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Pregnant with #1 in our 30s September

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Welcome to the Pregnant in Our 30s with #1 thread!
: = newest member of the thread!


September 2007
K9sarchik (Laura) 38 EDD Sept 2007

October 2007
amberbella EDD Oct 2007
shibababy : EDD Oct 2007
jpiper0430 (Jenn) 31 : EDD Oct 2007

November 2007
MajorGroover (Dee) 32 EDD Nov 2007
Grace24 (Julia) 36 EDD Nov 2007
VeganLove (Michelle) 30 : EDD Nov 2007
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December 2007
cmu204 (Cher) 34 : EDD Dec 2007
CowsRock (Kripa) : EDD Dec 2007
MoreThanApplesauce (Jenn) 34 EDD Dec 2007
expectantmami (Karen) 34 EDD Dec 2007

January 2008
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mamajennvt : EDD Jan 2008
Nico DeMouse 31 : EDD Jan 2008
xenon 30 : EDD Jan 2008
SarahJen (Sarah) 36 EDD Jan 2008

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Teenytoona (Leah) 32 : EDD Feb 2008
Jujubie (Judy) 34 : EDD Feb 2008
cicely_m almost 30 : EDD Feb 2008
jentina (Jen) 34 : EDD Feb 2008
trizzle(Tracy) 31 : EDD Feb 2008

March 2008
pinkorchid2 30 : EDD Mar 2008
cking (Christina) 31 : EDD Mar 2008

April 2008
mandy74 (Mandy) 32 : EDD Apr 2008
PixieAlly (Ally) 31 : EDD April 2, 2008
Anouk(Lacy) 32 : EDD Apr 13 2008
GISDiva (Kim) 32 : EDD April 15, 2008
meli-mello (Melanie) 31 : EDD April 2008
Dame 38 : EDD April 2008
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:oyinmama : EDD April 2008

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FiberLover (Michelle) 31

: rock dr (CJ) Gabriella born June 05, 2007
: farmama Natalina born July 17, 2007
: nikkihoi 37 Marshall born Aug. 4, 2007
: eri_flores 31 Ariel Efrain born Aug. 10, 2007
: cornpicker 33 Jonah Harrison Aug. 15, 2007
: PiePie 36 Lorelei Siobhan born Aug. 16, 2007
: greengrey (Alex) 30 Layla born Aug. 25, 2007
: dctexan (Emily) 34 Benjamin born Sept. 1, 2007
: veganone (Elizabeth) 34 Isabella Lourdes Sofia born Sept. 3, 2007
: plummum 36 Sinead Summer born Sept. 3, 2007
: beckyphry (Becky) 32 Maya Rose born Sept. 7, 2007
: hazieluna (Natalia) 36 Aidan Sebastian born Sept. 15, 2007
: ATD Mom 32 Alasdair William born Sept. 16, 2007
:Down to Earth (Laura) 30 Elizabeth Grace born Sept. 18, 2007
:~minnow~ (Lane) 31 Adelaide Beatrix born Sept. 20, 2007

Now Accepting Applications:

October threadkeeper: jujubie (Judy)

November threadkeeper: meli-mello (Melanie)

Click here if you are looking for the TTC #1 in our 30s thread.
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Sorry this has taken so long for me to get started. Today has been a hectic one.
I still have some tweaking to do to the first post, so bear with me.
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Thanks for starting the thread, Aimee!
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Yay! Thanks Aimee!
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Hi, I think I qualify for this thread, may I join?

I am 34 yr old and due to have a little girl in December.
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Jenn, and congratulations!

I just added you to our list.
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Hello! I'd like to join as well. I am 34 and expecting a boy in December.
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Another newbie!


You have been added to our list!
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Hello! I'm 30 and I'm expecting May 2008. My partner gave birth to our first- she is 20 months old. Even though I "experienced" pregnancy vicariously through my wife, I have never been pregnant. It's already a trip:
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Karen and Erin too! Yay, new members, how cool! I hope you like our little group!
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Aimee, thanks for the new thread!

Welcome, Jenn, Karen and Erin!
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Good morning and Erin!

You're on the list.
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welcome Jenn, Karen and Erin!

what a great way to start off a new thread. And a lovely one too, thanks Aimee

Emily and plummum - roll call please. my thread-checking is extra-obsessive right now b/c you are on my mind!
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Originally Posted by rock_dr View Post
Emily and plummum - roll call please. my thread-checking is extra-obsessive right now b/c you are on my mind!
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Thanks for starting the new thread Amiee! I can probably take on the November thread duties when the time comes - I will be away for most of September and into October traveling.

