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Post here if your intact son has NEVER had a problem....

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i think that problems tend to get the majority of the posts, so I thought it might be useful if those of us who have intact sons could post and tell others about it.

My 8 year old DS is intact and has never been forcibly retracted and I'm pretty sure he is still not retractable. There has never been a problem with him. His poopy diapers were much easier to clean than DD's poopy diapers. Girls have way more crevices and much more potential for urinary tract infections and getting poop into the wrong places. DS's bits were easy to wipe clean and leave alone. We never had to work hard at it. DS has never reported pain or had redness, soreness or swelling, and we're never seen any bubbles.

DH, who was circ'd, is totally 100% for leaving all babies intact. He is convinced that he has been adversely affected due to his circumcision.

Who else would like to add themselves to the list? :
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Sometimes I worry about threads like this a little bit. My 4.5 year old son's foreskin hasn't been completely trouble-free. But that's also true of several of his other normal, healthy body parts.

I just worry that some parents are going to see that "everyone" else doesn't have any problems, and then their son gets a red, swollen foreskin at some point during the normal separation process, and they freak out, take him to the doc who retracts him, and then convinces them to circ.

I'd much rather have parents know exactly what kinds of things are possible (if not even likely) to happen as their sons grow up. What does yeast look like and what do you do if you suspect it? What's ballooning? What's separation trauma? What's a smegma pearl?

Instead of pretending these things just don't happen to many boys, why not discuss them and how they're a normal part of growing up with a whole penis?

I think of it like this... Imagine a society which prescribed that all children have all their baby teeth removed as soon as they erupt. If there were some parents who chose not to have them extracted, what would their reaction be when the child turned 6 and suddenly all his teeth starting falling out?

Since we know it's normal, we prepare our children for the discomfort and general ickiness of losing teeth. Why shouldn't we, and our children, be prepared for what's normal for a maturing penis?

I don't want to hijack your thread, but I just want to stop seeing so many freaking-out-over-little-stuff threads.
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My son is nearly 3 and has never had any problems.
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I agree with Olive. However, in this forum you do, for the most part, see the posts where parents are alarmed at a little redness or post when "problems" come up. It is good to show there are plenty of people out there who have had no problems as well. Just as we know with all kids with all things, there is great variation.

That being said, my son turns 3 next months and no problems.

Just keep in mind, for every post you see with a problem, there are many many out there with no problems or incidences so trivial they are never posted about.

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2 boys, 5.5 and 2.5, no problems.
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DS's zee-zee (as we call it) never had a problem
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Keegan is only 17 months, but the only problem he's ever had is a foreskin ignorant doctor. We fixed that problem!
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2.5 no problems
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no issues here
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About 2 years, 7 months, fully retractable, no problems ever.
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10 mos - no problems other than a small scratch when mommy didn't clip his nails soon enough (bad mommy!) because he plays with it constantly!
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Two intact sons (8 and 12 years). Occasional irritations, yes. Problems worth calling the doctor about, no. My two daughters (5 and 9 years) have also had genital irritations from time to time. When that happens, I usually tell them to take a bath. Problem solved.
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2 yo, 7 mo... no problems! (and i don't know if he can retract yet)
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no problems with either sons

no infections
no dr ever retracted or suggested circ
they love to play with it haha so it gets really clean in the bath
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My two grown intact sons have never had any problems, either.

I have to agree with I_olive, though. The problem is, we have lost our collective knowledge of care of the intact penis. We can't ask our mothers about a red foreskin or about ballooning, for example, because our brothers were circ'ed; they can't pass down their wisdom to us. This is probably the only place on the web where mothers can ask about these things.
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DS 9 ZERO problems, fully retracts. I had a talk with him and he told me he could pull it back and I told him in the shower to pull it back and let just water run over it and then put the skin back. He then asked why Daddy doesn't have to "take his penis out" I then had to explain circ. It was enlightening to him and me. He thanked me and I told him if he ever has ANY issues, I will always support him. Needless to say, ds #2 is intact, he is one - no problems.
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i think we have already done a thread on this one, lol... it might be nice to bump and post to that one since its already huge...

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Here's the link.... it has hundreds of posts...

Intact and no problems

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Twin boys, 13 years old, no problems.
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Two boys, one nearly 5, one three.
Never had any problems at all, ever.

Let me just add, intact husband, 37, no problems. And no, he doesn't wish to be circumcied, he's very happily intact.
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