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hanging out with recently vaxed kids

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I gave this thread that title because periodically I see postings about such concerns ... and of course, I can never remember all the threads where many of us have contributed to those types of discussions.

anyway, I just did a little cursory search for some of the threads and found some that kind of address themselves to these type of questions.

If some of you can recall other threads.... could you add them to this thread. I was thinking it would be nice if we had a nice, fat thread that sort of addresses itself to that topic.


hopefully this will help.
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any other takers?
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power of the immune system

All parents of non-vaxed children should realize that their children are the ones they don't need to worry about when they get sick. The key is the nutrition that they receive from day one and especially what they get during the illness.

My son is just now finishing his immunity to MEASLES!!

Breastfed since birth (he is now 18 months)

Raised on organic food, an avid eater of my highest quality homemade probiotic (both acidophilus and bifidus including the ambients) yogurt.

He went with my wife to visit his grandmother and on the return flight on both legs my wife had to sit next to a mother and infant who were both extremely ill and coughing continuously. My wife overheard the mother telling her husband that she was seeing a rash on the child.

When I heard this I realized that we were probably in for measles, and 14 days later my son had coughing and runny nose. Fever went to 103.4 back down under 100 back up to 101.5 and finally subsided after 6 days. The rash didn't come until day 8 and has been relatively light (I think due to the strength of his immune system.)

Medicine was lots of my yogurt (it is powerfully antibiotic and antiviral--I have discovered this from my own self-medicating)

1 Tablespoon of cod liver oil /day
about 750 mg of C in a smoothie of blended organic strawberries, bananas, mango and papaya

Except for day 2, my son has been eating and drinking and playing normally.

Do not ask your pediatrician to confirm diagnostically the illness, because then they have to report it and have on record that a child under their supervision is not being vaccinated.

Instead, 2 weeks after the illness, the antibody levels in the blood should be at the highest level, have an IGM blood test done. In as much as the test only confirms the immunity and not the SOURCE of the immunity-- ie, it could be vaccine or illness induced-- it removes that issue from the equation.

Who knows if the child that gave my son measles was vaccinated. I think, probably yes. Remember vaccines are a gamble as far as accomplishing immunity. Individual types of vaccines vary in their effectiveness, and I think even different brands within each type have varying efficacy.

doctors find what they are looking for and if they think kids are being effectively immunized for measles they won't diagnose measles when it happens, and therefore (LOL) there is no measles in the population.

I am in central NC and am trying to form a natural immunity group. If your interested and in the area , email me.


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Congratulations goodpapa!

I wish my DH was as enlightened as you are. I stopped vaxxing at 6.5 months and don't want 1 more shot. DH does.
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