and just need to be up for 15 mins and then sit down for the same amount of time...so mainly chill with the cleaning...although I did get referrred to a incredible civilian doctor...which will continue to take car of me.
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glad to hear at least some of your anxiety is relieved!!!
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