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Nighttime wetness

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I've got a problem.
my son is 6 months, 20 pounds, and not an especially heavy wetter, far as I can tell. but as he grows, he wakes up wet more and more- often needing a 3AM change as if he were a newborn again, and then being all soaked in the morning too

we use bummi covers, generally with premium UBCPFS, but in an effort to find more absorbancy, we also have tried (hemp and cotton)
Liz Cloth
Laurie Loo

none of these lasts even as logn as an ordinary prefold. can somebody help me find something to keep baby drier and more comfy, and also keep our bed dry?

Is ther a more absorbant dipe, or is it time for fleece or wool covers?

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What about adding a fleece-topped doubler on top of your cpf? You could top it w/a fleece or wool cover if you wanted, but I think the micro-fleece on top of the doubler would do both jobs of keeping him dryer & adding absorbency. Lots of wahms make them, or can custom make a super heavy duty one for you.

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I think you should also look into a wool soaker. With a good soaker (ie: Aristocrat) no matter how wet the diaper gets, there won't be any leaking. Just make sure you have plenty of diaper, like an ubpf with an added doubler and a fleece liner to keep him fairly dry and that should work. Since we have gone this route we haven't had a single leak (except the time DH folded down the 'Crat and it diaper was peeking out and wicked onto ds's pj's).
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I would try going with a more absorbant fitted diaper with a wool soaker on top. Most of the ones you mentioned that you'd tried, are not absorbant enough for a heavy wetter at night, IMO. To me it seems like a sopping wet prefold would feel particularly gross to sleep in, and in some fitted dipes the inside is either velour or fleece, so even though the diaper is wet, the top layer next to her skin feels dry. Even with a doubler, the crotch area may feel dryer but their legs and stomachs are still next to a soggy wet diaper. That's what works for us anyway

eddited to add which more absorbant fitted diaper i was talking about www.lucyshopechest.com She has a quick dry fitted too, but i prefer the regular ones.
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thanks everybody!

the only doublers I have are hemp or cotton, nothing has fleece, but I'll look for some on ebay.
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ypu can easily make your own fleece liners Go to joann's or (gasp!0 Wal-mart and get a yard of fleece, then just cut an hourglass shapes out to fit into your diapers. Fleece won't fray, so you don't have to do anything at all to the edges. You can probably get 12 or 14 liners from a yard of fleece, at least, and fleece now at wal-mart is like $3.00 a yard cause it's off season.
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HATE being argumentative but hate more to see someone be disillusioned....
I think you should also look into a wool soaker. With a good soaker (ie: Aristocrat) no matter how wet the diaper gets, there won't be any leaking.
This is simply not true. Your wool cover is only as good as the diaper under it. If you have a super sopping wet diaper in a wool cover for any good amount of time, it will leak, even the Aristocrat. Especially if the baby doesn't change positions a lot at night. I've had a small, a large and an XL, and they have leaked horribly on occasion when the diaper underneath was not enough to handle the urine output.
I would get some hemp fleece prefolds or hemp doublers to use inside a generous all-hemp fitted.
Liz's Cloth size 2 are way more absorbant (and way biger) than the size 1, and the night version should be quite substantial, if you like the fit and design.
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Since you seem to like prefolds, why don't you try a hemp fleece prefold, like a Nighty Newts. Ethan has never woken up wet since we started using them!
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