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Ok, here's some things I want... not necessarily demands, but preferences...

* A second baby monitor. Now that our son is sleeping full-time in his room, his was moved to there. I want a monitor for our bedroom (where the baby will sleep for the first year or two) and preferably I want a video monitor, so that if there's little noises I can find out what they're from without having to trek to the other end of the house.

* A nice woven wrap that isn't too long.

* Ok, I don't want it, but I may need a jogging stroller for this pregnancy... for DS. He's 35 lbs. now, and when I push the belt of the Ergo below my belly (since it makes me feel ill if it's across my waist), it feels like it's slipping down over my hips. We walk home from his school two days a week (a bit over a mile), and he never feels like walking himself.

* A new Bosom Buddy pillow. I lent mine to my cousin after she had surgery, since it seemed to work really well for her... and it got totally trashed ;-). She was going to get me a new one, but never quite felt up to it before she died. (Glad that my favorite nursing pillow was able to provide her some comfort at the end, and she remembered me well in her will, so I'm not bitter or anything.)

That's all I can think of. ;-) Now, DS may insist that the baby get a whole new potty rather than using HIS potties, and of course we may do diapering and clothing differently this time around... but those are the big things.
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1. A birth pool...I think I could be fine with the $20 fishy pool but my m/w also rents one with a heater for like 10 million bucks. That would be SOOO nice I'm sure.

2. Unconditional support, defense, protection etc...for when we tell all the relatives our homebirth plans and they start freaking out and giving advice or horror stories.

3. More of the same when the baby is here and people offer their unwanted opinions on sleeping, diapering and BFing. I just want to be insulated from it.

4. Material things are always nice but we can't afford any of it so I try not to even go there...
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1. A crib that isn't fugly, isn't made in China and doesn't cost upwards of $1000.
2. Sling
3. An assortment of cloth dipes & accessories
4. A country that guarantees 1 year of paid maternity leave
5. A happy healthy baby

Those would be my top 5 "Iwannas".
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I have everything I need and then some! So my list is a list of things I want to get rid of!

1. Get rid of the crib (check)
2. Get rid of the swing (check)
3. Get rid of the changing table
4. Get rid of all the excess baby clothes
5. Get rid of all the excess baby toys
6. Get rid of my slings that I never really used. (I'm keeping my 3 favorites)
7. Get rid of all the clutter in my house so I have less to keep track of/clean when #4 gets here.
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Originally Posted by willemsmamma View Post
-the energy and inspiration (again) to sew my own MT (I love to back carry)
If you can't find the energy or inspiration we can have a talk
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I'm already set with carriers. Several ring slings and mei tais. I have never been able to find or make a pouch that fit me well so I've given up on them. Since this is #3 most other things are cared for as well. I would love it if money issues cleared up, but that is really up in the air right now.

The one thing I would love to do is cloth diaper this one. I didn't even think about it with dd and our living situation couldn't make it work when ds was younger. It still would be a huge amount of money and effort on a weekly basis to do diapers at a laundromat so I'm not sure what is going to happen with that. There aren't even hookups here that we could buy a washer and dryer to put in if we had the money.
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1. The lowest intervention pregnancy and birth as is medically reasonable considering my circumstances. (PCOS, thyroid disorder, asthma, all at once.)

2. A healthy baby.

3. For my family to stop freaking out that I'm going to die during pregnancy/labor/delivery.

4. To not be pressured into a c section unless there's a really really good reason.

5. Energy to clean out the room that we'd like to have for baby things/baby space.

6. DH to finish cleaning out the garage so that some of the things in the baby space room can go where they belong, in the garage.

7. Something to drink that tastes good.

8. Spare cash to do some of the work we wanted to do on the house before the baby comes.

9. To find a good lactation consultant near where I live who is experienced with working with women with PCOS and thyroid disorders, and knows how to cope with the potential nursing issues that it presents.

10. Good research that tells me how long to stay on metformin through this pregnancy.
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1. A healthy pregnancy...one that continues to show me how amazing my God is everyday.
2. The ability to maintain a postive spirit despite ms, cramping, all of that
3. A good co-sleeper
4. Peace among family members
5. AT LEAST A 38 week pregnancy...
6. A baby that doesn't have to go to nicu
7.a good apeana monitor for this little one.
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OOohhh ooooh....FUN!

1. A Phil and Ted twin stroller in Orange for my 2 yr olds.

2. A Phil and Ted Sport with doubles in Orange for DD2 and Newbie.

3. To find out what sex this baby is so I can demand: bedding, clothes, other pretties.

4. A better sling than my hotsling which I wasnt overly impressed with.

5. A bigger place to live.

6. My husband to come HOME, I need him more than the stupid Marines do. lol.

Thats all for now.
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