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This is fun!!
1. I met my husband at work. I managed the chiropractic office he did his preceptorship at.
2. I now manage my husband's practice. Part time.
3. I teach the Bradley Method- (Husband Coached Childbirth).
4. I went to 13 different schools before graduating high school.
5. Have lived in 5 different states (AZ twice and TX twice)
6. This will be my 3rd homebirth. (God willing)
7. I love my 2 boys more then anything and am really hoping for a girl this time. (I'll take either, healthy is most important)
8. I'm a reality show junkie!!
9. I have, my whole life, NEVER wanted children. Had to get pregnant by accident the first time and have been sold ever since.....(I would of missed SOO much)
10. I have 1 brother, with twin boys and another boy, I have 2 boys, so have ALOT of pressure on me for the 1st girl grandbaby.
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I wonder if I can do this...

1. I worked my last day of full time work on Friday! (Went down to part-time until baby comes.)

2. I have a PhD and have decided to become a SAHM! The field my PhD is in is just not for me. I love the work, it's the PEOPLE that are insane.

3. I currently work as a college instructor.

4. My husband and I met when we were 21 and have since lived together in 4 states and 2 countries.

5. We have 2 cats that are walking disasters...messy, messy cats, but we love them.

6. This is our first baby and we are SO EXCITED. I STRONGLY think the baby's a boy, but we won't find out for another week!

7. I love my husband more than I've loved anyone in my life. He's sweet, loving, and kind.

8. I love to knit, crochet, sew, and make jewerly...and can't wait to have more time to do all of it!!

9. I live in the same town as my parents, but I only see them about once a week.

10. I am SO EXCITED for this baby!!! (ok, that's kind of a repeat...)
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i am loving reading everyones...haven't read every single one yet but it is nice to hear random stuff about all you guys.

1. I have lived in Florida, Tennessee, California, Hawaii, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Mississippi.

2. Although I'm not that interested in sports I am a Univeristy of Florida graduate and love Gator sports. I am convinced we live in a Gator Nation and everytime I see a Gator nation comercial I cry.

3. I am a religion and English double major, but I hate grammar and think it is part of an elitest conspiracy to keep down the masses. (I also can't spell.)

4. I met dh at a party on his graduation night (from high school). He was the first one to the party and already drunk. It was raining...I told him I had just seen a program on lightening and I had a premonition that I was going to get hit by lightening. he said, "yeah, well i just saw a porno and I have a premonition that you and I are gonna f*ck." If you knew me you would know that I would think that was mildly romantic. We didn't hook up that night. He began puking and passed out...I spent the night in a hotel with another guy.

5. My sister and I have the same middle name. As a child I thought all siblings had the same middle as well as last names.

6. I have three mailing addresses, and no idea where to tell people I live. I get tired of living out of suitcases.

7. I slept with a cloth diaper as a blankie until five years ago.

8. I recently dropped out of grad school where I was getting a master's in public administration because I hated everyone in my classes. One person said that children in sweatshops should be glad to have jobs to help feed their families. He was a National Security major or something.

9. I like decopague. Glue is fun.

10. I want to change ds's name and have a ton of anxiety about naming this baby.
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