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Is anyone else's kid NEVER going to be a large??

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My dd is so petite (aka 'tiny' as everyone likes to exclaim when they see her toddling about, ) I honestly don't think she'll ever be in a large diaper!!! She's just over 17lbs at 13 months. What do you think? Is anyone else going to be in mediums for the rest of their diapering career??

Amy - who's child will be the only one in 1st grade still riding backwards in the carseat
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Well... we aren't quite where you are... but we are still in mediums with crossover tabs on most. My son is 11 months, 20 pounds, and about 31" tall.

He started walking early and he REALLY thinned out all of a sudden. He was wearing mediums with half the Aplix showing and in a matter of about 2 weeks I was sewing crossovers on everything I owned.

I don't see him being out of mediums any time soon. I just made some large diapers for friends and the larges seemed twice as big as his mediums.
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:LOL Bret is itty bitty too. He can wear some larges now (Luke's Drawers, Many Ducks) but mostly in mediums. He's barely 20# at 18 mo!
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Well, I started my first DD in cloth when she was about 10 mos old. She was about 18 lbs at the time so I started buying large diapers for her figuring she'd need them soon. Well, she didn't gain much weight for a while after that and was just 20 lbs even at 18 mos. I ended up selling all the too big large stuff and buying mediums. She was 23 lbs and mostly in mediums (though she could wear large Cotton Kisses) when she potty trained. Go figure.

Now my second DD may be in larges next week if she keeps growing so quickly.
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I would LOVE to have a child that stayed smaller for awhile. All my kids are born big and get huge fast. Off the charts for wieght. Let me tell you it's too dang expensive and too hard to fit clothes on them. It really is BAD for cloth diapering since I want to use FB or growing greens but my newest will be out of GG by 5 months I will bet you due to being to fat. As far as FB go I bet we would get 2 weeks use out of the smalls. I really wish that my kids weren't SO huge, it makes it so much more costly for everything!! My ds had to have a special $250 carseat because he outgrew his infant seat before 3 mos. old. BE HAPPY you can get the most out of your diapering supplies. I only have one to cloth diaper and at cloth diaper prices it's not going to be cost effective or easy to do as none of the existing clothes we have will fit over a cloth diaper. What I wouldn't do for a smaller baby!
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I highly doubt that DD will ever be a large! At her 15 month appointment, she wasn't even 19 lbs, and was only 30 inches tall. She's petite, for sure. Ahe's 17 months now and nowhere near growing out of mediums.

I don't have any large diapers for her (except Liz's Cloth size 2), but I have a few covers in size large. I bought them when the mediums were fine in every way except they started getting tight in the thighs. Now she's back in mediums!
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hee hee

My now 9 yo was 20 lbs until she was 2. She is now only 45lbs at 9. Now my 4yo was the opposite. HE hit 20lbs at 3 months and finally slowed down at about 18 months. He is now average on the weight at 4 he weighs 38lbs.
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Unless she's still in diapers at 6 she probably won't make into larges either. My little pumpkin is almost 18 months old and we just moved into medium fuzzi bunz. At least she gets a lot of wear out of her diapers!
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me too me too!
My DD finally fits in size large in *some* brands, she turned two in April and weighs about 22 lbs. She was 16lbs at one year, and has never ever been "on the chart" as her pediatrician so likes to point out to me.
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Add me to the ranks of large children....

both my kiddos are in larges, well Riley could wear alot of mediums but he can fit larges so I buy them for both, you know? Both of em got big fast and then stayed there. Addie isn't huge for her age, but she wore 2T and large dipes when she turned 1!!!!
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Yupp, I don't ever think she'll be a large (in most brands). She grows taller, but she's holding at 21 pounds.

Kayla is 22 months old, is somewhere around 33-34" and weighs 21 pounds. She's also very, very active

So I don't see how she get chubbier. As she's grown, she's actually gone down in size (those skinny thighs). I've also found that side snap fitteds/covers work better than front snap.

