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Welcome Orion Thomas!

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Just a quick update, but I finally gave birth this morning to Orion Thomas after being in labour since Monday morning.:

He's 9lbs.5oz., and 20" long.

Born today, August 29th, 2007 at 5:24am.

The short version: Went into labour on Monday at 10am, called DF home from work around 6pm, called my doula around 10pm. Went to the hospital to get addimitted, but wasn't dilated enough and went home. Went back around 2pm, got admitted, and ended up with an epidural after 36hours of labour. Added Pitocin to that and finally gave birth this morning! Left the hospital after 9 hrs, which was important to me!

Here's the long version, for those who are interested:

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CONGRATS! FINALLY!! Labor takes too long, huh?

We were seriously considering Orion as a name for a boy (but she's a girl ).
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I'm so happy for your growing family. to Orion (Ditto on seriously considering that name!)
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Hope the puppps gets better now, too!

And BTW, Orion was going to be the boy name if dd1 or dd2 was a boy...but it didn't stick for this babe. Still a favorite of mine, though!
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Yikes, good thing the labor is OVER. Congrats and BTW, I love the name as well. Welcome earthside little Orion!!
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Congratulations!!! Welcome Orion!!!! I hope the itchies are going away quickly!
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Congrats Sarah - I will update the welcome thread with your baby boy's name
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Yay!!! I'm so happy for you!!! I hope the puppp issues reslove soon.

Sounds like quite a birth! Hope you recover fast and enjoy your babymooning...... I'm totally jealous!
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Congratulations! Welcome Orion.
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Congrats! I love his name!
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