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anyone else cold?!

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it's like 73 out, i'm wearing full jeans and socks and i'm cold. i am SO cold, all the time. just wondering if this was common, or if i'm a freak again. anyone? anyone? Bueller?
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I am always cold too.... I have always been like that...
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All the time! It gets worse when I feel tired, too.

That was the first symptom that alerted me to the pregnancy, btw. It happens every time for me.
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Only if I eat soy products...
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It depends, most of the day I need the A/C on but at night I freeze.
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I'm the opposite, burning up, and my DH doesn't want near me at night bc I like RADIATE heat?!?

Are you cold all over or just hands and feet? I wonder if it could be slight anemia?
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I am the complete opposite also. I am burning up even with the AC on. I sweat all night. I wasn't like this when I was pregnant with our first.

I am hoping once fall comes I cool down.
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Everyone that is cold has an invite to FL where it is hot and will be hot for another couple months. I am so far from cold it isn't funny.
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I have been cold a lot the last week or so. That's normal at work because it's freezing there, but not so normal at home. I keep thinking pregnancy ought to make you hot but I do seem more sensitive to AC and stuff. It's weird, isn't it, to be cold in August?
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Im in AZ and its 111 right now. But I can't make it outside so I guess that doesnt matter
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OMGosh I am usually so cold natured but the A/C is not keeping up with the 100 degree weather and it is 81 IN MY HOUSE.. and I am burning, lol.
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It's 92 F right now in my zip code, at 5 p.m. And we're about to go out to playgroup, which is going to be outdoors. :-( Eeek!

Fortunately our house has central air, and it works pretty well, so we've been ok indoors.
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I've been cold, too, and I'm usually always hot. I don't recall being this way with DD.
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I'm either freezing or ok. I don't think I've been hot in months, but then it's pretty cool here. I think it's about 65 here now, 2pm and we'll be lucky to hit 70 today. I already have the down comforter on the bed. My dh is sleeping with only a sheet.
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I am cold as well...doctor told me to watch my iron levels...
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Me three...I'm usually cold anyway, so it's hard to tell if it's worse or if the wacky AC at work is just worse. But my husband seems to think it's a lot hotter in our house than I do.
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