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The FUZ is annoying me

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I just want to say that I am really sick and tired of being told that my FUZ order will take 4-5 weeks and then hearing nothing for 8 weeks, then e-mailing only to be told that it's being worked on and there is such a backlog of orders. I know, I know it's art, but IMO it is unacceptable to expect people to just wait and wait. Besides, for diapers and covers of the cost and wait time of FUZ, they should be perfect and you know what? Often they are not. I am sorry, but I am feeling Fuz sour. I think I may cancel the order.
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I have never bought a fuz - never even been tempted... but I want to say if it is making you this unhappy I don't think it is worth it. if cancelling will bring you peace then you should.

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what did you order?
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It is worth the wait but if

you feel it is driving you crazy and making you feel awful then maybe you should cancel. My first order took three months to get to me. But she combined two orders and they were not small either. I got a few more orders that she will probably combine which is fine with me because it helps with the customs charges and all. Plus I like getting loads of fuz all at once. It really is worth the wait................trust me.
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For the price I paid for mine, I expected it to be perfect, too- and it wasn't.
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Hi Meg,

I probably would just wait at this point unless you've changed your mind and don't want/need the things you ordered. It is frustrating though. My dd hasn't changed sizes lately so I haven't been desperate to get my orders, which makes it easier to wait. Maybe I should start ordering larges for dd and NB/smalls for ttc baby! :LOL
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Sorry, Meg!

IMO, NO diaper is worth a 8-12 week wait--none. If they can't handle the backlog, they need to stop taking so many orders, so they can fullfill their customer service obligations.

Just my .02
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I feel your pain. I was somewhat unhappy with the customer service when I asked for a time frame on my fuz-easy. I got a terse e-mail reply that the time frame was 4-5 weeks (as she stated in the reply to my order). It wasn't until I pointed out that it had already been nearly six that I got a more definitive answer, with the excuse that the june diaper garden was being finished first.

I don't mind waiting so much as I mind the misleading estimate. (and I did feel she was a little snotty)
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Hehehehe...yes, I am laughin at everyone's pain here, b/c I just wait for the buyer's remorse to set in and then snag them off the TP....right size, great fit, and less than one week's wait, wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Yes, I did have to rub that in.

Seriously, I'm VERY impatient and don't think I could do that wait...soooooo many times I've filled a cart there then never followed thru, and am glad I didn't...I recently (like in the last couple or few weeks) got a blue skies set and that was from, what, March?!! I'm curious to see, but doubt I'll buy July b/c I fear ds will be all done diapering by the time it would arrive, LOL!

I'd cancel if I felt as strongly as the OP, but just to own at least one thing fuz, is definitely worth the wait and a must have for any diaper addict/hyena/lover/aficionado/you get the idea.......

I hope you find resolution soon-whether it be the arrival or cancellation! It is just a poo catcher afterall, kwim
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I am going through the same wait with another wahm. I ordered my diapers 6 weeks ago and have heard nothing. I finally asked about my order a couple days ago only to find the diapers still weren't even made yet. My big fear is that now my son will not fit into the diapers once I get them. If I had known it would take this long I would have ordered the next size up. I think it is crazy to have to wait this long , especially after seeing that the WAHM filled some wholesale orders during my wait.
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I think I would feel similarly. I don't even buy fuz except for one I traded and then traded to someone else, and I'm irritated with the wait for the July garden. : (I know, I should get over myself). However, I still think at this point you might want to wait it out and then get rid of it once it arrives. I'm sorry you're so bugged--I'd be irritated by snotty email responses too!
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Well, you will probably really like the stuff if you can wait it out. It has good resale value too. I don't know what to tell ya though... I'm feeling a bit sour myself on the whole Fuz thing.

Maybe it's the full moon? Or do we all have PMS? <--- that's me right now
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You know things are bad when Julie is feeling sour on Fuz! She's the Fuz Queen!

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Originally posted by abigailvr
You know things are bad when Julie is feeling sour on Fuz! She's the Fuz Queen!
:LOL Abigail!
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Well, you are!
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well, I cancelled my order for 2 fuz easies. They were supposed to ship relatively soon, but I just don't want them any more. I haven't really liked wool so far - I'm more of an air-flow kind of gal. They're cheap, they're available, and I don't have to do anything special with them.

I'm sure that they're very nice covers, but I'm just not enough of a hyena to bow to the goddess of fuz.
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I am not impressed. Used to be. Not any more.
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I never order anything with more than a 2 week waiting period. Diapering is like an event-- it has a beginning and an end. Thus, there is a finite time that I'll be able to use an item, even if I have more kids. So, a long wait time for me means value is lost. An indefinite wait time or wait time of 8 weeks or more is just unacceptable to me. I'm not saying it's an inherently unacceptable practice, because many people are fine with it, it's just not okay for me.
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I only ordered Fuz once, and it was somewhat a big order~ 3 buzfuz dipes and 3 fuzbombs... and I asked that they could be shipped promptly as I was leaving the country soon for several months...
I found she was very helpful w/ helping me pick the correct size and she gpt my order out quick, and it was all seemingly perfect.

But I would not tolerate poor service, especially for the prices of Fuz! And I can't justify waiting more than 2 weeks.
If she is that behind then she should hire a couple seamstresses. Customer service is sooo important!!
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