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My first pregnancy was a twin pregnancy, and I carried my boys to 40 or 41 weeks (not sure of dates). 7.0 and 8.0 pounds of pure healthiness!

We were also given some scare tactics, though my OB was a little less hardcore. To get them off my back, I had the stress tests done twice a week. My boys also had very large heads (probably related to their genetic condition), so I gave in and had a CT of my hips (to make sure their heads would pass).

I told them I would be induced (after tons of pressure) when I was a few days over 40 weeks (I estimated that that would mean I was a few days past 41 weeks). Two days before the induction date, after weeks of stress tests showing everything was fine, I went into labor. I'm not sure if I ever would have gone in for the induction...perhaps...but it turns out I went into labor so we'll never know!

Labor was odd.... my uterus was SO stretched out, it had a hard time creating effective contractions. My water broke at 10am, but I didn't have a strong (tight/uncomfortable) contraction until around 11pm. I had no contractions AT ALL until 5pm or so. We stayed at home until around 11pm...I didn't want to have a ticking clock over my head. We went to the hospital when contractions started getting sorta uncomfortable (using info from "The Birth Partner" book to make sure that everything was okay in terms of movement, mecomium (none) and good fluid levels). We lied and told the doctors that my water had just broken.

Labor continued to be a little "different" because my uterus was so large. The muscle groups seemed to take forever to coordinate an effective contraction. I gave birth around 10 the next morning (24 hours since my water broke). Pushing ds1 took three hours. Ds2 was a breech extraction (OB reached up, grabbed ds2 by the feet, and pulled him out). Given the size of ds2's head, and truly it was HUGE, I'm not sure how pushing him out would have gone. Ds1 was fine, because he came out head first and had time to reshape his head during labor, but I would have worried about taking the time to push ds2 out.

It was a drug free delivery, except for right before ds2 was born. To keep me relaxed the OB gave me a local aenesthetic shot in my vaginal wall.

I would go for the stress tests. I know it's a total headache (), but it's a compromise that's worth making. They'll know your babies are healthy and hopefully not put as much pressure on you, and you'll have a little extra information to comfort your decision as you continue to go against the grain. Stay strong, and do what you feel is right. And if, heaven forbid, you feel something *isn't* right, trust your gut and get where you need to be.

PM me if I can be of any help. You can do this!
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I carried mine to 40 weeks 1 day. They were 6 lbs 10 oz and 8 lbs 4 oz. I had a homebirth so I never went to the hospital for any kinds of tests. But my midwife never was concerned. I think she said at 41 or 42 weeks we would talk options.
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double post
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I would also like links Seabird, but I just did a quick search of pubmed, and found this interesting and recent study
No advantage to delivering twins before 40 weeksI think these results could be read as 38 weeks is the optimal time to deliver, but I actually read them as a caution not to deliver before 38 weeks and to get more cautious after 40 weeks. They do say that babies in the 39th and 40th week were less likely to need ventilation assistance. I am at work and don't have time to read the whole paper now, but I will try to later.

Again, I think even studies like this represent the aggregate and not one particular person's experience. You are healthy and have had good prenatal care. Your NSTs have been reassuring. You and your babies are doing great mama!!
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mwherbs here on mdc (she's mostly on Birth Professionals) has the most access to studies, and I believe once she posted a link to a Pub Med article that twins do best when born between 40-41w.

FWIW, I was told at 34w that my placenta was getting old and calcifying. The docs mentioned it several times. I was induced at 34w1d and my boys were born, both vaginally, at 34w2d -- and so was the most beautiful, healthy, red placenta you've ever seen. I even have pics of it. I'm a dork.
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I have no data for you other than my own.

My twins came at 40 weeks and 2 days.

How are you doing? Will you keep us posted on the birth of your twins?
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OT: Hotmamcita, I'm so glad to see you here! You were my inspiration to have my twins at home!...
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i am so delighted to hear from so many twin moms about this, thank you so much for sharing with me! my midwife is not concerned either and i had a lovely visit with her yesterday. my body is making ready, so they might come tomorrow or they might wait a little while but i'm feeling so much happier about all of this and thinking that maybe they'll just come so i can stop worrying about it.

Ellie'sMom - thanks for posting that link, I read the objective but can't seem to figure out how to reach the full study. either way I think you're on target with the overview and that's quite helpful.

hotmamacita - i'll do my best to let you guys know, certainly. my mw has given me the ok to try castor oil if i want, i don't know if i want to or not, didn't do that with #1 and don't know if i should mess with the process, but since we did check and my body seems to be readying itself (4 cm, mostly effaced) it might be best to just try it, if i make it to 40, and see if i can end the worrying. i'll have to sort that through in the next few days.

thank you again, it is so nice to benefit from your experiences and thanks so much for the positive vibes!!
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Originally Posted by Ellie'sMom View Post
OT: Hotmamcita, I'm so glad to see you here! You were my inspiration to have my twins at home!...
Thank you. That means a lot to me.
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Originally Posted by clancybaby View Post
hotmamacita - i'll do my best to let you guys know, certainly. my mw has given me the ok to try castor oil if i want, i don't know if i want to or not, didn't do that with #1 and don't know if i should mess with the process, but since we did check and my body seems to be readying itself (4 cm, mostly effaced) it might be best to just try it, if i make it to 40, and see if i can end the worrying. i'll have to sort that through in the next few days.
Ooooh. You are going to have some babies.

Trust your instincts. Enjoy labor and love those babies. We'll be thinking of you.....

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Good for you for sticking up for you kids! I get soooo tired of hearing of practitioners who will induce mommas for every reason under the sun! It drives me bananas!!

