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My 11 year old had no problems in that area that I recall.
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my 2.5 y/o never had a problem.
Neither did my nephew, or any other male child born in our extended family.
But they are Europeans, so most of them don't even know what circumcision is.
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We have never had any issues here.... almost 8 and almost 3 and everything thing seems to work the way God intended...lol. They are both proud of the fact that they have a penis like their Dada and tell me all the time.... They still have mentioned that Dad's is different then theirs (hubby is not intact). So, much for the argument of having the son feel better becasue he matches his Dad....
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My 6.5 yo has never had a problem.
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Two intact sons (19 years and 19 months), one intact husband (42), no problems. Nobody circumcises their sons here (apart from some religious groups) and I've never heard about problems with a normal penis.
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My ds is five and never had a problem.
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almost 3, absolutely no problems

don't know if he can retract or not-haven't tried, don't plan to

our pedi's son is also intact and she pronounced him 'perfect' the last time she saw him
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This is my first time posting so I'll do a quick intro.

I am Leslie from SC and my son Riley (4) has never had any problems with his intact penis. Its funny cause I have never really done much of anything with it, even cleaning, etc.

I have my husband to thank for keeping him intact. I was initially under the assumption that we would circumcise although I didn't want to "deal" with the negative aspects of it. Luckily, I got schooled pretty quickly and things are the way they should be. I just didn't have the nerve to stand up to opposition and now I am VERY passionate about this subject.

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My 18 month old has been problem free.
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i know he's only 3 mos...

but so far so good.
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Two sons, one five and one almost four years old. No problems ever.

Knock on wood, of course!
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He's only six months but no problems so far! We haven't even dealt with any ignorant healthcare providers wanting to retract him or giving us a hard time for not circing!
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8 1/2 months and no problems!!!
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No "real" problems. Although my experience is if you take your sick kid to the dr and the dr notices he's not circ'd, they suddenly suspect UTI, even if there's an obvious ear infection (or strep, or croup, or plug-in-whatever-other-common-childhood-illness-might-cause-a-fever).

I've encountered my share of drs who don't know how to handle foreskins, have been told I "have" to retract to clean it, have been told they "have" to retract to catheterize, etc.

But have there been any actual real medical problems with leaving my sons intact? No.
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DS is almost two y/o and never had any problems.... Totally maintenance and trouble free!
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My son is 4 years old and he's never had any problems - either real or something minor that would qualify as a 'problem' for your average, uninformed American ped (no foreskin redness, etc).
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My almost 4yo has never had any problems.
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Only 6 months old, but no problems so far!

He was peeing pink this weekend, but it turned out to be the prunes (we just started food 2 weeks ago). no more prunes for my bubba. :-)
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DS is almost 7 months old. He has no problems yet, and I don't imagine he ever will have any.

My brother is 27 and intact and has never had any trouble at all to my knowledge.
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No problems here at almost 11 months.
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