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After school snacks besides yogurt and fruit?

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I like to have a snack on hand for my kids for when they get out of school. I can't think of anything besides things that are too sugary/salty to even consider (cookies, chips, etc), or yogurt and/or fruit. They are SO sick of yogurt and fruit!

Any other ideas?

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Some healthy muffins, that is what I do often. Today I made cranberry white chocolate scone, but that was because if was the first day!

Trail mix is also good, I make my own and use the specific nuts and dried fruit we like.
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Cereal (w/ milk), and pb toast with fruit are typical snacks here.
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granola bars
veggies and dip
cheese and crackers
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celery and cream cheese
dried fruit or trail mix

these are gross, but I grew up eating them, so everyone in my house eats them, too
pickles and cheddar cheese. Cut them up, alternate bites
saltines with a dab of horseradish and a bit of ketchup
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Homemade soup. My mother always had soup for us after school. Sometimes, she would even shred some cheese on top. I really have fond memories of coming home from school on a cold winter day to warm soup.
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veggies and hummus, antijitos, cheese and crackers.
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Have you tried Lara bars? They are delicious and just have fruit and nuts in them (obviously this won't work if your kids have nut allergies) -- no sugar, additives, etc. Our favorites are the Cashew Cookie (cashews and dates) and Cherry Pie (tart cherries, almonds), but they have others. They are very dense, so half of one often fills me up; I'd imagine it'd be the same with kids.

I'm going to try and make these myself once I get the food processor out of storage, as they are not cheap. However, if you're looking for something easy to grab and go, they are worth it (especially if they only eat half, like I mentioned above).

BTW, we get Lara bars at Trader Joes and Whole Foods, though our co-op has just started carrying them too.
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one of my favorite things is banana whips. take some ripe bananas and freeze them (I cut them up and wrap in foil, or put in container). pull them out of the freezer when you need them, let them thaw for a little bit so they are just a touch softer, then blend in a blender or food processer. It makes a smooth banana "ice cream" that you can add whatever you want to. I sometimes add peanut butter, or cocoa powder, you could add nuts. It's yummy, healthy, satisfies the cold ice cream cravings (oh this was for your kids, lol it satisifies my cravings!). and it's good energy.

Also muffins. Healthy homemade muffins are so wonderful. involve the kids in making them!

have fun!
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We do cheese sticks, raisins, crackers, celery with PB, chips and salsa, veggies and dip. Nothing too exciting.
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These ideas are all awesome, just the creativity (compared to fruit and yogurt! ) I need. Don't stop posting!
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We always have a bag of lara bars in the fridge, they are really easy and cheap to make, (the longest part in individually wrapping each one) I make 3-4 batches at once, and keep 1 bag in the fridge and freeze the rest.

here is my recipe

Lara Bars

1 cup nuts (pecans, cashews, etc.)
12-15 large dates, pitted and roughly chopped
1 tsp each of ground cinammon, cardamom and cloves

Put the nuts in a food processor. Chop until in small pieces. Add the spices. Add dates, a few at a time, and process until the dates and nuts make a paste. If you grind the nuts first, the fat from the nuts will keep the dates from sticking to the blender. Blend to combine, and turn out onto wax paper. I just use my hands to smooth it out, but you could easily put another piece of wax paper on top and use a rolling pin. You could add any dried fruit and/or nuts to this I usually double the recipe and use the above called for amount of dates and for the rest use dried apricots, mangoes, papyas, cherries, and/or blueberries. I have found it is roughly 2 cups of fruit to a cup of nuts to get the right consistency. (if you leave the dried cranberries or blue berries until very last and only process them for a few seconds to mix in, they are left in big chunks and are really yummy )

Cut into small squares for perfect toddler-size snacks; bigger for mommies. I wrap each bar in saran and keep in the fridge, because they do get soft.
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Thanks for that recipe. I never heard of those bars.
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sounds like ANTS ON A LOG time!!

get some celery sticks, spread peanut butter on the celery and put raisins on top! you can use craisins and have red ants on a log too! or use apple chunks instead of celery and make ants on a rock :]

its my favorite snack!
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Usually I have to make sure Hope has finished her lunch!

Here are my snack ideas:

popcorn with nutritional yeast :
granola bar
cheese and whole grain crackers (Kashi crackers are nice!)
vegetables and dip :
smoothie with greens+ kids, berries, echinachea, flax seed oil, calcium, etc.
fruit-flavoured cheese (like Minigos)
a meat and cheese roll
fruit slices
trail mix
dried fruit such as raisins, prunes, dried apples, dried pears, dried peaches, etc.
cereal with milk
grilled cheese
a banana
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Wow, I just copied and pasted this all into a list to keep on the fridge. And I love the "lara bar" and banana whip recipes. (I had to look up antojitos, and I'll be keeping that recipe for DH and myself ) Thank you!
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mini pita pizzas and the kid really love them and they are so easy to make in about 10 minutes.

1 pita round
add sauce,cheese,veggies,meat whatever the kids like,toast it slice and eat.
the kids love to help making it because they can be creative and make pictures with the veggies or other toppings and you know its good for them because you can control what is going on it!
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For my DD I do string cheese sticks, celery w/ pb, carrot sticks w/ ranch dressing, pretzels, granola bars, jello and jello w/ fruit, any fruit, crackers w/pb or cheese, whole wheat toast w/ cheese or jam, wheat crackers, oatmeal cookies. Could you maybe bake them a snack using applesauce as a sweetener instead of sugar? I've seen where some people suggest that.
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