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Random Stranger Approval

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I had to share this story. I was at my local Jewel (a run-of-the-mill grocery store/chain in Chicagoland) today and wearing my son in the sling as I pushed the cart around getting groceries. Several people commented that Nathaniel was cute, but one woman commented further. She said that it was great to see me wearing the baby so close to me, since "American" (her quotes) women are rarely seen doing it. I just thought it was cool that a random stranger would comment (and comment approvingly!) on my parenting style. Of course, I think this woman should shop at Trader Joe's more often, because every time I go in there, I invariably see at least 1 other woman wearing a baby in a Hip Hammock, Bjorn or something else.
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How great, I'm sure it left a big smile on your face.

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Yes! I get this all the time. One I had an asian man tell me I look like a "real mother" and you don't see that in this country.

I constantly get comments on my sling wearing. (All positive)Maybe if we keep wearing our babies we will inspire some more.
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I quite often get compliments on my sling as well. Not a compliment really but one lady one day went on and on about how DD was a baby in a pocket and that it was the cutest thing she had ever seen, she even went out to her car and got her camera. :

I always see other women using slings or bjorns though...perhaps because we usually shop at the food co-op or whole foods???
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I've also received several kind comments about my sling. Everyone always raves about how cute ds is in it and how comfortable and content he looks. I always notice we get alot more smiles and general friendliness when we are using the sling versus using the stroller. People just can't help but smile.
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When we used to use a sling I had him in the front carry position all the time, where he's sitting up facing out. I used to get comments about it all the time, and always positive - how cute he looked, what a great idea it is, how he looked like a little papoose, etc. etc. It was cool but a little sad that it's so unusual to most people that they can't get over it when they see it. I always used to feel a little twinge of satisfaction when I would stroll into the grocery store, hands free, past a poor mama who was wrestling with a carrier and a diaper bag and a cart, etc. It's small of me, I know.
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I've gotten a lot of comments on my slings, especially in the past week or so. I'm starting to sell them, and so many people have told me they want to buy one from me. I admit I am getting a little tired of being asked "Are those really easier than just carrying him?". I want to say" No, I like to do things the hard way whenever possible": but of course I don't. I extoll the virtues of sling wearing and slip them my cardag
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Originally posted by bens_mommie
"Are those really easier than just carrying him?"
What a stupid thing to say. Wonder what they are thinking ! Can't they see you have two hands free? I've only ever had positive comments.
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I almost always get a compliment when I wear Lucas in the sling. Not only is it sweet but Luke looks so cute in it. He drapes him arm over the railing like he's casually leaning out a car window and looking around. I've been amazed at the positive feedback I get. The only negative remark I got was recently on a plane. Surprisingly it was a man from Israel sitting next to me - he said, "Isn't there a possibility that he could fall out of that thing?" in a snooty tone. I simply said, "No, not if you wear it properly" Hard to argue with that.
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People love my sling. Everywhere I go people comment on it. I've only ever had one negative commenter.

In fact, I wore my Nathaniel to work for the first week after I started back -- he was in the sling all day. After that week, I know of at least five women who got slings either as gifts or for themselves because people saw how easy having him with me was, and how happy he was, during that week.
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I was at a garage sale with dd in a perfectly cooridinated sling with my wardrobe (I make them as well, so have at least a dozen for myself, to match all the weird stuff I wear) and this lady said 'It looks like that baby is velcro-ed to your front'

I purchased a metal minnow bucket from her, and she laughed and said she wasnt gunna put it out, she had thrown it in the garbage, but her dh said that someone would want it...and she told him 'I guess you never know'.

then I said, 'yeah, you never know when some weirdo with a baby velro-ed to her chest would come up with a crisp dollar bill and need a minnow bucket'
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