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yeast... ugh!!!

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Yeast is usually never a problem for me. Apparently however the pH changes from dh's uh, fluids, inside were all it took for me to get a full blown out yeast infection. I've run out of salt and the boys hid the bottle of vinegar (to do a salt and vinegar sitz bath). I fell asleep last night before remembering to use a garlic suppository, and I only have greek yogurt in the house (which I've used but it has so much fat in it). I'm just finishing the probiotics we have (which is a good thing because I wasn't all that impressed by this particular brand) so basically, I'm in agony and there's not much I can do about it.
Until I take a trip to the store.
Is it really bad to use conventional methods of fighting a yeast infection... they work so much faster (wah).

Oh, and the GSE we used to swab ds's mouth when he had thrush (just around 6 wks old) has turned to a brownish color. Does that mean it's gone bad???
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I have had recurrent yeast infections during pregnancy and the only thing that has cured them once they set in was conventional products. My midwife did advise using clotimozole over the monistat b/c it is milder, and be sure to use for the whole course. also I have found once I did get rid of it that taking acidopholis everyday cut down on how often I got them and how strong they were....I just seem to be prone during pregnancy. Hope you get it fixed soon...no fun!
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