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i too love the amazing miracle blanket and the my brest friend (better for BFing than the boppy).
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did you see that plummum had her baby? Sinead Summer. Check out the August DDC for details.
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Okay two more things...

The best invention ever are nursing tank tops. I have been LIVING in them since we came home from the hospital. I ended up buying some from Target (if your Target is like the Target's near me, you will need to do Target online). Wearing a bra and having a shirt over it is annoying at this stage of the game (lift shirt up, pull bra down, hope everything stays because I need to hold baby with one hand and hold boob with other hand). I was nervous about what size to get and ended up with a large. It is probably slightly small in the bust area (my newly infused milk boobs are a whooping 34G - ack), but fits everywhere else (preg preggo size was usually 8 or size M tees).

For sore nipples I have been loving Soothies (esp. chilled in the frig.). Even if you are doing everything right, you WILL have some soreness and some nipple irritation from the first few days of nursing (before your milk comes in the babe is suckling really hard for only a tiny pay off - it is a lot of work for the babe and your nipples). Soothies have been fabulous for promoting healing. One box seems pricey (I think DH paid $11 at CVS), but they are reusable. I've been using mine about 6 hours per day for at least the past 4 days and have no sign of noticable wear. Just make sure you don't put them on really leaky boobs.
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Congratulations Plummom and welcome Sinead!

Thanks for the tips Emily! I'm amending my shopping lists now.

PiePie I read your thread in Nighttime Parenting - wow what a weird situation. Glad you were thinking quickly as always. Do you have both the Miracle Blanket and the Kiddopotamus Swaddleme? I'm wondering if the difference in price also affects function. Should I skip the Swaddleme?
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: Congratulations plummum and welcome Sinead Summer! :

I added you to the list.

Thanks Emily for all the advice. I was just given a hand-me-down My Brest Friend with the plastic snap, so I am set for that. Keep coming with all the advice new moms!
More good news is that I found a mom in my neighborhood who is going to give me all of her FuzziBunz cloth diapers. I love freebies!

I am doing okay at 18 weeks, but have a lot of round ligament pain. My next OB appointment is at the end of this month. I should find out the results of the triple screen and have the big U/S done. I am NOT finding out the gender though. I hope no one accidentally tells us!

We (my DH, me and our two canine kids) are going on a little vacation to Amish country here in PA. We rented a cottage near a covered bridge. I am counting the days! This might be our last getaway before birth. After finding out that childcare is going to cost us $800/month, we will have to start pinching pennies.

Oh, and I haven't felt any movement yet. I know it is normal, but I am getting impatient for that first flutter!
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Thanks for the shopping ideas, Emily! Keep them coming as they occur!

So I'm a little bit crampy today. This pisses me off, as it feels exactly like menstrual cramps and thus reminds me of menstruation. I'm pissed, specifically, because at some point I have to start menstruating again. And then I'll have to do it for 20 more years.

Hm, perhaps I have entered the late-pregnancy crabby phase.

A quick funny story about my mom. My mom has been one of those extremely pushy moms who is using the birth of her first grandchild as an excuse to act like we are closer than we really are -- insisting on being invited to my labor, threatening to camp outside my house in her car when I declined her insistant self-invitation to my labor, offering to buy a bassinet and a stroller for her house so that I could leave my child at her house for an overnight any time I wanted (since I'm SO likely to do that when my kid is small enough for a bassinet!), and just generally being a pain in the neck who doesn't respect my wishes.

She's really cooled off lately -- I don't know if my dad talked to her, or what. So anyway, I'm having a pleasant conversation with her yesterday. Let's call my mother-in-law Carol, because that's her name. So my mom on the phone yesterday says, when is Carol coming to visit, is that October or November? I SIGH with exasperation (that crabbiness again!) and say I don't know, no formal plans, I just know that they'll insist on visiting at some point after the birth. So then my mom says, I have just one request. And then she pauses a LONG, LONG time. I'm thinking she's going to try to make me call her when I go into labor or something else that I'm reluctant to do, and I'm trying to think how I'm going to wiggle out of the promise while not getting into an argument with my mom, when finally she pops out with it. "I just... I want to see the baby before Carol does." For some reason this totally cracks me up, and I say I'm sure that will happen. My parents are only a couple hours away; my in-laws are much further away; my parents can totally come up for a short visit and go home again even before I'm ready for "visitors" in a major sense. In the background my little brother tells my mom she's terrible. She says, "I know, but she (carol) already has a lot of grandchildren and this is my ONLY ONE!"

So I have finally been able to wholeheartedly accede to one of my mother's requests. She gets to see the baby before my mother in law does.
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Congratulations plummum & welcome Sinead!

Another girl! I find that so exciting. I guess I really am hoping to have a girl.

And welcome to all the new people. I can't even seem to keep up!

