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Hey late-nighters (FMBG instock)

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I was 2 seconds away from bed and boom! I get the email...

anyway, she's got some BOY stuff (ahem and so do I now)!

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Thanks for the tip! I rushed over and made my first purchase from there. For once being on the west coast has come in handy.
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OMG!!! I can't believe I missed that. I will be the mama staying up all night stalking Terri. Crazy! I did snag a medium Geisha cover in blue for ttc baby...
I love my FMBG aio in xl. She has beautiful fabrics!
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No size Large boy diapers.
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her stuff!!!! I love that bright floral but have no funds yet....

I wish she would do !
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Thanks! I got the medium I've been waiting to try (large was too big for my skinny girl!)
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I am so HAPPY i missed that large batik AIO because I can NOT afford it and I WOULD have bought it!! LOL LOL
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I have one of those orange floral diapers from a while back and that woven is so soft! Like silk...it doesn't even feel like a woven!

If anyone got one of those, you will be so pleased

edited: Hey, Terri said she was almost though with those 10 orders so...I should get my 8 new diapers soon
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I missed it! I'll never get another FMBG (whine, whine, whine)! I got the bold flowers from an ebay auction (and yes, the woven is oh-so-soft) and LOVE it. But it's really depressing me, all these beautiful dipes that I can't get!
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Well I have realized that

I am never going to get another FMBG ever because I miss her custom order slots and her stockings every darn time.
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I got both kids a cover, but my browser crashed when I was trying to get through the payment section!

The Diaper Gods have been against me lately with checking out...
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I got a dipe and a cover!!!
I had tried to grab them up early this am, but went to check out another item and lost the items in my card.
I just got an Email from Terry, letting me know that it had gone through!!! WOOHOO!
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Does she stock at a regular time or is it just catch as catch can? I recently received my custom covers for the newborn due in November, but now I am panicked about medium covers. It's insane!!

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Insomnia benifits

Terri is a nightowl, so am I. It was so nice to be able to "pick" instead of "grab whatever you can"
I got 2 covers
the med turtle and the med batik!
I have good luck with fmbg! I stay up too late, and sometimes it pays off.
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The first time I 'caught' her stocking her site I figured she must be on the West Coast, but now, she's just REALLY a night owl!

I love those turtle covers, they were so cute! We don't need any covers, though...course we didn't need another AIO either, but I am so happy that she makes them in a new way that they fit my son I just had to grab that batik!
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I got the "manly Hawaiian" AIO I just revisited the site and there are some new AIO's up in an Asian print in all sizes.
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Oh no... "don't look don't look don't look"

I looked...there's more of those flower diapers, too.
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Okay Melaniee it is now your official job to post when you catch a late night stocking. I am always up but never think to check the sites. Your post got me my fist FMBG. Thank you!
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Last night I got the hawiian rib knit pants and a blue batik cover.. tonight it was the batik kanji aio! woohoo! I have never had any fmbg in my son's stash so I'm looking forward to trying them.. I'm wondering how her sizing runs though.. big or small?
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Anyone still awake? Some flowered AIO's just went up.
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