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Going to OB this afternoon

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So I had an episode of spotting on Sunday, which makes the 6th day total that there has been spotting in this pregnancy. I am 6w5d today. I called my OB Monday morning for the first time, because I'm just at that point with the spotting where I need some peace of mind. They were pretty uncaring and just scheduled me for my "new OB" appointment this afternoon. I am planning a homebirth, so I have a whole plan for how I will get out of the OB's office today without making another appointment. I'm going to let them draw blood and do the u/s, but otherwise stay outta the pelvic region, please!

I am sooo hoping that everything is OK and that we see a heartbeat. I started to get nervous about all this last night and I am glad I only have to wait another hour and 20 minutes!! DH is going with me for moral support, so that is good. :
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I just straight up told mine I was having a homebirth but my midwife didn't have an US machine. I had to hear the "So you arent getting prenatal care?" spiel but meh it was pretty painless. If anything, just tell them when they ask you to make another appt as you're leaving

It's not so bad -pat, hug- I hope all is well
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No, I have heard that my OB might not see me again if he knew I was HBing / seeing a midwife, especially a DEM. So while I don't plan to go back to him for OB care, I'm not quite ready to cut all ties. It's OK, I have a whole story worked out - it's even true... my mom has lots of doctor appts in Sept and is going to be scheduled for gallbladder surgery, so I'm just going to say I have to wait and see when her surgery gets scheduled for, and I will call to make my next appt.

I'm trying to drink water now... I have no idea if that's necessary at this stage of the game or not for a u/s??
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WTF really? Thats a pretty goofy policy. Money is money, whats the difference?

For an abdominal you do need to drink water. And hey, if you don't you can just pee but I did.
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There is a lot of tension around here, it's OBs/hospital vs. CNMs vs. DEMs, and nobody really talks about any of it. This is all new to me so I feel like I'm stepping very carefully... especially fun since I work for the big hospital in the area (as a statistician, which is half the reason I don't want to give birth in the hospital - I know too much!).

I hope they'll do an abdominal instead of a transvaginal. I forgot to ask what it would be on the phone the other day. I will have to ask before they start shoving formula samples and testing brochures at me (maybe they won't do that, but that's how my first OB appt was with my first pregnancy in a different town) - no point in being in agony through all that if they are gonna refuse to do an abdominal.
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What, you mean you don't like having a giant ultrasound wand shoved....? ROFL!

Ugh the formula bag. I left it in my car in case I ever get carsick and need something to get sick in. I figured it was the least wasteful thing to do with it, rofl. Good luck!!!
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Actually thinking about that wand makes my stomach turn over...

I love your use for the formula bag. This time I will seriously tell them just to keep their formula. Maybe I should tell them where they can shove it? It is my goal that Enfamil and Similac do not find out about this pregnancy.

ETA: Thanks for keeping me entertained, we're about to leave for the OB now!
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Good luck!
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Really??? You're OB gives you formula?! That's nuts.

You can always decline the vaginal u/s if you want. Or at least ask them to try first with the abdominal. That's what I did. It was...oh...almost 2 weeks ago now and they could see the HB and take measurements abdominally...and I didn't even have that much H20 to drink.

Good luck
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Good news!

I'm back, and we saw (and heard!) a heartbeat! 134 bpm, and the bean is 6.3 mm long. By dates they calculate me as being 6w4d, I would have said 6w5d based on when I think I ovulated, and by u/s measurements I'm 6w3d. Close enough. I hope the spotting stays away, but I feel like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Yay!

Oh yeah, and they were able to do the u/s abdominally. I did let him do a pelvic exam, but no Pap. He tied it in with the spotting, said it was necessary to look at my cervix, etc.

And they did load me up with formula and "free gifts" from the formula companies, but I threw a lot of it in the trash when I stopped at the grocery store on the way home. If I don't fill out any of the cards is there any way the formula companies will track me down? i.e. I wonder if my OB gives them the name of anyone who gets that free crap.

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Woohoo! Thats great news!
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Yay! Great news!!!

I had an us this morning, too. Hb & measurements were very close to your's!

Looks like they're doing well in there.
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Originally Posted by ~ATenthMuse~ View Post
I had an us this morning, too. Hb & measurements were very close to your's!

Looks like they're doing well in there.
Glad you got good news, too! Yay!!
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Originally Posted by eksmom View Post
Glad you got good news, too! Yay!!
TY! Now, we can relax some, right?!
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that's wonderful! i'm so happy you got great news! I know how scary spotting is, it is truly nerve-wracking and so stressful! I hope it eases up for you soon. I'm on week three and counting with the spotting, so i know how much it weighs on your mind. heartbeats are great! so glad you got to hear it! i got to see mine last friday many wishes for continued good news, and good for you tossin that nasty formula propaganda!
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