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Anybody have a goat?

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OK - not so much a "diggin' in the earth" type question but a farmin' one! We are not at all ready to do this, but I was just wondering - where do you get 'em? What age? How much do they cost? In order to raise one for milk, do you have to breed it and then can you share the milk with the baby? I'm just wondering if this is worth dreaming about. Please feel free to share any stories!
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Pina, this is so funny-- I just got finished replying to your post in LI mammas. I've actually always thought it would be neat to own goats. they are such beautiful animals and such great stuff can be made from their milk. I could never own one where I live now. I have a decent sized yard but not huge. My husband and I would like to eventually move out east, it's so much more "country" out there and I am an animal lover. We have 2 cats and 2 dogs, if we moved I would have a kennel and breed my German Shepherd...........anyway, back to goats. I know a couple that owns a gourmet deli in Port Jefferson and they carry goats milk products made from their own goats. I'll run your questions by them and get back to you.........Danielle
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I once asked my parents about owning a goat because it seems to me that I remember them either having a goat at some point or having close friends/neighbors who had a goat. Both my parents on seperate occassions said that goats are very hard to care for. I guess it is true what they say about goats eating *everything* in site, from fences(!) to everything in your yard. I have a friend, though, who used to own a couple of goats until she had to move from her country house, and I'll ask her about it.

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Hey! I just asked that very same question in the Good Eating forum : ) I have an appointment tomorrow to visit a goat breeder here in our village. I think if you choose a breeder who is willing to provide ongoing support, that is the best bet. You can also get info from a cooperative extension or 4-H, or hook up with people during fair season.

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I love goats!!

I grew up with goats off and on. I drank goats milk as soon as I weaned at 8 months. So, to answer one of the questions--and I don't claim to be an expert, so don't quote me on this--I believe that goats milk is second to breastmilk for babes. I have heard strories of babies getting goat colostrum when they weren't able to get it from mom. I believe it is much healthier than cow milk because it is more easily digestible. As far as raising them, hmmm. Well, my mom started out with a nanny goat and two babies, in order to get the milk, you need a mama goat either still pregnant or shortly after birthing. Also, they do get lonely, so at least two is a good idea (but our goats buddied up w/ the sheep too). Where to get them? Well, there's a lady down the road here who raises them, maybe she could ship one to you? LOL. I highly recommend them. In fact I would have some in a heartbeat if I didn't live in town. My dd requested goat milk the other day (!) so I've been trying to get some from the lady down the road. My mom had plenty of room for hers to roam and so although they do nibble on pretty much anything in front of them, it wasn't ever really a problem. And the personalities!! They really are so very sweet and people friendly and unique! If you have the time and space for them, you can't go wrong!! (FYI, one problem we did have when we tried to adopt out some of our goats to a family w/ small kids was that the kid goats would butt and knock down the people kids in play, but as a result, they couldn't keep the goats ) If you want to know more, let me know and I can pick my mom's brain about them.
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