It's crazy (for me) to think that we have a new member who is due in May - that makes my being pregnant seem more real. I guess I'm about 8 weeks along right now and am due anywhere between April 14th & 18th but DH & I haven't even been discussing due date possibilities until I go see the doctor - which will be on Thursday - FINALLY! And really, other than trying to eat some extra protein for the baby and get some extra sleep I'm not really doing any baby-related stuff until we get back from vacation. And I failed miserably with the extra sleep aspect this weekend because the big project I have been working on launches tomorrow and I have been working late nights and early mornings. (This is the project: www.quantumshift.tv/schools if anyone is interested). Vacation can't come soon enough! (Only 11 more sleeps, but who's counting right?)

After my doctor's appointment we are telling the DH's parents. That should be interesting. We were going to wait until we got back from Ireland but we are seeing them on the weekend before we leave anyway so thought we had better do it before we see them (the DH is actually going to send them an e-mail so his Mum has a couple days to digest the information, do all her excited freaking out and then talk to us - it seems weird to me too but he doesn't have the best relationship with his family and deserves to deal with them in his own way.) I will be about 9 weeks along at that point - when do you gals start telling people you were pregnant, we've still hardly told anyone.

Mostly I'm just rambling and giving the other people obsessively checking the board for news of Emily & plummum something to read.
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Emily and plummum - roll call please. my thread-checking is extra-obsessive right now b/c you are on my mind!
Ditto!! I though I'd missed their announcements, but nope. Hope they're both relaxing at home with their little ones!

Welcome new folks! Congrats on your pregnancies!

I'm still hanging in there. 40 weeks for me today and I'm feeling absolutely NOTHING. No cramping, no contractions, no nothing. I'm walking at least an hour a day and taking 2400mg of EPO orally, 1200mg vaginally. Nothing! It's a bit discouraging, but I have a feeling that my labor will start without much fanfare beforehand. Anyone wanna start taking bets on what day it will be? Personally, I'm betting on Tuesday.
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Ok, I'm one of those obsessively checking the thread for news! Thanks guys for giving me something to read!

Becky, I hope labor comes soon for you! Are you really uncomfortable? Last night was one of those nights where I thought, I can't do this for one more day. I can't imagine how I'll feel in three months. One day at a time, as they say.

Melanie, cool project! Bet it does take a lot of time to put together. Are you a teacher?
Are you nervous about how your DH's family will respond to the pregnancy? We told close family and friends as soon as we knew (4 weeks) but saved the coworkers til they started figuring it out on their own, around 8 weeks. (I was eating crackers at work and people knew we were "trying"... they put two and two together and word got out. I mean, who eats starchy carbs in broad daylight anymore unless they've got morning sickness, right? )
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Oh! Here's something else for the other obsessive thread-checkers to read:


So I thought she was turning things around and being supportive now... she bought a ticket to come see me in a month, and I was really looking forward to it cuz she was being all sweet, and now she seems to have taken another mean turn. Every time I tell her that something hurts, or my bladder is getting squeezed, or my legs are swollen, do I get sympathy? Motherly nurturing? NO! She laughs in my face. "It's every mother's revenge to see their daughters go through pregnancy." And, "Haha, see what I went through for you?" Even though she never had the back pain I do, or even experienced a contraction. GRR. Now I'm regretting that she's coming. I knew this would happen. Why is she so mean? Does she think it's funny to laugh at my pain? God! I mean, I never asked her to have me, ya know? I'm sorry that being a mother was so freakin miserable for her that now she has to rub it in my face. GOD.

Ok, rant over. Thank you for listening.
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I'm sitting here eyes glazing over in front of the computer watching my images process. Thanks for giving me stuff to read while I wait . I'm anxiously awaiting new baby news!!

Melanie, we told people almost a week after we found out. First we told parents, siblings, and close friends. After we told everyone that we wanted to tell personally we let everyone know that it was ok if they mentioned it to others. I recently told colleagues since I know the rumor mill can go crazy and I've been telling my brides as their weddings happen (so they understand why I am constantly munching on something). I'll probably make an announcement on our blog once my 2nd trimester begins.
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