Minnow: Your story is hilarious. It's like your Mum wants the first "Grandma imprint" on the baby so baby will think that she is Grandma #1 and the other one is just #2. And my major was English too which used to get a lot of eye rolls but nothing like what DH gets.
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Originally Posted by MajorGroover View Post
Do you have both the Miracle Blanket and the Kiddopotamus Swaddleme? I'm wondering if the difference in price also affects function. Should I skip the Swaddleme?
we have both and prefer the swaddleme (even though the velcro wears out after a month or so). we just could never get the miracle blanket tight enough. could be user error though.

i couldn't resist the urge to check in. So excited to see all the new babes - elizabeth, becky and plummum - hurray!!

so, it turns out a 7-8 hour car ride is really 9-10 with a baby and that is about 8.5 hours too long. Now that we are here in tahoe, I am really dreading the trip back tomorrow. poor little thing hates the carseat.
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CJ thanks for the vote for the SwaddleMe. Sorry to hear your road trip was less than relaxing. I hope Ella cooperates for the ride home tomorrow.

Lane is it too early for me to have menstrual-type cramps too? Some mornings I wake up and think AF is here but then I remember my huge stomach. : If you're into hormonal birth control you could always use Seasonale - only 4 periods a year. I did that for a year or so and liked it, but I don't think I'm going back to hormones after experiencing how easy temping is and how hard it is to get pregnant.

Speaking of hormones, I'm just a hormonal preggo but your story about your mom almost brought tears to my eyes. Ok, ok, almost anything can make me teary even though I'm generally in a great mood. I just thought it was sweet that your mom totally backed off and began to respect your wishes regarding your birth and your child, but then she felt bad for asking for one thing that was really important to her. I think it is more special for her to see her first and only grandchild, especially her daughter's daughter, than it would be for your MIL. Of course I just snapped at my mom over a misunderstanding through email so I'm feeling a little guilty and sympathetic to our moms' positions. I have to talk to my mom this afternoon and tell her I don't want her there from day 1 and I'm sure she'll be crushed. I'm trying to put off the convo as long as possible.
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never tried swaddleme.

i told my mother today i am ready for them to come visit!
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Just wanted to chime in and say that nursing while side lying is possible from day #1

They actually teach you how to do it in some pro-breastfeeding hospitals.

check out www.kellymom.com for more info!!!!!
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minnow - your story about your mom cracks me up because it reminds me of my mom!!! When I told my mom I was pregnant she threatened to move in!! You just have to laugh.

Thanks everybody for being so welcoming and curious about IVF! It was pretty intense but oh so worth it. If you are interested in more mdc mamas who have gone through it, browse the infertility threads. I did IVF with a group of mdc'ers in a thread called "Aug/Sept IVF" or something like that!?!?! There were 3 of us who went through it pretty much at the same time and we all got pregnant!!! Pretty good outcome . . . just goes to show how a good group of friends can really help.

P.S. My name is Sarah & I'm 34. I forgot to write that in my first post.
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Congratulations Plummum!! And welcome Sinead!!!

So many girls, I hope there's one for me too!

I made it to 40 weeks! And still nothing... I'm not even getting those night pains anymore. I just wrote my birth plan, talk about waiting until the last moment!

Well I'm taking notes of the necessaries so thanks Emily and PiePie and CJ!

I'm a little unclear about swaddling. Do I need to make my baby into a burrito in order for her to sleep? How can I be a mother when I'm obviously oblivious??? Maybe it's better if baby stays put for a bit longer... although my belly is ridiculously huge, it's almost a joke except of course I have to manage it around so I'm not really laughing so much.

Oh and remember the drama relating to my belly button sticking out, now it's out all the time and it's no big deal. I guess you can get use to anything.
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Originally Posted by hazieluna View Post
Do I need to make my baby into a burrito in order for her to sleep?
mmmmm, burrito

Congrats on all the new babies, I couldn't even hope to get all the names right now...plus I should be working...how to work and get a burrito, yes that is the question.
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hazieluna, lots of babies need to be swaddled to be soothed. check out karp's happiest baby on the block or sears' baby book for more info. the former has a whole chapter on it. i can't believe you haven't gone yet. you don't sound impatient at all!!

so dh is away on biz (just for the day, but he's got a double overnight in denver coming up ) and i've got a job interview tomorrow and i have to pump for it. i was going to say it will be the first time i am leaving her, but i am letting the doula take her for a walk around the block right now. i have to try on pre-pregnancy suits and figure out something to wear! i will come back here for moral support once i get demoralized.

please post your favorite soothing tips! those of you who saw my poll in life with a babe might have garnered that dd is getting a bit fussy, especially in the evenings.
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Another great link I found on how to do side lying, or nursing in bed positions!!!

Yeah, with pics!!!

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Sarah thanks for the link, I bookmarked it for later.

Pie... good luck finding something to wear, and also on your interview!

Good news, just wanted to share... passed my GTT! Yay, no gestational diabetes, and I'm also not anemic. : I wasn't really that worried but I'm still feeling quite relieved. It's good to have that over with.
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*peeks in....*

So much to catch up on!
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: Michelle! How's everything going?
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Really good to see you over here Michelle
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