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Originally Posted by Grace24 View Post
Melanie, cool project! Bet it does take a lot of time to put together. Are you a teacher?
Are you nervous about how your DH's family will respond to the pregnancy? We told close family and friends as soon as we knew (4 weeks) but saved the coworkers til they started figuring it out on their own, around 8 weeks. (I was eating crackers at work and people knew we were "trying"... they put two and two together and word got out. I mean, who eats starchy carbs in broad daylight anymore unless they've got morning sickness, right? )
I'm a writer, so I'm trying to hammer out all the guidelines/faq/information video-scripts etc. that we need. I'm not the only one working on it though, there is a team of us but since we all telecommute it can be difficult getting the right information.

However, telecommuting also means I haven't had to tell any of my coworkers yet. Unlike you, the other day when all I could eat were Triscuits, nobody but the DH saw.

We are nervous about telling the DH's Mum because she will go nuts and start shopping. I know that sounds odd but we are quite anti-consumerist people, preferring to shop second-hand and don't like owning a lot of stuff and live in a small (although perfectly accommodating apartment). When his older brother & wife started having kids they begged her not to go nuts buying things and she got really offended and said she could do what she wanted for her grandchildren. Christmas, needless to say, is a bit of a nightmare with the nephews crying because they don't want to open any more presents! Talk about an odd problem to have eh? However the DH's brother & wife also put a lot of the presents away to donate to kids who need them and the nephews don't even mind. Most of the presents break within the first couple months anyway. We just wish they would save their money and buy a cow for a village or something. We think spending time with your grandkids is much better than just spending money on them, they do that too but feed the kids full of sugar and get them really wired and I can tell it is hard for the DH brother & wife to calm them down after a couple days a grandmas. Really, I don't even like talking about this kind of thing because I know how ungrateful it makes us sound. His parents aren't bad people, but he has a hard time getting along with them.
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Originally Posted by Grace24 View Post
Motherly nurturing? NO! She laughs in my face. "It's every mother's revenge to see their daughters go through pregnancy." And, "Haha, see what I went through for you?"
I'm so sorry Grace that your Mum is saying these things to you! This makes my rant seem fairly insignificant. I always find it so interesting to hear how people react to pregnancies. My sister calls almost every day now giving me "advice" - like telling me that I probably shouldn't worry about breast feeding since Mum & her didn't do it. And that she would kill me if I went to a midwife and home birthed etc. (We aren't going to a midwife but only because we can't afford it and don't have any insurance). I always find it interesting when people find happiness in other people's pain. I hope things work out for you soon.
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Originally Posted by pinkorchid2 View Post
I'll probably make an announcement on our blog once my 2nd trimester begins.
I'm looking forward to do this too. It has been weird not to talk about it there but I don't want people who I do know in "real life" to find out via my blog without having the opportunity to tell them first.

Can you tell I'm really not into work-mode today?
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OK I admit I've been checking for updates from Emily and Plummom too!

thanks so much for the new thread!

Jenn, Karen and Erin!

Jenn(Piper) how are you? I've been thinking about you & your family.

Becky wow your due date is here! How does it feel to see zero days remaining on a ticker? I'm amazed at how calm you are about it and hope I can be the same way. She'll come when she's ready, right? Of course a little EPO can't hurt!

Julia I'm sorry your mom is being like that. : How can she blame you for her pregnancy? Hopefully her sweet side will be showing when she comes to visit, then you won't have to deal with her in the crazy period after birth.

Melanie I told my parents a couple days before AF was due. I got a BFP very early and had a good feeling about this pregnancy, so I went ahead and told. They knew I had 2 early losses a few months before this preg, so it wasn't a big surprise. DH told his parents a few days later, I think. I told work around 7.5 weeks since I worked with potentially hazardous materials. I understand your issues w/ your MIL & FIL too - I think you'll find that behavior isn't unusual. In our culture grandparents are supposed to spoil their grandkids, so affection expressed through products instead of time. Sounds like your BIL and SIL humor them & that may be the best tactic for you too.

