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best backpack carrier?

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Looking for suggestions. I've seen a couple suggestions in other threads but I'm looking for more options. I NEED to backpack my son. I use a sling but am afraid that he will squirm and fall out if I put him on my back. He reaches for everything in the sling and I am afraid to cook while wearing him. Also he appears to want his legs free to dangle.

I need a carrier that can be worn on front or back, that is super comfortable, super secure, and affordable. It also has to be easy to get on and off. One more thing it has to last for atleast 30 pounds.

PLEASE share your experience!
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I don't know that it meets all your criteria (and how many things ever really do?), and I'm sure you've heard about them already, but I LOVE our Ergo. Perhaps you could find one used?
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we tried a graco but it rubbed on our ds's legs and he got a nasty bruise . our neighbor then sold us there kelty backpack - it's awesome though the one we got is more for backpacking (as opposed to around the house, etc). but ds does love it and i'm pretty sure kelty makes smaller versions of the one we got.

hth and good luck!
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I just got a Tough Traveler on ebay and I LOVE it!!! I had borrowed and tried a Gerry backpack, Evenflo, and Kelty and wasn't satisfied with any of them. The Tough Traveler is lightweight and distributes the weight wonderfully. It cannot be worn as a front pack but other than that its great!
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I just got the Evenflo Tailblazer a few weeks ago and my ds and I love it! I can wear it for hours with no shoulder or back pain. The weight is really carried on your hips and not shoulders. My dh likes wearing it too. Ds loves to ride in it and has already been to the zoo for 3 hours without a complaint. He loves playing with my hair and looking around. I also use it around the house when I'm cooking or doing other chores and I am able to get so much done now!

This pack has really been worth the money ($75) and it is good up to 35#.
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I second the Tough Traveler! I love mine. I have the version, I think it is the Filly, for short people. I tried others, but they hit me in the wrong place and I couldn't adjust them well. It is also very sturdy, well made and made in NY State.

Sam is just a hair over 30 pounds and I is actually rated for about 50. He likes it because he can ride high and see everything.
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We have the Ergo and love it!!! I live close to you if I remember right. I'm in Shepherdstown. I missed out on the Hagerstown get together a few of you gals had a while back....but would like to try to do that again. I'd be happy for you to see my Ergo in use and to try it out yourself with your baby to see if you'd like to get one. I know how to use it on the back and on the front as well. It is possible to use it in a hip carry too but I have not tried that one yet.

PM me if you'd like to get together. My dh works in Hagerstown and I go see him for lunch frequently so maybe we can get together!

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tough traveler here too
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