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Ideas for 3 year old boy-birthday gift

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My son is about to turn three and I am not sure what to get him. He has lots of stuff and I want to get something that he will really have fun with.

My mom is getting him a set of wood blocks.

What does your 3 year old boy play with the most?
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At 3, our son played with

Trains (Thomas the Tank Engine - but only because a beloved relative collected them for him - you get the same play value out of Brio and/or knock offs)

Bruder Garbage Trucks - we were MAJORLY into garbage/recycling at this age!

Fire Trucks

Play kitchen

Depending on where you live (i.e. how much longer it will be warmer), you might want to try a 3 wheeled scooter or trike. Our 3 yo dd loves her scooter!
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Three is when my son really began to be able to do involved pretend play -- with small cars, or Playmobil people, or animals, or whatever. So maybe something that would facilitate that? A parking garage if he's into cars, a dollhouse, or an airport, etc.

Also, we love MagnaTiles. We use them to build garages or a zoo or little houses for various people, animals. They're very quick and easy and satisfying to build with. Here are a couple different sets:

Expensive, but have been worth every penny. I also agree with the outdoor vehicles. DS is into his three-wheeled scooter and his push bike.

Have fun!
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We are gettng a wooden thomas trainset for my DD for her upcoming 3rd BD.
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Woody Click, kind of like brio wood playsets crossed with legos. They come in different themes (fire, emergency, police, construction). The vehicles come apart and can be put together in creative ways. Ds turned a biplane into a rotary snowplow by putting the wings on the front (the plow), and the propellor on the bottom.

Ds also loved marble runs. We liked the translucent plastic ones although there was some breakage. The wood ones were frustrating because if you bumped them slightly, they would be knocked out of alignment and not work properly.
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We love the automoblox.
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Wow-thanks for all of the great ideas. A few things were new to me and I will look into them. I also didn't know that a 3 year old could handle a scooter-I think he would enjoy one!
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