We bought a large FMBG that was too big in the thigh. I just lucked out and ordered a medium. We'll see how that fits.

Oh, one more thing... She's going on the potty (sporadically) so hopefully she'll get the hang of it and we'll be out of diapers (maybe I'll be pg by then and can go on a shopping spree )

O.k., I've rambled on long enough!

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My Emelie was the same . . . outgrew her car seat in length, but not in weight. Even in first grade now, she's JUST surpassed 40 lbs. Even now she can fit in size 3T short and she's 6 1/2.
Meredith wore size Medium diapers from around 4 months until 18 months!

KENNY, on the other hand, will probably be in Larges by 8 months! HA! :LOL
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Well, my dd is almost 26 months old and she still wears some mediums. She's about 33" and 26 pounds and she's always been in the 30-50% for height and weight. I'm short (5'0") and my husband is about average size, so we figure it's normal. She has a little pot belly but a tiny waist below it. She usually wears her medium front snap Darling Diapers and SOS on the tightest snap setting.

I just figure I'm REALLY getting my money's worth on my diapers!

We still have her rear-facing too and my family and friends are always bugging me about when we're going to turn her around! It doesn't bother her so I'm in no rush.
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i have little babes too. alexandra does wear larges though. she is 2 weeks shy of her 2nd bday and is 23 lbs 32 in. she wears large or size 2 in a lot of stuff, but all on the tightest settings. her fuz is mediums, and on the tightest snaps . isabella is 3.5 mo and hasdn't even gained 3 lbs yet. she wears sm/ nb, or size 1 on tightest snaps, or mediums snapped with the crossover.
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Originally posted by ignitor4
Well, my dd is almost 26 months old and she still wears some mediums. She's about 33" and 26 pounds and she's always been in the 30-50% for height and weight.

We still have her rear-facing too and my family and friends are always bugging me about when we're going to turn her around! It doesn't bother her so I'm in no rush.
I recently checked our carseat (a Britax Roundabout), and the rear facing HEIGHT limit is 30" (weight = 30lbs). I'm not sure if there are other seats w/higher height limits, but you might want to check your seat, just to be safe.

Well, I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only one with a 'tiny' kids Definatly makes me feel better, thanks!!

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I'm sure I'll feel the same! It took me 7 1/2 months to get her in mediums and even now at 9 1/2 months she can still wear a couple of her smalls!
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T Amy--good point. I had always read that the rear facing height limit was when there was less than 1" of hard plastic above the child's head. We're still ok there, but I'll double check my manual to be safe. Thanks for the reminder!
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Saige wore larges, but I now get a better fit with the mediums. She's 16 months and 23ish lbs. She was over 16lbs at 4 months old. My older dd was always really petite when she was younger. Only 18lbs at 1 year and 25lbs at 2. Now at almost 4 she's 35lbs and 39" tall. I guess that puts her at a little bigger than "normal"
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I have to admit that I am a bit jealous of all of you with tiny kids. At least you get a lot of wear out of your cd's, car seats, etc. You can justify buying cute diapers, because you will use them for more than a month.
During Seb's last growth spurt, i had to scramble to make him a whole new round of fitteds, because at 36 lbs and 34". nothing fits overly well. heck, we had to turn him ff in his car seat right at 12 months, because he exceeded the height limit.
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Heeeheee! Great question. My girls are 14 months now and Meghan is STILL in small FuzziBunz!! Yes, small FB! At her weight check 2 weeks ago, she only weighs 15lbs 5.5oz.

I started CDing at the end of Jan, and I was waffling on whether or not to even get small diapers. Good thing I did. I started with Natalie in mediums and Meghan in smalls. Natalie can now wear mediums at the biggest setting or larges. Meghan fits in smalls, petite toddlers and mediums. Natalie has chunky thighs that don't fit in the petite toddlers. LOL. I don't think Meghan will ever be in larges...

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