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Work Friendly Snack Ideas?

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So, I work as a customer service rep and sit at a desk all day... I need snack ideas to keep at work because I am dying!! We have a small fridge so I could put some small stuff in there, and I can keep stuff in my desk drawers... just needs to be filling and easy to eat/munch on, not very messy and not smelly!!
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Let's see, I guess the more common ones would be...

Trail mix (lots of energy plus dried fruit for those "bound up" days...)
Snackable fruit like grapes, berries, cut up pieces of melon
The Ubiquitous Box of Saltine-Type Crackers (it's the only way I can get through the morning without feeling yucky)

Right now I am in love with Annie's Chocolate Graham bunnies...not terribly healthy I guess, but not overly-sweet and awfully yummy...

I'm sure other mammas have more creative ideas then mine!
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I have been doing Triscuit, baggies of dry cereal, nuts, saltines, Larabars...

OK that's as much food talk as I can stand
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Trail mix and chocolate graham bunnies sound good... we are totally broke so my lovely mommy is taking me grocery shopping this weekend so we can not be starving anymore, so I am trying to get good ideas before then!!!
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Yogurt (or those tubes of it maybe)
String cheese
Those packages of whole wheat cracker sandwiches with PB in the middle
Apple slices (dip them in lemon juice & they won't get brown)

ETA: I just thought - why not make a healthy protein shake/smoothie at home the night before and freeze it. Then you could have all sorts of things in it - spinach, banana, ice cream, etc. It would thaw during the day and you could sip on it and keep your blood sugar up because of the protein infusion.
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That would be a great idea about the shakes... but we don't have a blender!! Maybe my darling mother will buy me one this weekend...
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Goldfish crackers!

Oh, what I wouldn't give for Goldfish Crackers, especially the pretzel ones. There aren't any at the store, and they are my favorite snack item.
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I rely on wheat pretzel twists and FiberOne bars. Also peanut butter crackers - but these may have a smell that wouldn't work as well in a customer service area.
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We don't have customers actually in the office, we just do phone and email and stuff... so a slight smell isn't a big deal. I just don't want to bring tuna or something and have the whole office smelling it!!!
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raw almonds? hummus and crackers? apples and PB?

Protein is supposed to help with m/s!
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Jerky! Just check ingredients... many brands have all kinds of nasty chemicals in them.
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Honey grahams are really helping me. If you take fruit, freeze it (I dont know why, it makes it better). Club crackers with cream cheese. Mmm.
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I bought Orep Cakesters today... SO unhealthy... but soooo good...
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I bought those too. They taste like the packaging. :P
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But they are nummy... I just had ravioli and chocolate pudding and string cheese for lunch... yesterday I have mac and cheese and potstickers... like seriously, what is wrong with me?
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Whatever all I can eat is pizza I'd kill for some ravioli

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Originally Posted by Organicavocado View Post
Whatever all I can eat is pizza I'd kill for some ravioli

I know, I'd kill for some variety. Pizza, hmm, maybe I need to try that for dinner tonight...
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Pizza sounds good... I want more pot stickers too...
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I agree with everyone that nuts, dried fruit, cheese, and crackers go a long way right now. Plus, there is such a wide variety in each catetory--almonds, cashews, peanuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds; raisins, apricots, cherries, pineapple, apple slices; string cheese, cheddar, mozzarella; saltines, graham crackers, oyster crackers, cheddar crackers.

Since you have access to a fridge, I also love snacking on strips of cold grilled chicken. Fruit leathers are good for a quick sugar boost. And, of course, the easy fresh fruit and vegetables like apple slices, bananas, baby carrots, chopped cauliflower, celery sticks, cherry tomatoes; you can pair them with all kinds of dip like sour cream, salad dressing, cream cheese, chili, nut butters, hummus, salsa.

Do you have a Trader Joe's near you? I love them for healthy snacks.
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We do have a trader joes.. they tend to be on the expensive side though
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