Good news! The Breathe Right strips worked to stop my snoring! Oh I'm so relieved. I slept so well last night - I guess the snoring had been interfering with my sleep too.

OMG I'm officially 8 months pregnant now. Wow.
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Becky, Hang in there! I would put my bet on Monday. I am certain it will be Friday at the latest. Crossing my fingers for you.

Natalia, How are you doing?
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Becky, I hope labor comes soon for you! Are you really uncomfortable?
Um, no, I'm actually quite comfortable. I don't know how I've gotten away with this for so long. I even got 10 hours in bed last night, only getting up to pee twice. Weird, huh?? I'm enjoying my sleep, though!

Julia, sorry your mom's being that way! Ugh! Sounds like my MIL!!

Dee, well, I'm calm now. But that comes and goes. I was a tearful mess Thursday and Friday! Then I got zen. I'm sure as the week progresses I'll get anxious again, especially feeling the pressure of an induction I'll want to fight after only one week. Blah. But YAAAAY on your snoring problem being solved!! WOOHOO! And how in the world did you get to be 8 months pregnant?? Gawd, I can remember when we were all still TTC!

Pie, tomorrow is fine by me!! How's Lorelei doing?
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Originally Posted by beckyphry View Post

Pie, tomorrow is fine by me!! How's Lorelei doing?

oh lord, we are having a rough evening, as detailed in my thread in BF'ing. I am feeling maxed out from 4.5 + hours of nursing, with breaks of no more than 3 minutes. dh will be like, 1 more round? please? i felt resentful because it was like never-ending. but before that it was glorious. we took our first bath together and she loved it and dh got the cutest pictures. and we figured out how to use the sling, so we have been out and about a lot -- her first social outing on friday, with my pregnant friend; yesterday out to brunch and a romantic dinner with dh at the hot new ethiopian restaurant; and a museum today. OMG, is that her barnyard noises or is she going to cry? ok, not crying. thank god.

i am pages behind in this thread.
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Hidy ho, ladies. Doing my monthly check-in.

Grace, it's interesting: your mom and my mom seem to say sort of similar things, but I think it's all a question of tone. It doesn't upset me because she's only ever teasing. (Of course, my mom's wanted me to have a baby forever, so that probably helps, too.) If she were being mean about it, I'd have to just stop talking to her for both of our sakes! I hope you find some way to let her know that she needs to back off.

And Becky, I am so jealous. I don't think I've gotten 10 hours of sleep since I was a newborn! And the worst part about it is that my dear, sweet nephew boy is the most chipper morning person I know! Seriously, he wakes up giggling "Hi Aunt!"
(He is definitely the only morning person in this house!)

Yay for more December mamas joining! It still feels like I have so.long.to.wait!
At least I'll have company around here.
(Though, ooh, if Dee is eight months, that means I'm seven. Thank goodness: we're in the third trimester!! Woo hoo.)


expecting biokid #1, loving aunt to N (8) & T (6)
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Good morning ladies, I'm still anxiously waiting for news from Emily and Plumm!

Grace my mom is a bit like yours with the comments she makes, when I wad there visiting this summer I had a couple of times when I was nauseous and vomiting and when I said I was going to lie down she rolled her eyes and said "you're not sick Sarah, you're pregnant get over it!" She had three kids and was never sick through her pregnancies but I still couldn't believe that she was so unkind about it. That's my mom though, she has very little patience for any kind of 'weakness' in her eyes. She's going to be in town when I give birth and in a way I'm glad for it because she'll get me up and moving when I'll probably need it but on the other hand I wish she had a slightly lighter touch.

Dee good to know the strips work, I might have to get some for dh - he has horrible allergies and I have to banish him to the couch many nights at this time of year.

Becky sending you lots of easy labour vibes!

Nothing much new for me, I'm getting a terrible cold which is always fun when it's sweltering out. I'm still getting sick most days but it's just routine now. Our big u/s is Thursday and I'm so anxious to find out the sex now that we've decided to that I can hardly sleep. All the dreams I've had since the start have been about having girls (including one doozie last night that I gave birth to a 8lb9oz girl in great detail including placenta which totally freaked me out) but I have a strong feeling also that it'll be a boy because all dh's family has boys. We'll know in a couple of days!

