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Blue lips and fingers?

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When it is chilly in my home (I know it's summer, but we went to the doc today and I brought this up!), DD will occasionally start looking a little bluish around the lips and fingers, and her hands and lips will feel cold to the touch. She doesn't say she feels cold when this happens. It freaks us out a little, but I always forget to mention it at her check-ups because I tend to only think about it when it happens!

Anyway, I finally remembered to mention it today, and the doc asked me some other stuff, like does she get short of breath (no), do her feet turn blue too (never looked, usually wearing socks or slippers in the winter)? When she listened to her heartbeat she said she heard something that sounded like whooshing, possibly a murmur. She said that in about 60% of kids you can hear that and it's just the sound of blood moving thru the heart, but because of the stuff I told her, she wants us to go to a cardiologist for a sonogram of dd's heart, just to check it out. She's 4 1/2, by the way.

So now I'm worried, of course. Does anyone have any information about this?
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I don't know about the whooshing sound, but when I was younger I did get very cold hands and feet -- I still prefer to sleep with my woolly socks on in all but the warmest weather. My hands and feet tended to go very white, tinged with blue. The dr diagnosed me with Reyes' phenomenon, a circulatory disorder. The somewhat more serious variant is called Reyes' syndrome, although I'm fuzzy on the difference. I believe girls tend to be affected more than boys, and that it can let up as you get older, as it has with me. It wasn't a huge deal in my case.

Just something you might want to find out a bit more about to see if it fits!
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I was "diagnosed" w/ a heart murmur 2 x... never caused 1 single problem in my life, ever!

My lips also turn blue when it is cool out, and my hands and feet turn purplish.

It can be a sign of poor circulation, as well as anemia. Perhaps have her hemoglobin tested to see if she is iron deficient.
I tend to be prone to borderline anemia if I don't pay special attention to my diet.

Another thing I would question, is if she gets enough essential fatty acids. These aid in proper circulation, nerve function, health of skin, and many other internal functions. If you aren't sure, try adding more flax, hemp, nuts, seeds, & avocadoes to her diet. A childrens DHA formula would be a good bet a well.
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blue fingers

I just saw your message and was looking for information around oxygenating the blood and possibly doing a detox for my son. He is 4 1/2 as well and his what lead us to the Doctors was blue lips and fingers He was treated for Ashama this spring and summer, but his blood/oxygen levels remain low...in the 80's.
I knew at the time that he did not have ashama, but we put him on the protocol they told us to. Inhaled steroids as well as oral for a while. He was treated again a few months later in the hospital for a week because his blood/oxygen levels remained low. The pulmonoligist who last saw him was worried about his levels when his lung x ray came back normal. She sent me to a Gastroenterologist and the head Liver person at Eagleston hospital in ATlanta. He feels that his condition is a result of a disorder called hepatic-pulmonary syndrome. This is a rare condition and that affects the liver. They have already started talking to me about a liver transplant. We did an MRI and this procedure was inconclusive. They have found no indication of a diseased liver just some elevations in his blood work. I know that my son does not need a liver transplant, but I need help in deciding what to do next for him.
We are looking at doing a liver and kidney detox for him thru this book called THE PH MIRACLE by Dr. Young. If anyone has information around this book or cleansings for my son I would be so interested to hear them. I go to healers and we have gone to a medical intuitive all of which feel this is in the kidneys.
If anyone can offer some advice or clarity on this or reccommend a Doctor who can deal with some of the medical information while maintaing a holistic approach I would be so greatful.

Thank you for your help
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Did the doc mention anything about circulation? I am one to distrust doctors so that is my bias. It just seems that they jump to conclusions within their knowledge base so often without looking at the "whole picture". And certainly if it were something serious then you of course would do whatever it takes...
My first instinct was poor circulation, so I would heed the advice of bebe luna about essential fatty acids. And any other foods, vitamins, minerals that increase circulation. As a treatment, I would go alternative before I went conventional. That's just my opinion.....as this would aid the body in correcting the imbalance instead of just "fixing" it.

