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September Decluttering Challenge! - Page 9

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Gave away 5 warm-weather clothes to charity.


I don't think I'm going to make my goal. One, my apartment is quite small so not as much to declutter. Two, babies are taking up much of my cleaning/decluttering time. Maybe more next month. SOooo, I'm changing my goal from out of 200 to out of 100 since I still have a week left.
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32 clothing to goodwill


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I don't know about 300 items but I know I do need to have a good decluttering session!

So here goes...

So far I have passed on a pie taker, cake taker, and two ice cube trays.

These things are on their way out the door: a large bag of clothing that is too small, a toy ironing board, a toddler's bike, a duck walking toy and numerous small plastic toys that I can't be bothered to chase after any more.

So that's about 15 items so far.
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Originally Posted by kissum View Post
281/300 YAY!

Superstella- you are right, I really just need to hold out. If I wait a couple of of months I am sure that there will be people doing charity drives where they pick up. If all else fails, I may drag my stuff home to visit my family in 3 weeks, because they have many places close by that I can donate to. I know I'd be upset if I just pitched it all.
352/300! I did it. It's so funny though because once I meet my goal I start thinking about what else I still have left to do. I'm already thinking about what needs to be worked on next month. Someday though, I will have everything together! :
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just popping in to say i still have a lot left to do this month!!! If i can make it to 1000, wich would be half my original goal i will feel like i really did a lot though. i think it will have been the most productive month ever.

not counting but i finally sat down and put some filters up on my e-mail so that it will STAY de-cluttered
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i'm adding another 35 to my tally! i didn't count as i sorted but i added a box full of baby stuff to my yardsale pile. And i got started sorting (and properly folding and putting NEATLY away the things i'm saving for the next one)

maybe i can get some paper de-cluttering in tonight too since thats where i was originally focused for the month
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Miscellaneous junk tossed or given away - 6

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Originally Posted by hotmamacita View Post
I'll do 30 items a week to start.
I DID it. Not only did I do 30 items but I did over 200 items this month and a big item we've been wanting to get rid of for a long while now-- our master bed. We are wanting to get a queen sized bed for a while. The downsizing will mean no more little bed hoppers.
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My garage is almost empty! Whoo hoo!!

Today I posted an ad on Craigslist for a pile of free stuff. I must have given away about 100 items including a broken microwave, a huge air mattress and a large bag of crappy plastic hangers not to mention 3 bins and 2 garbage bags of other stuff. YAY!!!

Just waiting for some people to come buy a couple of things in there now.
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i got really energized after a nice hot tub bath and a cold beer last nightt. i didn't count but i'll say probably 50 things either trashed, or put away, or put in the yardsale pile... still a lot to do before midnight though
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Okay, I just put another 100 items in the car and I have three bins to go. My goal is to get it all finished in the next four hours.

And I am done for now.

I have put another 50 items in the car and we are off to goodwill.

All I have to do now is a huge bin of children's clothing, one more round of my closet, the buffet, and a small pile of scrapbooking stuff. I'll go add that to the October thread.

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DECLUTTER: 50/100 items

1. Home office - desk - DONE
2. Home office - filing cabinet - 90% done
3. Home office - 2nd desk/floor/closet - Making good progress...
4. Our bedroom
5. Our closet - Started...
6. Bathroom closet
7. Rubbermaid bin in DD's room
8. Bureau in DS' room - DONE
9. Living room shelves - DONE
10. Pantry
11. Washer/dryer area - nearly done
12. Kitchen cabinets

Did not meet all of my September goals, but will be carrying them into October and hoping for improvement.

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I recycled another 20 items and passed on another 10.

So that makes 45 items in just a few days.

I am hoping to continue decluttering throughout October. Can you believe it's October already?
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