Babies come when they come. Maternal misery is not an indication for delivery. Niether is "My parents are visiting this week!" or "My mom had trouble with big babies and c-sections so my doctor doesn't want me to get to my due date" - both of which I've heard.
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39w2d. However, all was not well and my GBS infection has infected the placentas. Babies were healthy, though if they had stayed in any longer they would not have been. It was a hard infection to miss as I was in hard labor (so hard my experienced doula thought I was in transition) and vomiting but not progressing.

You have a history of carrrying late, which is in your favor. If I were in your shoes I would do all the NSTs knowing that they are just a non-invasive check up. I would not allow a doctor to bully me into an induction if all signs were that everything is OK.
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I went to 41 weeks. I was induced, but it failed (no progress after two days of serious drugs and moderate contractions) and then my water broke on its own. Well, at home, but in response to all the drugs from the induction, imo.

It sounds like you are having a similar experience to mine. I skipped some of the recommended u/s but then when I did go the doc for that practice scared me with his talk. They wanted me to do 3 x week nst and 2 x week us at the end. UGH!!! plus a visit to the midwife and it would have taken as much time as a full time job!! Not to mention the fact that I was extremely pg and uncomfortable.

What I did was schedule all the appointments my mw recommended (I think it was 2 nst a week and 1 us at 39 weeks, but can't really remember) and then I would cancel as we went along. I figured if I had a reason to be concerned I could keep the appointment and be reassured. I canceled most.

Perhaps you could figure out a schedule that seems reasonable to you and cancel as you see fit. Congratulations!

Heather (nak)
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I had my twins on June 15th...and 16th, at probably 41 weeks and a few days. I'm working on getting the whole story written down so I can post it up here, because I was in your position with all the pressure and negativity, and reading other moms' posts on MDC really helped me. I did a ton of research about birthing twins and breeches naturally, and I could email you all/some of the studies that I found. It seemed to me like there were a lot of studies that showed a better outcome for birthing between 35 and 38 weeks as opposed to later, and a lot of studies that didn't show a statistically significant difference. The thing about those studies, at least the ones I could access on PubMed (and you can go to the specific journals website and get the whole article usually) is that they are often done in other countries whose standard of prenatal care is different than ours. Also, they usually have small sample sizes, and generally don't include homebirths or birthing center births. Basically, you should trust yourself. Your body knows what it's doing a lot better than the doctors do. After all, it wasn't long ago that they were saying breastmilk was NOT best, and laying on your back was the easiest way to give birth!

As for my pregnancy, after I found out I was carrying twins (at 35 weeks) I was under tremendous pressure from my whole family, including my sister who is a medical doctor, my husband and his family, and our original midwife to transfer my care to a hospital where the only option was a c-section. I had a lot of things stacked against me - it being my first pregnancy, having twins, both were breech and one was footling (although they came out frank breech and headfirst), and then going overdue was another huge worry. We tried every natural induction we could think of, except for castor oil, because the midwives thought it would be too traumatic for breech babies. Eventually it started on its own and everything was fine. I gave birth to my little boy after 9 hours of labor and about 15 seconds of pushing (he was 5 pounds, 11 ounces), and 17 HOURS later I gave birth to my little girl (7 pounds, 8 ounces).

Ultimately, it's your body and you should do what you believe is best for your babies. Congratulations and good luck!
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Hi there!

I haven't had time to read all the responses. But I want to give you a brief excerrt of my experience.

My twins were born at 39 weeks at home. I had a traveling MW and two local MW's to attend the birth. My girls were perfect and weighed 7lbs 4 oz and 7lbs 6oz. We had some positional issues with the babies pinning each other in. My placenta was huge and very very healthy. It showed no signs of calcification. I was followed by a perinatologist. They "expected me to be induced at 38 week and was shocked when I said no. They wanted NST twice a week. I refused. We took a blood pressure twice a day and I had a fetoscope that I enjoyed following the babies with. Going for all the testing would have sent me through the roof! Have a good talk with your MW and follow your momma gut.


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They were born at 40w2d they weighed 8lbs 15.2 oz each. They and the placentas were completely healthy and gorgeous!
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i carried my twins to 40 weeks. i ended up being induced (with the gel. twice, as the first time didn't take). one of my waters had broken almost 2 days before and i was tired (and uninformed and not confident enough) of going to the hospital every 8 hrs to get another does of thrush inducing antibiotics, so we went for the induction. i had a midwife and shadow care with a (horrid) OB.

trust your body. do your research. and above all believe in your self and your babies. if prenatals and nst stress you out- stay home and read. i was going in twice a week toward the end and it was such a waste of time!!!

easy labor vibes mama! good luck and congrats on a healthy pg.
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Mine came on their own at 38.5 weeks (at least--my dates were unsure, and based on my original guess, they were at least 39.5 weeks). I used a midwife and did not have any NSTs. Everything went beautifully. My two older boys were both "overdue" as well (40.5 weeks, 41.5 weeks). I hope they arrive on their own soon, so you won't have to deal with this kind of stress again!

Michelle G.
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Mine came at 39w4d. I had a c-section due to breech/vertex presentation (baby a was breech) and pre-e. I was all set for an unassisted homebirth but with my blood pressure skyrocketing and my labs deteriorating I consented to the section. I also had gone into labor a couple of times but since baby A was breech and descending diagonally she wouldn't present and I never dilated . There is no reason to have them any earlier then 40 weeks. Every baby is full term at 40 weeks, there is nothing special about 38 weeks for twins.
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Thanks Fyre and everyone else for continuing to share with me. It has been so helpful to go back to this thread and read all of the mamas adding their bits about going past 38 or past 40 or more. I'm still here and planning to continue with the waiting game.

Grateful to all of you...
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