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I started having good strong rushes about 10 hours ago - and now they are coming pretty steadily at about 9 minutes apart. Give or take.
I think today could be the day!

I can't decide what to do with myself. Clean - try to sleep - walk the dogs - eat - or not eat....

Hope everyone is enjoying their day - and the mommas with still-full bellies I hope you are drinking your rasberry leaf and keeping positive.

Now accepting positive vibrations for our little Maitreya Xen.
Whoooo-hooooo...ow ow ow...whooo hooooooo
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Good Luck! Looking forward to hearing your good news
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Sending positive and easy labor vibes!
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Hoping everything is going well and that you are holding baby in your arms now.
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Good luck!
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Good luck mama!!
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Well, more will come later....

But....after 46.5 hrs of labor I finally birthed a beautiful, alert little boy, completly naturally... He is quite content during the days but last night he didn't sleep more than 20 minutes at a stretch. So, he and I spent most of the night in the rocker - nursing and getting used to eachother's presence....

I did need to get an episiotomy - his heart rate would drop drastically every time I tried to push himthe rest of the way out. We found later that his umbilical was so short that it couldn't quite reach all the way - and was therefore causing the heart rate to drop. His umbilical stopped pulsing as soon as he was born - but, he was in perfect health and a had a great disposition as soon as he was out.

I'll have a better fuller story later - with pictures.....I'm so crazy in love with him - Maitreya Xen Lotus is here!:
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Congrats momma! You have been added to the welcome thread. Please PM me if you want me to update any info (bday, weight, etc.)
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