Welcome to all the new people, congrats on your pregnancies
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Morning ladies, still no news from Emily or Plumm? I'm getting worried.

Thanks for all the support about the mom-dilemna. I think she thinks she's teasing when she says those things but I'm never laughing and she's not getting the picture. I did tell her this time, "One "I told you so" and I'm taking you straight back to the airport", so I'm getting stronger with her. Maybe that's why she's getting worse, who knows. Perhaps she's pushing back. It's just weird to me that she's like this so much during my pregnancy because I thought she wanted a grandchild so badly and she's been all weird. Oh well, what's new.

Sarah, good luck on your u/s! I was so excited for mine I could hardly sit still for days. I also had dreams about having a girl, but was wrong! I was like, "Why does my little girl have a penis?" Good luck and come let us know how it goes! I'll be waiting for Thursday now!

Oh, thank GOD the weather is cooling off. I have to go buy new maternity clothes... but I'm outgrowing my XL's from Motherhood... NOW where do I shop? Man I feel huge. Why can't they make maternity clothes that grow with you the whole pregnancy? :
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Originally Posted by Grace24 View Post
It's just weird to me that she's like this so much during my pregnancy because I thought she wanted a grandchild so badly and she's been all weird. Oh well, what's new.
That was so my mother. I was so confused and hurt. OTOH, she has rarely been the emotional support I needed in the way I needed it, so why should I have expected 36 years of relationship to change just because I got pregnant? Somehow being pregnant made me more conscious of my need for an idealized mommy. During the pregnancy, I wound up turning to one of my aunts, who was actually supportive of the pregnancy and my hideous symptoms (severe morning sickness) and my hopes and fears about the birth. However, as soon as I gave birth and I survived and there was an actual live baby, she became the doting grandmother I expected. She is knocking herself out shopping for pink hats (all of the ones we had were too big). Also, they have respected my expressed need for them to hold off on visits -- probably until the christening, which I am aiming for at 3 months.
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Hello! Welcome Jenn, Karen and Erin! How are you doing?

No news yet? Gah.

Glad to hear from so many of the rest of you, though.
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So so SO sorry to keep everyone in suspense. I went into labor around 9;30PM on Aug 29 and finally checked in to the hospital on Aug 30. After a very very VERY long hard labor (uncooperative cervix...I will post details later) our baby boy Benjamin was FINALLY born at 4:00AM on Sept 1. He weighed 7lbs and 4oz and was 21 inches long. He is a real sweetie. We are struggling with some BF issues, but continue to keep at it. DH and I are super exhausted and working hard to figure out how to balance our sleep needs with Benjamin's feeding needs. Please bear with me over the next week or so, not sure how much I will be online.

Hugs to everyone
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Oh Emily I'm so glad to hear that he's arrived and everyone is doing well, CONGRATULATIONS and welcome BENJAMIN : !
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CONGRATULATIONS EMILY! Welcome Benjamin! (I love his name!)

Thank you so much for updating us; I'm pleased to hear about your little one and can't wait to hear more (when you're ready). I hope you all get some sleep.
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Congratulations Emily! Welcome Benjamin!

This is so very exciting. And what a great day to be born: September 1st! I know you were hoping for an August baby but I think being born on the first of the month is kind of special (but that could be because I was born on the first of the month )

Can't wait to hear all the details when you get a chance.
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Welcome baby Benjamin!!!

Feel better soon and I can't wait to hear all about the birth...
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Emily - Congratulations! and welcome to your baby boy. Enjoy, come back to us when you're ready.
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: Welcome to the world, Benjamin! :

Thank you so much for updating us. Keep at it with the breastfeeding! You're doing great, I'm sure!
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Congratulations Emily and to Benjamin! : We're just so glad to hear you're ok. I'm sorry your labor was so tough! Rest up honey.
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