You might want to do some searching in vaccines about cleansing the kidneys. Try a search with "detox". I know that I have seen some info there....just can't remember exactlty where....I knew of an acupuncturist who successfully treated a 7-year-old for kidney poisoning. Traditional Chinese Medicine could also be a possible approach for you and your ds....
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I think what mamastarr was referring to is "Raynaud's" not Reyes. Actaully, and I only know this because I am a LLL Leader and had a mom with this problem a couple of months ago ( it affects extremities, including nipples! It is very painful for a breastfeeding mother!).

The current classification of Raynaud's is Primary Raynad's (or Raynaud's Disease -- when they see no other underlying problem, i.e. an autoimmune disease such as lupus or rhuematiod arthritis), and secondary Raynaud's, or Raynaud's Syndrome or Phenomenon when the Raynaud's presents as a secondary symptom of the original problem (for example the mom I helped has fibromyalgia and because of that knew already that she had Raynaud's; what she did not know was that it coud affect her nipples!). Raynaud's also appears in a truly white, red, and blue pattern -- ther fingers (or nipples, or whatever) go from being white, to red, to blue-ish purple. Sometimes the red phase is skipped, but you can notice the white and the blue. From what I know of Raynaud's and of heart anomalies, I would not put my money on the Raynaud's.

My son was born with a congenital heart anomaly -- he has an aortic stenosis, where hos aortic valve is a little too narrow. He also has a bi-cuspid valve instead of a tri-cuspid valve, and there is a bit of backflow of blood. I have never seen him turn blue, although like I said his is minor. They do foresee that he will need a valve replacement at some point, but so far things have been perfect.

Sounds like cyanosis. You might want to check out this link. One good thing is you say your child is four -- if things have gone this long without incident, hopefully that means whatever it is, it is minor. http://www.cincinnatichildrens.org/h...s/cyanosis.htm

Let us know!
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Oh my goodness! Yes, I know the term is Raynaud's, I was probably just tired and missed it...

But the problem with nipples and breastfeeding you mentioned was really interesting to me. I had a horrible time with breastfeeding, a great deal of it to do with severe nipple pain. No one mentioned a connection to Raynaud's, and nothing I tried helped. I ended up giving up direct breastfeeding, and pumped exclusively, which I managed for 10 months. I wish I'd had this information.

Did the mom in your group find anything that helped? I know that if I have another child, I want to give breastfeeding another try, and I'm hoping to have some ideas about how to resolve potential problems before I start.

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Thanks for the info, everyone, and ldsapmom, your link scared me a little...but thank you, too.

She has an appointment with a pediatric cardiologist for a sonogram of her heart this Thursday. I'm not too terribly worried, but I'll be happy once it's all done and I know what the results are. I hate this...
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I certainly did not mean to scare you. But like I said, her being this old and not having anyone hear a murmer or notice anything I think is a good thing. I love our ped cardiologist. Hopefully it is nothing, but let us know.

mammastar: Let me share what LLL Breastfeeding Answer Book states about Raynaud's.
Women with Raynaud's...are at risk for vasospasm. Raynaud's phenomenon is described as a "sudden, intermittent narrowing of the arteries in the hands, or rarely, the feet" (Goldman, p. 436). During an attack, muscle spasms in the artery walls cause the blood vessels to narrow, cutting off blood flow to the extremities, which may cause numbness, tingling, and burning sensations. Fingers and/or toes turn white, possibly red, then blue. It can be triggered by some drugs, such as beta-blockers, and by cigarette smoking (nicotine causes arteries to restrict) or handling cold objects. In women with Raynaud's or who have a family history, it can also affect the nipples during breastfeeding.
To avoid attacks you can try to avoid exposure to cold, avoid cigarettes and caffeine, and apply warmth to the nipples after feedings. Here is the good news: there is a suggested medicinal treatment, and you complete the course of meds and never have to take them again during this breastfeeding relationship. When you have a new nursling you will have to take the meds again. I don't know how that works, but pretty neat that you just take one course and don't have to worry about it until you have another baby!

*Nitroglycerin ointment or spray (2%) applied sparingly after each feeding during the first 24 hours and then after each feed when blanching (whiteness) occurs.

*One 30 mg long-acting tablet of nifedipine per day for two weeks

Those are per Dr. Jack Newman's recommendation.

Contact LLL before your next baby is born for more help or information!
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Wow, thank you, Idsapmom! I really appreciate the information: it gives me a good feeling to know that breastfeeding might work out better for me the second time around!

Now back to the actual thread....

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